Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

* I hate matching socks.  I know I should pin them together to wash them but I don't and then I hate matching them.  So I often put it off and then I'm scrambling in the morning trying to find a matching pair.  Socks I hate them - is it sandal season yet?

* I'm getting a complex.  I keep reading all these blogs who have kids near baby goat's age (pregnant women seek out pregnancy blogs I guess and then the kids all grow together).  Anyway, all these, primarily girls, are turning two and the accounts of them are so verbal.  "My just two year old speaks in complete sentences, and knows the whole alphabet, and reads, and counts to 10 and does calculus in her sleep"  It is making me a bit crazed because baby goat said "Dada Ba" the other night and I was gleeful that we had a sentence!  (Ba = bath)  I know I shouldn't stress and he comprehends a lot but I get jumpy that he's somehow behind.  I don't think so deep down but seriously are all just two year olds so verbal?

* Speaking of, baby goat turns two on Saturday and I'm thrilled.  Of course he's been sick since Friday but hopefully will be back at daycare tomorrow so I can run around frantically 1. Working 2. Cleaning 3. Planning a party.  I know he won't remember his birthday party but I sort of feel like I'm half-assing it right now.

* In other news we close on our house in a month.  As soon as baby goat's birthday passes, we are in full packing mode.  I'm completely thrilled and more than a little manic about all that needs to happen in the next month but it will all be worth it in the end.

* I am ready for spring.

* Sadly my gym going and healthy eating has been difficult for the last two weeks.  I just don't ever feel calm enough to catch my breath and acutally plan ahead.  But I got some Chobani Greek yogurt to try for breakfasts so I can start the day right.  I hope that will be a good start for the day for me.

* Still I am still on track for my No-Drive Thru Challenge for Feb.   I'm trying to figure out what my March challenge will be.  I am open to ideas?  Maybe a "Try one new recipe a week" challenge?  Or "Eat Breakfast everyday?"

* Thursday I am working on a Blog Carnival if anyone wants to jump in.  It will be a Two Truths and a Lie Blog Carnival so everyone can meet some new people and guess on each others blogs.  Let me know if you want in.  I'll be sending out an email about it tomorrow!

* Mt. Laundry calls, as does the dishes and I hope to get to bed soon.  So goodnight blogland.  Sleep tight.


PikaPikaChick said...

I am SO GLAD you mentioned Baby Goat not being verbal. Lily is a month behind him and we're in the same boat. The only "sentence" we get is "wha-da?" (what's that?). She can say Dada, Mama, cheese, juice, and that's it.

My nephew didn't talk at all until he was two and a half, so I'm not *that* worried. We're going to have a conversation with a speech therapist ONLY because it seems like she's having a hard time physically forming sounds.

So I guess my point is... all kids are different and some are the same. ;D

Ann said...

I can't really weigh in about kids because I don't have any (yet), but regarding healthy eating and exercise, just remember how good you feel afterwards!! if you put yourself first, liz, you'll be that much of a better mom! You can do it!!

Sarah said...

I should dive back into my blog archives and paste some of the comments you left when Rebecca was 2 and hardly talking. :) Rebecca didn't really start talking a lot until 2 and a half and even then wasn't super talkative until she was older.

You could mention it to his doctor at his check-up, just to see at what age they would want to intervene.

Valerie said...

Funny you should mention the speaking thing. One of my clients yesterday was talking about her two boys. The first didn't start talking until he was 2.5 years old whereas the other is barely 17 months and is forming complete sentences. They said they were told that bouncing is related to speech, so they have a lot of bouncy toys, and apparently that helped them. Plus, I've heard that children who talk later will often start with well-formed sentences. Basically, don't let those other blogs get you down.

I second Ann on the healthy eating / exercise thing.

What's a blog carnival? I'm more than happy to participate, but I don't know what it is!

Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

I have three boys, and with the older two I remember having that moment of panic right around the age of 20-21 months. They don't talk! Surely they should talk more than this! We even had our older son tested for a speech delay, and he came out right at exactly average. :-) I think he had maybe 6-8 words and rarely put them together for a sentence or two. The youngest is 4 months, and I'm sure I'll have that panic again in about a year and a half.

Tiffany said...

After having two of my three children in speech therapy for speech delays, I consider myself well-versed in the subject. First of all, all kids develop at different rates. Second of all, girls tend to be more verbal than boys at an earlier age. With all that said, there will be a point when you should be concerned. I don't necessarily think that you are at that point yet. But the key is how is Edward feels about his speech.
Jack was a completely different situation but Cecilia had words before we had her tested and I have too say after the extreme difficulty Jack had, I wasn't even worried about her. My doctor mentioned something but I said, I'd like to give her more time, after all, she was a very active toddler and was more concerned with keeping up with her brother and sister than with speaking. But, and this is the big red flag to watch for, she became frustrated with her communication. We couldn't understand what she needed and she couldn't voice what she needed. That was the turning point for me. That's when we got her tested. I would say she was about 27 months.
This is in no way a get E tested at 27 mos. entry. You will know if there is something to be concerned about and talk to your doctor about a plan. With Jack we said, if he wasn't making such and such sound, or didn't have 10 words in six months, then we need to reevaluate. You'll feel better. But the bottom line at this age is, can E communicate his needs without getting extremely frustrated and can you understand his needs? And have realistic expectations, he is only 2 and sounds will come. Go with your gut and if you are even a little concerned, bring it up at his next appointment, and make a plan. I will say this though, the earlier you catch a delay, the earlier the child will 'catch up' in most cases. We are two kids in and both of them have/will be caught up in speech by kindergarten. And not only that, but Jack had a much easier time understanding letters and reading because of his therapy. :) Everything will be fine. :) Sorry for the long response!

Soupy said...

Kyla isn't talking in sentences- her sister was, she is not! NO worries- just make sure he understands what is being said! Seriously- Keifer was a fluke! LOL

Kyla is at 1 word and sometimes MAYBE 2 words and they are about the same age- I know he understands SO MUCH, so no worries!!!

I work in the field, so I can keep my eye on him when I see him- but I have no concerns :)

as for the challenge- I say try the 1 -2 new recipes a week! :) I 've got those yummy ones I sent you + a few more :)


Kate1024 said...

I heard that girls usually start talking earlier than boys, but babies who don't talk right away (or as soon as you think they should) talk a lot, and more comprehensibly, once they DO start talking. (in other words- give it time. I'm sure is brain is working overtime to give you something fantastic!)
If you go for the March challenge of "Eat Breakfast Every Day" i will SO try to do it with you. I used to be pretty good about it and I've turned into a slug. I know when I actually eat REAL breakfast (even if that equals a bowl of cereal or a bagel) I feel a lot better and have more energy come afternoon (when i usually hit my "sugar or caffeine NOW slump).
I think that's a fabulous challenge- and maybe one we could get a lot of people to do!
(And then maybe my challenge will be to get back to blogging more frequently- like you!- and blog ABOUT it!)

ps. also SO ready for spring. then there's no excuse not to actually walk the dog and not just around the yard!

Melinda said...

I wouldn't worry so much about Baby Goat's verbal skills. My daughter has some words in English, but many, many, many more in some other language of her own creation. According to my mother, I didn't speak (in English) until I was about 2.5 years old and, well, I'm very good at talking now!

Congrats on the house!

Oh, and count me in for the Blog carnival!

Kate said...

I wouldn't worry about his language. Imagine him waking up one day and saying to you 'Mom, I'm ready for breakfast.' He might just jump from those two word monosyllabic grunts to full sentences overnight.

I remember once G started talking, it came very quickly. He was not so verbose around 2, but he understood everything. And the most important thing is, you understand his needs.

As for the exercise and eating healthy aspect, I'm with all the others. Make some time for YOU. Exercise is a massive stress reducer. Massive.

And lastly, the only important factor that you should pay attention to in regards to your child is what your heart tells you. Ignore the gabby bragging blogs with perfect children and their perfect mothers. They don't exist. For every 'perfect' post that gets put up, they likely have a million imperfect and painful days as a parent. It's a given and we all go through it. Your heart will tell you what he needs.

MamaBear said...

My six yr old had five words when he turned 2. We had him tested, but since he understood everything he didn't qualify for services. Withing two months he was talking up a storm. It can't hurt to have him evaluated if it will make you feel better and imo it felt good to have a baseline.

There is a program called First Step that you should look into, they run a follow along program where they send you a developmental "test" in the mail and you fill it out and send it in. If they see a red flag they'll let you know.

My daughter started talking at one, but was hard to understand. By three we had her tested and sure enough she had significant problems. A yr later and she's doing well - only one more yr of speech left and she'll be right along side her peers in time for kindergarden. Since we work so much on sounds she's got a great grasp of phonics for her age.. bonus!

DaisyGal said...

I think my kids just started talking in full sentences and they are 3...I mean they had words and ideas at 2..but "talking" c'mon give me a break. :)

you're doing a great job, just keep going. Hope the party is awesome. :)

and I'll be there for the carnival..that sounds like FUN.

fritzfacts said...

I wouldn't worry about his speech. If he comprehends that is the biggest thing. Boo started talked way early, but I too have heard girls talk earlier.

My mom said my brother didn't start really talking til he was about 3, but he listened and understood perfectly fine.

I hate socks too.

Emma said...

I hate socks sooooo much.

I think there's a wide spectrum of "normal" when it comes to toddlers being verbal. My daughter is definitely a talker, maybe more so than her cousins who are a few months younger. I'm sure they'll all be in a similar place a year from now!

Jeni said...

Don't worry about his vocab, boys especially can be a bit behind in that department. I always have to remind myself that it's not fair to compare between my two. At this age (20 months) my oldest was using three word phrases and was pretty intelligible. My youngest makes sense in his in own mind but the majority of his phrases don't translate to proper English. Some just take time.

Sarah said...

I have a little guy that just turned two last week. Everyone was worried that he wasn't talking. At his 18 month check, the ped said the goal was two words together at two. My son is now there, but if you don't know him, he is hard to understand. We went for his check-up last week, and got the thumbs up! I would give Baby Goat a few months.

On another note, I used to see your name on Emilie's blog. I recently came across your blog again, and have been reading. I love your honesty. I, too, am trying to lose a lot of weight. It's hard, isn't it? I saw your post about no drive-thru's (one of my downfalls), and have been trying to stay away as well. I'm cheering for you!

Kat said...

I know for me, in order to have a solid day of healthy living, I have to eat a good (read: reliable!) breakfast. So, I definitely vote for that as a March goal!