Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Good 2 Be True

Oh baby goat,

Can I call you a baby any more?  While you will always be MY baby you are really no longer a baby.  I mean really just look at you...

See?  All little boy.  A little boy who is growing by leaps and bounds.  Who the second I write about being worried about your talking seems to add a constant chatter of new words and sounds...not that I comprehend it all.  But comprehension can come with time and enunciation, and there is no question that he understands us.
We had a small family party at our apartment - the last such celebration we are likely to have there as we are moving in a few weeks.  I always get a bit choked up celebrating baby goat's birthday because of the rather traumatic premature birth that we dealt with, so it is extra special to see family surround us, the same family who was so supportive of us during those days.

Baby goat was much more into the presents this year, even more aware of them since Christmas two months before.  And he got into them with relish.  We kept things small as everything new needs to be moved again soon.  Still baby goat didn't have too few items to open - his babysitter even brought by a few presents for our boy.  (Aww)

It is so amazing to see him really look and play with toys now - to work on colors, and letters and body parts.  His constant refrain right now is both "wha'da?" and "Dat der" - What's that? and That there? which are both our cues to supply him with the word that he is looking for.  He rarely repeats them still but he files them away in that giant toddler noggin and I know that we are on the cusp of real communication.
We are also apparently closer to potty training that I would have guessed since he's asked to sit on the potty twice this weekend.  So while we aren't beginning anything yet, we went and got a potty for him so that we are prepared when he asks again.  If you have potty training advice please let me know becuase I am just guessing right now - and have particularly no clue about little boys.

(I love this look on your face as I light the candle for another round of blowing it out - it is VERY reminiscent of his uncle Brother Goat who had a childhood affinity for fire!)

He is such a happy child.  Yes, he has his moments but most of the time he go through life with grace and good cheer.  He shares toys at daycare.  He follows instructions.  He sleeps.  We are lucky in so many regards but mostly it is simply because he is in our lives.  I think of his first two years of life and I am blown away by all the changes we see in him - yet he are the same hairy joyful fiesty guy who captured our hearts two years ago.
I wonder what this next year will bring. I know we'll have a house for him to run and play and I can't wait to see him frolicking in our back yard.  Sometimes it seems like a dream this huge gift that I have been given - to be his mother and to get to love him.  Happy birthday baby goat!


Ann said...

Cuuuuute, happy birthday to your adorable son!!!

DaisyGal said...

Oh he is so adorable...and what a birthday he had. :)
Happy Happy Birthday Baby Goat!!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Baby Goat!! :)

darcie said...

It's never too early to get them interested & involved in the things they will need to learn going forward ie: potty!! We didn't use a potty chair much at all - because we were told that because most places you visit DON'T have a potty chair - you want them to not be afraid of the big old toilet...some kids WON'T go unless they haev a little chair - and that's not good for trips to the zoo, Target, etc etc.
My advice? Sit him on the toilet (or potty chair) often - even now - before a tubby, after a nap, just for fun...if on the off chance something tinkles out (boys should learn to pee sitting down for starters...) then go BONKERS with praise and clapping and jumping around!!
Derek was only a year & 10 months when he was trained! Go baby err, Toddler Goat!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

He is just a little doll!

Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

What a cutie! There seems to be an affinity for fire that runs in my family, too. :-) Happy birthday!

Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

Oh, potty! My advice is to follow his lead. He'll figure it out on his own when he's ready, and if you try to push and he decides he doesn't want to do it, it'll be miserable.

I wouldn't worry about too much ahead of time, because every kid is so different. If you just watch his cues and see what he wants/needs, you'll do the right thing.

trishatfox said...

Happy Birthday Baby Goat!
I guess I'm still calling him your baby. Beautiful post and great pictures. That shot of his face lighting up as you light the candle on the cake is one of my all time favorites of him. Oh, and love the bow in the hair. I'm glad he had fun at his party.
Birthdays are emotional. I remember wanting to celebrate the passage of time and to halt it all at once.