Sunday, January 16, 2011

My weekend was awesome!

A summary of why this weekend was awesome!

Friday - We had our magic loan officer meeting.  No details other than we do have the go-ahead to start our house hunt.  It is nice to know that our numbers have the potential for making a home a reality, maybe, if we find the right house.  And that is great!

Saturday morning - I got up before my boys and headed out into the cold to attend Jen's One Breathe One Step PriorFatGirl event.  I was looking forward to meeting some of the great people I've "met" online through Jen and her hunt for the next Future PriorFatGirl and to learn some tricks and tips to stay on the weight loss track.

Still, I confess I felt fat and shy when I arrived.  There were so many people who'd come so far on their journey and so many people whose journey's I admire that I sort of wanted to run away, lock myself in a closet and cry.  And then no less than 6 people came to talk to me.  They asked about how baby goat was feeling, they said they read my blog, they gave me hope and hugs.  And I felt better.  It is true, no matter where people are on their weight loss journey they don't forget where they've come and they want to help others further back in the process.  It is sort of like the NICU that way.  I hope that I will have a post about all these amazing folks soon!

And even without the community there was so much good information for me.  Practical things about food and nutrition that really help clarify what my "diet" should be - (hint - not a diet!).  Here are some of my favorites for me to remember:

* To stay hydrated you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water a day  (I really need to step this up).

* It is ok to put a little fat on veggies if it gets you to eat them!  (this will help with Mr. Goat - I also got tricks for including veggies in recipes)

* Broccoli slaw is great on sandwiches to add extra veggies!

There are more but I forgot my notes in the car so I'll have to do a seperate post.

Saturday afternoon - After our loan officer meeting we jumped into the house hunt with a realtor at our side.  We saw 6 houses that afternoon.  Most of them were pretty easy "not for us" houses but one had some potential for us and we are keeping it in mind.  But it was fun and exciting.  Even such memorable houses as the flesh-colored drunken funhouse of despair were fun to me.  (Seriously, this icky peach colored house was built in the 80s and EVERY wall was purposefully at wonky angles.  It made you feel drunk or seasick.  Very strange).  The hunt is still on but it was educational to narrow down the reality of where and what.  I'm sure it will get frustrating if it drags on for ages but now it is fun.

Saturday night - The PACKER game!  I don't really need to say more but it was such a fun game and I'm thrilled that we are advancing to the NFC Championship game vs the Bears.  It is an NFC North showdown for the Super Bowl!  Go Pack Go!

Sunday - Today was a crazy morning but fun and everything went smoothly.  All fell into place for Sunday School.  I played with the bells which is always fun.  Mr. Goat sang with the kids choir and later cantored and we had so many compliments on his voice (as always but it is still nice to hear).  PLUS, baby goat was very good in worship, even though he'd already been at church for over 3 hrs.  (4.5 when all was said and done).  It is so nice to have such a sweet cheerful kid most of the time.  Someone said today that he belongs in a Family Circus cartoon.  And it is true - particularly since as the mom of a toddler I often feel like I'm following a dashed line to all of his projects, piles and messes!

Plus!  Mr. Goat and I both went to the gym.  Baby goat went into the childcare and had fun and we swam laps.  I didn't feel like I did that much (30 min slow laps and treading water) but I am SORE now.  It is a good sore.  I'm off with baby goat tomorrow and I will be using the childcare again so that I can get another workout in.  I might even do a water aerobics class in the am.  We'll just see how baby goat feels in the morning!  It was a LONG day for him.

So this got long but it was a lovely weekend.  Thank you to all the people who helped make it fabulous!


Valerie said...

Man, what a packed weekend! If I were you I'd be sleeping all day.

The PFG sounds like it was really neat. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. As far as the veggies thing goes, have you seen those books, "Deceptively Delicious" or "The Sneaky Chef?" They look like they could be a great way to add more veggies without feeling like all you're eating is veggies. I need to look into them some more, but they seem like they could be a good idea.

Other than that, I'm really excited for you guys. I can't wait to hear the updates on everything!

DaisyGal said...

it sounds like that weekend was exactly the kind you needed to lift your spirits and make you smile. I"m so glad.

GOOD LUCK with all the "developments"

Anti-Supermom said...

What a FABULOUS weekend! I'm so happy for you on so many ends... can't wait to hear more very soon!

Challenge:1yearnorestaurants said...

So if your swimming and you also live in the south metro the same city as me please tell me your going to the Y. If so how cool would it be to plan dates to meet there and workout (swim) in the pool together? I would love the accountability of someone else to hold me accountable. Let me know.

trishatfox said...

I can just feel the positive energy in your writing. I love it. I love house hunting, even though it can be frustrating at times. Good luck. You'll know it when you see it. And remember, it's still a buyer's market. Someday I would like to hear your husband sing.

fritzfacts said...

Remind me to tell you some of the AWFUL HORRIFIC houses we saw that still make us laugh two years later. House Hunting is bad, but so much fun too.

I am so glad that your weekend was wonderful...even if the Packers won (blah blah blah lol).