Monday, March 07, 2011

A Step-by-Step Guide to Packing with your Toddler and Two Cats: Lesson 1 - Books

1. Select a box and tape one end together.

2. Grab a stack of books to pack in box.

3. Remove cat from the box.

4. Remove OTHER cat from the box.

5. Turn to get the first book.

6. Remove Toddler from the box.

7. Place book in box.

8. Have Toddler grab another book and place in box.

9. Restack Toddler's book into place.

10. Re-restack Toddler's book back into place after he insists that his location was the right one in the first place.

11. Distract Toddler by sending him to pick up another book.

12. Quickly shove 4 more books in the box as fast as you can.

13. Take Toddler off shelves he was trying to climb to pick up the book on the very top shelf.

14. Coax Toddler to stop crying by letting him place the next book in box.

15. Restack Toddler's book into place, again.

16. Re-restack Toddler's book back into place, again, after he insists, again, that his location was the right one in the first place.

17. Turn to get another book.

18. Remove cat from the box.

19. Urge Toddler not to pull the tail of the cat as he trys to "help" take the cat from the box.

20. Repeat steps 7-19 until the box is filled with books.

21. Tape up cover of box.

22. Swear as the clear tape gets tangled with itself.

23. Remind Toddler that we don't use words like that.

24. Finish taping box.

25. Label box with a Sharpie.

26. Give in to the screaming and let your toddler scribble out your label with the sharpie.

27. Re-label the box with a Sharpie.

28. Grab a new box and repeat the last 27 steps again trying to beat your own record of 23 minutes and 19 seconds per box.

Stay Tuned later this week for Lesson 2 - Clothes!


Silent said...

Would it work to have a second open box that the toddler (and cats) could 'pack' with something--books or toys or whatever you are working on? With you knowing full well that you would repack that box later?

Silent said...

And I meant to add that unpacking is almost as much fun!

Colleen said...

I just peed my pants.
Thanks a lot! :-)

fritzfacts said...

hahahahaha Oh I know how this goes completely!! The first time we moved after Boo was born was TORTURE!!

And we had two cats too.

Cats and boxes...I just don't get it.

Marie said...

I needed a good laugh today,. Thanks.

Hans said...

Stolte the cat decided to help us by climbing in the mattress bag with the mattress as we were about to tape up the last opening.

trishatfox said...

I think this is going to take a long time.