Monday, February 28, 2011

Never boring

My life will never be boring.  Even when I long for a nice boring uneventful week to recover and recouperate myself and as a family it simply cannot be it seems.

This morning I went outside after a slow morning (because baby goat didn't have a great night of sleep being awake several extended times between 3am and 6:30am).  I hopped in my car, started it up and put it in reverse.  And there there was a loud "KaTHUNK" and the passenger rear side of my car dropped to the ground.

Damn - did I blow another tire I thought?  I wasn't sure how that would happen in a parking lot but what other explanation is there?

So I put the car in park, and got out to go investigate.  I really wish I'd taken a picture of what I saw next to show you but I didn't have my camera and my cell phone attempt didn't work out.  What I saw was that I was missing an entire wheel.  No flat tire because there was NO tire.

I stood there in the snow in disbelief as the reality sunk in.  Someone had stolen my wheel.  One single wheel.  Silly me, it never occurred to me to check that I had four wheels before trying to drive off in the morning.  Over to the side was a piece of a 2 x 4 which had apparently been used to prop the tire up.  The thief also left the lug nuts "thoughtfully" in a row on my trunk.  Apparently they didn't need those - just my WHEEL.

Oh the ridiculousness of this and the annoyance.

Right now it is 2:30 - I've been dealing with this for 6 hours already and have at least 2 more to go until my car is ready to go.  My day is shot, my work delayed.

I've spoken with the police and had a policewoman say "I've never seen THIS before."

I've spoken with AAA getting someone to come find a way to jack up the car and put on my spare.  She said, "I've never heard of THIS happening"

I've called the insurance company and the claims adjustor just agreed, "Well THIS is a first"

I talked to the service guy who got my spare on - "Wait until I tell the boss about this one"

And the dealer, "They took just one wheel?  I've never heard of that"

So some jerk is driving around with my Mazda 3 wheell and I'm out my $500 deductible to get the whole thing replaced (estimate at $800).  I'm trying to make light of it because it is ridiculous but the light-hearted view is fading to some serious grouchiness at the turn my finances and my day have taken over a jerk thief and a stupid wheel.

But the thing that really pissed me off - the Voice mail from the apartment office with the cheery lady telling me that I "can't leave my car in the parking lot that way"  Um, yes, I routinely take off my own tires just to leave my car safer.  I called them back to inform them that no I didnn't "leave" my car that way but that I had a tire stolen in their parking lot - they didn't apologize.

I am so ready to move.


suzi said...

I am sorry, but this is the weirdest thing I've heard in a long while! UGH! Who would steal a darn wheel? I mean really. All you can do is laugh and be done with it. Just think, in a short while you'll be out of there!!!!

Melinda said...

Okay, how exactly does the apartment lady expect you to move your car without a wheel? Does she think you can just pick it up and carry it? Yeesh! Some people! When do you move into your house?

Kim said...

If it isn't one thing it is another right??? I've had at least one hubcap stolen off my car in the driveway, but I can still drive it.

J's old truck had the spare bolted on underneath the bed of the truck and while we lived in uptown someone stole his spare.


Valerie said...

What a lovely parting gift! Just think good house thoughts for a while. It will make it all better.

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm just trying to figure out what they are doing with just one wheel, seriously... is it worth that much on the 'street market'?

Hope tomorrow is way better!

Kristin said...

You're right. That message from the apartment office is just the icing on the cake. Seriously? Do they think you would take one wheel off and leave it "like that" purposefully? How bizarre.

Denise said...

sorry to hear about this. wow....that really sucks!

trishatfox said...

My theory...someone got interupted before they could finish the job. Since you had to burn through the deductible anyway, they might as well have finished. You would have gotten a whole new set of wheels.

fritzfacts said...

Oh man. I still can't believe it! It just blows my mind.

And the apartment complex! For the love!! Seriously rude.