Thursday, January 27, 2011

23 Months

Baby Goat,

Yesterday you turned 23 months.  That is shocking to me.  It seems like just yesterday I was on bedrest in the hospital trying to keep you on the inside.  And then you were here and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  You sure do keep us on our toes.

I'd love to have better pictures to share with the blog today but every time you see a camera (or any electronic for that matter) it becomes your sole goal to possess it, push all the buttons and play with it (which may or may not include throwing it.)   Hence all my photos end up being attempts for you to get at the camera.  Like this:

Or this:

Occasionally we still get a smile.

Or a sudden distraction

You are most definitely a toddler.  You are sweet and precocious and can turn on a dime and become a total pill in the next second.  You love all sorts of foods and toys.  Coloring is a big hit.  So is playdoh, until it isn't. 

You have started talking more in the last several months, and singing too.  I hope it doesn't make me a bad mom to admit that I don't always have a clue what you are saying which such purpose, but we are trying.  Certainly we are working on communication with each other.  Still you clearly understand most of what we ask and tell you.  Whether you feel like listening to us is another story!

Mr Goat points out that you are very opinionated, a trait feels sure comes from himself.  It is true but you are also quick to share and give hugs.  You love babies and point them out whenever you can in such a cute way that it is very difficult for mommy not to have another one right this instant!  (No, blogland, just No, we aren't there yet!)

You continue to be a pretty good sleeper which makes us very grateful as we like our sleep too!  It does make the rare off night very hard on us all.  We are a family that needs its sleep.  You can get your whole leg up on the side of the crib like a ballet bar, but you've yet to try to climb out.  We are grateful for this because we aren't ready for big boy beds.  I know that the next year will bring that, and potty training, and regular non-sippy glasses, and who knows what other milestones.  It is hard to believe all we have coming ahead of us.  It happens so quickly and you seem to grow and change every day.

You spent some time back in the hospital this month as your asthma flared up with a cold.  You are such a trooper and really are so well behaved for all of the tests and doctors you have to see.  I wonder if it was your start in the NICU, but I continue to be impressed with your flexibility and strength in all the doctor visits.

Only one month from now you will be 2 years old.  I wonder how you will continue to grow and hopefully thrive.  I look forward to bringing you home to our first house later this spring.  We can give you a real room, look at getting a train table for you and just give you a real space to run and play.  We are all growing and moving forward together as a family and Daddy Goat and I love that you are a part of our family.  Life would be so much duller without you.  You make me smile everyday and I love you to the moon and back!

Mama Goat


fritzfacts said...

I love this one...I think it may be my favorite so far...

Only one more month, so hard to believe. He is growing into such a wonderful little man!

trishatfox said...

23 months, that did make me gasp a bit. Two year old boys are the BEST. The love their mamas so much. Enjoy this time. Really nicely written post.

Sabrina said...

Hi! So I am just now finding your blog, and I am glad I have!! I was at the Prior Fat Girl event too and I am sorry I did not get a change to meet you, but I hope to change that at the next event! I look forward to going back and reading your older posts.

PS -- You little boy is adorable!