Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

* Have you been OUTSIDE today. It is so very lovely and warm. It smells like mud and springtime! Whee!

* Don't you love the quiet time after church on Sunday mornings? Particularly when your church morning was extrodinarily busy and at one point had your toddler wandering aimlessly in front of the altar? At least there were other parents and kids up there celebrating their Faith Marker in worship but still, it felt like a *HEADDESK* moment for me!

* So I realized yesterday that baby goat's second birthday is two weeks away! TWO! How exactly did this happen and that much time pass so quickly. I have to admit that I am more than a bit baffled. On occasion of his second birthday however it seems that baby goat might have grown out his baby goat moniker. So which potential nickname do you like now for him: Toddler goat, Little Goat, Goatlet, others?

* In other shocking news, we move in approximately six weeks! Many of the paperwork details are out of the way now and I'm working on our budget for the move and figuring just how we can pack up our apartment, purge excess stuff and still live and work for the next six weeks. It seems like a puzzle with a few extra hours and dollars missing right now but I know that it will be worth it in the end.

* And plus the sun has me thinking about a YARD and the possiblity of gardening, swings and wagons, and just running and playing in our own spaces. And when I start thinking about that I start to consider all the ways this house may signal new growth for our family. Growing closer together, Growing in maturity, Growing things together, Growing in equity, and maybe sometime even Growing in number (hopefully after some shrinking of size though).

* Last night the family met up with Missy (The Marketing Mama) and her kids at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum for Night Trains. Night Trains is on Saturday nights through Feb 26th and runs from 6-9pm and is extra fun because the lights are dimmed and all the trains and towns have their lights on. It is a really cool experience and baby goat loved it. Come to think of it Mr. Goat loved it to, expect for the part where he slipped and fell on the ice (carrying baby goat). They are both fine but Mr. Goat has a nasty bruised knee to show for it. Still the trains were a lot of fun.

* I think I'm going to have another 20 questions post later this week, so if anyone has some pressing questions they would like to pose to blogland let me know.

* Next week I am going to be giving a talk at my congregation about the importance of Family worship and having your family as a part of a community of a church. In that light I'd love to hear from you all about 1. Why/why not worship is important to your family? 2. What are the challenges you face worshipping with your family? 3. What having a church community means to you? If you feel comfortable answering those things in comments I'd love to hear your thoughts.

* I might add more random thoughts later on but for now I'm going wrap up and close my eyes for a few minutes - a sure sign that baby goat will wake up from his nap promptly.


jimbassman said...

Baby Goat's new name should be "Kid".

Ruby Leigh said...

I'm partial to Little Goat, but the decision is yours of course.

Valerie said...

Ok, love the "Kid" comment! Otherwise, I'm thinking Toddler Goat or Little Goat (which will last longer). Goatlet sounds a little odd (almost like my nickname for the Pope).

Also, we're really excited for your upcoming move. Keep in mind that the banks and title companies do not always keep the same schedule that we do in the real world. Our original move-in date was moved back a month due to issues with the title and then another two weeks due to the bank. The first hold up was given in a timely manner, and we had time to prepare. The second hold up was done on the day of our scheduled frustrating. I say this not to scare you, but just to let you know to be prepared should something change. I was grateful that our realtor had warned us. Otherwise, we can't wait to see the new home!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy and excited that your move to your house is on the horizon! Exciting!

In answer to your point about worship. 1) I try to attend Mass with the thought in mind that it is a high point of my week - a celebration, a chance to come clean and star the week fresh, a joyful worship of our Creator. I want my whole family around me to be a part of something I love so much and I want to share that joy with them. (I try to think like that anyway... Sunday felt a little more like a test of my endurance this week.)
2) The main challenge for me is keeping my cool when we have an off week. 3) I'm not sure about what community means to me at this point - I want to be apart of a community, but also am pretty private about faith... I'm working on this. I guess I do want a the community to not turn around and give a sweet baby coo a dirty look.

fritzfacts said...

Oh I love the "Kid" idea! How fabulous is that!

Oh the spring before we moved we had so much fun planning and thinking of what to plant...and that fall I planted MY first tulips and knew we were home...