Sunday, April 03, 2011

Moving On

As the move is getting its details wrapped up we are now moving on into all the other details of my life that got put on the back burner thanks to the piles of boxes and paperwork.  So here are a few details about where things are going with the Goat family.

Two 5ks
I bit the bullet and I am now signed up for two 5ks within a week of each other.  The first I am running with a pack of friends (the #priorfatpack to be exact) on Memorial day.  The second is the next weekend at my 10 yr college reunion.  That one I will be alone - even Mr. Goat will be at a choir rehearsal.  I'm proud of myself for jumping in again and we'll see how it goes.  I am much more scared of the 5k where I am on my own without my support system around me.  We'll see how it goes.

For that purpose I started Couch to 5k again this weekend.  Wow, I have forgotten how much it sucks (especially at first) but the 5ks are on the calendar so I have to buck up and keep on pushing.  Week1 Day2 will be tomorrow and we'll just see if it is any easier than last time.

Weight Journey
I put the majority of my attempts toward this on hold during the move.  I tried to eat right but refused myself to add any guilt over bad choices last month.  Amazingly, I lost 4 lbs since the end of February.  It isn't much but for not tracking and obsessing and being pretty stressed out it is not bad.  In addition to being back in the gym (see above) I'll be tracking for WW again.  Also, I'm going to really work on portion control and healthy breakfasts this month.   Breakfasts really do help me, even though I always seem to skip them.  I'll be blogging more about this later.

The House
We are loving the house.  I'm amazed how fast I've felt right at home here.  There is still a lot of unpacking to do (we were slowed down by colds this week) but we are pretty functional.  AND the yard is now visible from the snow so we are discovering all sorts of things as we get our first real look at the backyard (we have a sandbox, who knew?)  Mr. Goat is busy planning his first garden, just like his father always did, and I am dreaming of a summer of fresh veggies.

In addition, we've discovered 2 playgrounds within 3 blocks of the house so it seems like we've gotten ourselves into a great neighborhood for an increasingly toddler tornado of a boy.  And the weather is (SLOWLY) warming up so we'll be making the most of them soon!

I can also see the appeal now of Home Depot and family weekend projects.  There is so much already on my To-Do list and instead of feeling completely daunting it is only a little daunting with a lot of excitement too!  Plus, while I'm still not a great cleaner the house has definitely triggered a greater desire in me to keep things looking great.  Now if only we could finish up unpacking!

Little Goat
I need to take more pictures of him but frankly I can hardly get one where he isn't blurry.  He is just always moving right now.  He's got a cold but in a testament to our pulmonologist and our new controller med we haven't had to take him to get some steroids yet.  It might still happen as he's having a not great night so far but it is so much improved.  It gives me hope that little goat's asthma might be controllable (and dare I say he might even grow out of it?).

He's taken to our house so quickly.  Seriously, once he saw his stuff in his room he was like "Ok, this will work" and there wasn't any drama.  Which, given that toddler's are often drama-filled, was impressive.  We put his new wagon together tonight and I'm looking forward to taking him out in it and getting to show him more of our yard as things dry out.

He's still talking more but some days seem very verbal and others are full of "eh eh eh"  But I anticipate it will click at some point.  It does make me wish that I'd stuck to the sign language more but as a working mom I just couldn't make it work for us (major points to you if you could).  Still we'll make it.

Those are the thoughts for now.  Lots more to talk about and share but it is late and I'm not 100% certain that little goat will sleep through the night due to his cold.  Night blogland!


Sabrina said...

I love this little update!! Even though we won't be running with you for your college 5k, we will be with you in spirit! You can do anything you put your mind to and I know you are going to surprise yourself!

Denise said...

I wish I could run the olaf 5K with you. :(

Ann said...

great job with the 5ks and the weight loss!! :)

Ruby Girl said...

HEY! great blog. so nice to meet you at the bloglovin event on sat! love our christian faith + blogger connection! <3

fritzfacts said...

I am excited for you and the 5K's! You will be fabulous!

A sandbox! How awesome for Little Goat! I always wished we had one for Boo.

Kat said...

Seriously, registering for races is really the scariest part (besides the morning of). The rest? Is just filler - way to go registering for two right off the bat!