Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Observations from a night in the hospital

My battery is dying, I don't have a charger and I'm operating on very little sleep, but I want to record some observations from the last 36 hrs.  So this is free flow and general.  The basics:  We are in the hospital with baby goat after a cold moved into his lungs too quickly and triggered his asthma.  We are negative for all the big nasties - pneumonia, RSV, flu.  So we are just hanging out making due as we wait for his lungs to catch up and his steroids to kick in.  All in all we are doing well and I'm so grateful for everyone's good thoughts.

That out of the way here are a few of the things I've discovered...

* The soap is still the same in the hospital.  We are at the hospital we delivered at, where I spent a week on bedrest and 46 days with E in the NICU.  The soap gives me the willies every time I washed my hands today.  It is just the same as it was during those panicky days.

* The panic of waking up from a nap caught at home in the middle of the day and realizing your kid is in the hospital is the same panic as back then too.

* Baby goat can charm the pants off of any nursing staff anywhere.  They just eat out of his adorable hands.

And how could they not?

* I didn't realize a parenting skill was being able to pin your toddler down as they tried *4 times* to insert an IV, all while singing Old MacDonald and having a baby rage in your arms.

* Baby goat does better on little sleep than I do but even he can only manage for so long.  He looks pretty tired here doesn't he?  A whole night of not sleeping and being sick does that to a kid.

* I can will myself not to throw up in the presence of my son getting sick, but that may be the only person for whom that is true.

* Ceilings on cribs make baby goat upset!

* I have amazing friends who check in and offer all sorts of wonderful things.

* Ditto to our families

* We have done this TOO much for baby goat's 22 months.  He has now spent at least one night in the hospital every calendar year in which he's been alive (2009, 2010, and 2011).  We need a rest.

* My battery is dead now.  Baby goat is sleeping soundly in his hospital crib jail.  I will be sleeping soon myself tripping to be back in a hospital bed.  Thank you all.  Thank you.


Anti-Supermom said...

Oh, Liz. I didn't know Baby goat was in the hospital... hope that you all can go home and recover soon!

Jeni said...

I wouldn't be a fan of a ceiling on my bed either. Poor guy and poor you! I hope his little lungs start feeling better soon and hopefully you all can get some rest as well.

The Marketing Mama said...

So sad, those pics of him... I bet he can charm the heck out of those nurses, such a little darling. Hang in there girlfriend!

krisgetshealthy said...

Hang in there Liz! I just know his lungs will be feeling better in no time! I don't think I would like a ceilling on my bed either, heck I dont like a ceiling on my apartment! I decorated it with hanging icicle lights to make it more whimsical!
If there is anything I can do (even though you don't really know me that well I am still here for you if i can do something!) let me know!

Soupy said...

Liz!i'm so so sorry! Saying extra prayers this AM for Eddie- I didn't know he was in the hospital until last night and then I blanked when we gothome - Elaine told me when Ipicked the girls up. You are a trooper for having to go thru all this - we are all so worried about your little man but are happy it's not the "nasty" things that could be worse. Hugs and hang in there!

Monkeymama said...

That crib ceiling does look frustrating. Hope he feels better soon!

fritzfacts said...

You guys have my prayers and my love. Hope he is feeling better very soon!!

Ceilings on the cribs always make me giggle, but I bet he just hates it.

Much love my friend!!

esperanza said...

4 times? That is awful and horrifying. Poor baby, poor mommy.

And I totally understand about the soap. Next time someone offers to bring you something, ask for soap! You don't need the bad associations.

Praying for Baby Goat to get well soon, so you can both get out of there.

TheManager said...

i didn't know he was in the hospital. he looks so tired & sad. i will say some extra prayers for you today that you guys can go home & that baby goat keeps getting better.

emmasota said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Baby Goat!

Rebecca said...

Get well, little man.

trishatfox said...

I'm sorry you guys are going through this again. You must be exhausted. I'll pray you get some rest and that Baby Goat gets better.

When I was little I always wanted a canopy over my bed. That plastic roof is not what I had in mind. I was thinking white lace, maybe.

Let me know if there is anything I can do.