Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Too Much/Not Enough Week

Too much work.
Not enough family.

Too much running.
Not enough sleep.

Too much eating.
Not enough working out.

Too much owed.
Not enough left.

Too much whining.
Not enough baby kisses.

Too much promised.
Not enough me.

Too much mess.
Not enough clean.

Too much weight.
Not enough willpower.

Too much force.
Not enough balance.

Too much guilt.
Not enough gentleness.

And yet...

So much love.
More than enough love.

So much given.
More than enough recieved.

Grace abundant.
Grace sufficiant.
Grace to get to a new day.


Ruby Leigh said...

Life is like this...

trishatfox said...

So much truth
In what you write.
As always.