Sunday, January 30, 2011

The State of the Liz Address

Between Obama's State of the Union Address and our church's annual meeting I've been thinking a lot about the state of Liz, that is to say me.  It is no secret here that I'm trying to work on my weight loss, as I've written about it in this forum already, but I've been thinking deeper than that.

How is my emotional state?  My physical state?  My family? etc.  It has been interesting to think about and as I thought I've come to one main conclusion.


Which isn't to say that I am always cheerful (hehe, no) but I am in a really good place going into this year.  Much of this comes from my change in jobs.  Last year saw me lose my job after several years of struggling in a situation that amounted to professional bullying.  But within a week I was hired in a new job that has been so supportive, energizing and such a good fit for me that I am seeing many things in a different light.

When I was struggling with the anxiety and stress that I felt each day at work I couldn't really face making myself stronger.  I was on high alert and spent much of my time guarding myself emotionally...and I did that through food.

I can't say that approaching my desire to get healthy and lose weight is EASY this year, but it is easier to think about and really try than it had been before and much of that seems to be from the fact that I am simply happy.  There are things that I want to change but I am more hopeful about my ability to do them than I have been in a while.  This, added with my new CPAP fueled real sleep, means I have tools I didn't have before to make things real this time!

And so far things seem to be going well.  I've been working out regularly 4-5 times a week for the last 3 weeks and am working to follow Weight Watchers online.  I'm still struggling with the diet but I'm making continued efforts and the regular exercise is making noticable changes in my hunger (I get hungry now AND full!) and food cravings - which are slowly shifting to more healthy foods.  I'm working on it and am still excited about the changes I'm making and that is huge.

One of the goal setting things I've decided is that I will have a monthly health goal.  I know that I can do almost anything for a month (or for lent for example) so I'm going to take specific things that I need to focus on and make it part of my monthly goals.  So for example, as I learn more about healthy eating, my goal for Feb is to not eat at ANY restaurant that has a drive thru window.  This gives me subway and a few lunch out options still but I nixes any McDonald's breakfasts, Culver's shakes, or Wendy's burgers.  So you heard it hear first: February is NO Drive-thru month.  Who want's to join me?  (For clarification I cannot eat at the restaurants at all, even if I were to go inside, they are just off limits).

So work is good, diet is improving, and baby goat has had a few healthy weeks.  Hopefully we'll get a few more because it really helps our schedules be much more manageable when we are all well!  We are looking forward to the next few months to pack and move into our first house!  There are still some hoops to jump through to dot the i's and make it all a Go, but we are moving forward and it is moving fast!  Hooray!

In conclusion, I am happy, I love my job, I will lose weight, my family is well, and we are getting a house!  Squee!


trishatfox said...

First, I can hear the happy in your words and I love that. Second, did I miss the post in which you told us you actually chose a house? Anyway...big news. Congratulations!
I'm in on the no drive-thru restaurant challenge. Truthfully, I rarely eat at them, but I've been working with a photographer who loves to stop at McDonalds so I've been dabbling. WAIT JUST A MINUTE. I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING. Does this include Caribous and Starbuck with drive- thru because that's just taking things toooooo far.

LutherLiz said...

Trish - Coffee shops are up to user discretion. I don't use them so I'm cool with it. Otherwise I'd make a coffee only, no food exception to coffee if you need it! :)

Marketing Mama said...

Love this, Liz. And really like the bite-sized, monthly goals. The no restaurant with a drive thru is brilliant! :)

Love the State of the Liz address.

Kate said...

I love the 'Small Bites' approach to health and well-being, and you're right on the nose with it- they ARE much easier to manage. Your happiness and contentment absolutely shines through in your words, and in person too. Loving it!!

Amelia Sprout said...

Given my current ummm, "condition", I don't think I can commit to no drive-thrus. However, I am totally adding it as a goal for when I'm ready to exercise again. I think it is a brilliant way to make a small but important change.
My goal for this month is to get back to packing my lunch four out of five days and meal plan at home four out of five week days. Save money and eat healthier.

Soupy said...

YAY for the state of Liz! SO happy to hear this and I also can "hear" the happiness in your words/writing!

fritzfacts said...

I have the same "condition" as Amelia, but we hardly get drive-through take out anymore. I will for sure add this to my list because man ball season is coming and sometimes McD's is just easier for the kids. Ugh!

I love this post Liz! You are gonna have an amazing year!!

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm so behind in visiting other blogs, but happy to read all the good things that are happening in your life.

I'm genuinely thrilled for you, Liz!