Friday, April 15, 2011

My two new babies!

Nearly two weeks after we moved into our house the dryer died. Kaput. We had budgeted that we *might* need to get a new one in our original plan but we were hoping for a bit longer than 2 weeks.  Still as we debated about fixing the dryer vs getting a new one we ran a search and discovered that the old dryer was over 30 years old!

So it seems that a new one was called for.  And then we got an awesome deal and we just had to throw in the HE washer too - it uses a quarter of the water that our old one does.  Yay for being green!  (Plus it holds twice as much laundry!)

So these babies showed up today and I am doing real laundry for the first time in basically 2 weeks.  On a Friday night.  And I am even excited about it.  I am officially old!


fritzfacts said...

I love it! They are so pretty!!

Two weeks after we moved in we were packing for the cabin when our basement flooded! The sewer line backed into the laundry room...that was an expensive call to RotoRooter with the "we are going out of town!" factor.

So glad you got new toys!

Ann said...

So.... can I drop off my laundry tomorrow for some Liz Special Service? LOL - just kidding. :)

Kris said...

Hey! I wish I had the ability to do laundry in my own home! I miss having a washer/dryer in my place! I can only imagine how much it would suck to not have it and have a kid!

JennyF said...

Very nice! Can't believe the old dryer lasted for 30 years -- if only appliances today had that kind of life.

We love our HE washer & dryer, I'm sure you will, too.