Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Questions

I'm wondering all sorts of things today - which makes it the perfect time for one of my signature 20 questions blog posts.  Feel free to answer some or all of the questions below in comments.  I always love your brilliance and insight!

1. What is your one must-have item/feature in a new dwelling - house, apartment, whatever?

2. Were you thrown into a panic when it was announced that your horoscope sign might not be right?  (even though it seems that it doesn't matter much because there are two different calendars?  I'm not sure as I don't really care).

3. What is your favorite workout activity and why?

4. What are good core-strengthening workouts and/or stretches?

5. Do you do timeouts with your children?  What age did you begin and how do they work in your household.

6. What are good go-to snacks - the healthier and more satisfying the better - to cover your salt and sweet cravings?

7. What is your favorite low-cost indoor play area in the Twin Cities?

8. Who is one person you'd most like to meet in your lifetime?  (besides me of course, LOL)

9. What is one healthy tip that helps you?

10. What is one cleaning tip that helps you keep on top of housework?

11. Will it ever stop snowing?

12. What helps you remember incidents like what happened in Tuscon or what happened to MLK in your daily life?  What does remembering mean to you?

13. Would you like to see more photos and videos on the blog?

14. Would you like to see a tracker to document my weight loss hear by the numbers?

15. What is your favorite (non leftover) lunch to pack for work?

16. What is your favorite meal to make for your family?

17. Would you ever consider mentoring me in a new workout or cooking a healthy meal and being featured on my blog?

18. What helps you not hit snooze in the morning?

19.  How often do you change your bedding?

20. What is one blog that you read every day?

Happy answering.  I'll add my own answers in comments as I have a few of them but I'll give you all a chance first.


Kassie said...

I'll answer some:

When buying my house, my number one thing was I had to have a front porch. And I'm really glad I did. I sit on my front porch all summer long. I love it.

But, that was as far as my thought process went. Now, if I were ever to buy again I would want:
a) two bathrooms
b) a modern furnace
c) insulation in the walls and roof
d) a totally fenced in yard for the dog
e) a garage

As for washing my sheets, I'm not going to admit how often I do it, but I just read somewhere that you should change them like every 4 days and change your PJs ever 2 days. That's crazy in my mind.

Zineb said...

I change the sheets every other day and I need to sleep in harmony (meaning the colors of my PJ's have to match the ones of the sheets). No I'm not a psycho, LOL! I just strongly believe that I sleep better when I'm in harmony with the bed if that makes sense. Also, that is partially why I don't understand people who have a "laundry day". Because everyday is laundry day in my house.

For the healthy snack, and to satisfy my sweet tooth I have a great cake recipe that I make. Let me know if you're interested! It's very easy and quick to make.

Valerie said...

1) A basement- you know, in case of tornadoes...and those times when I'm not stuck in my car. The kitchen is also very important.

2)No. As long as the Earth didn't tilt 25 years ago, I'm still a Libra.

3) I love jogging more than anything, but at the gym I very much love the elliptical.

4) If you find some, please share.

5) Obviously, no, but Super Nanny (so reliable, I know) says 1 minute for each year old they are. Two years old = two minutes.

6) Kashi bars are always a favorite. I also really like almonds and fruit.

7) Obviously I can't answer that, but in VA it's the Children's Museum (always has been). Is that an option? Oh, and my mom used to take me to mall play places when I was younger too. It's free, there's interaction, and I had fun.

8) Just one? Hmmm, probably the Pope, but I'm not sure I want to meet the current Pope. I would have loved to have met JP II.

9) Just take it one day at a time. If I look at it as a journey I'll get overwhelmed. If I look at it as a single day it's easy.

10) Kind of the same as number 9, only shorter. Take it 15 minutes at a time. Promise to work for just 15 minutes a day. You'll soon see that 15 minutes will lengthen, not because it has to, but because you want it to.

11) Some day.

12) To be honest, I almost prefer to not remember. Well, I don't want to forget, but I also don't want to dwell. Otherwise, I just find it important to appreciate each thing in my life.

13) More photos, yes. More videos, maybe. I've never been a huge fan of videos on blogs. I think they make me sea-sick.

14) Sure!

15) Spinach salad with onions, mushrooms, craisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, and tuna. Multigrain crackers on the side make it perfect.

16) I love pierogies, but Hans can make a great quick and dirty meat sauce. So tasty.

17) I don't think I'd be great at it, but I'm more than willing to help in any way I can.

18) The cats standing on my chest and Cody giving kisses. That wakes me up.

19) Generally every two weeks, but I should change it more.

20) Duh! Yours! When you don't post, I also read PFG and krisgetshealthy.

That was fun! Thanks!

Tiffany said...

1. I wanted a backyard, safe street, closet space, a clothes chute, and now that we are down to only 1, and second bathroom, even just a half would be helpful.
2. Horoscope things doesn't bother me, mine didn't change but not sure I would worry about it if it did, not sure I believe that things really changed either
3. Swimming. I love the feel of the water, it's a whole body activity and you can't feel yourself sweat and it's refreshing! God, I have to get back in a pool!
4. Got me, I'm struggling too.
5. Yes we do timeouts. We started at a little over a year, to get them in the habit and used to it. We also count to 3 to change their behavior or when they aren't listening/won't come when we call them, but timeouts for hitting and general misbehaving. We have a specific chair we use for timeouts too.
6. Got me
7. You would know better than me. :)
8. This changes daily. Today, I'd like to meet Jon Stewart or Ellen DeGeneres.
9. Just keep swimming from Nemo, just keep plugging away
10. I have my standard list I do every day in about 30-45 mins that helps keep things picked up, (wash dishes, go through misc paper/mail and put away or throw away, pick up toys, make beds, wipe down counters in kitchen and bathrooms, throw in a load of laundry, vacuum, sweep and swiffer floors. I know it seems like a lot but it actually does only take 30-45 mins and I feel so much better. I especially do this now since I am closer to family and are subject to more pop-in visits. But then whenever I do a deep clean, it's a lot faster and more manageable as well.
11. I'm actually hoping for another really big snow so you probably don't want to hear my answer. :)
12. That's a tough one. Mostly I just want a better world for my kids.
13. Love pictures! Bring them on
14. I don't need numbers, but if it helps motivate you, do what you've gotta do! :)
15. At the beginning of the week, I make a salad with carrots, cucumbers, romaine and iceberg lettuce and I grill some chicken. Best lunch ever!
16. I like cooking most things for my family. We love Taco Ring currently and Baked Potato Soup but anything that keeps us out of a restaurant these days, I consider a success!
17. No, because I totally fell off the wagon this winter, time to get back on.
18. I allow my self 2 snoozes, but I also set my alarm for 20 minutes earlier. I know I'm not actually getting more sleep but it makes me feel like I am. :)
19. I change sheets once a week (sometimes every other week, but I love clean sheets) and I try to wash all bedding at least one a season unless sickness intervenes.
20. Yours!
Can you see I have too much time on my hands. :)

Sharon said...

1) Trees. We thought it was bathrooms, storage, and functional counter space in the kitchen. Then we looked at some new homes, and we hated that the yards were all so barren.

2) Nope. Kind of think horoscopes are dumb.

3) I love the elliptical machine, because it's a good workout without being hard on the knees. I like Zumba and step aerobics for classes.

4) I love to work my obliques: hold a dumbbell in one hand. Bending sideways at the waist, let the dumbbell move from hip height downward. And back up. Also dig the stretching balls.

5) Not yet, but mine is younger than yours. We do give her toys a timeout if she is using them inappropriately and won't listen.

6)Quaker flavored rice cakes, Mott's all natural fruit snacks, trail mix.

7) Your house!

8) I wish I could have met an amazing woman named Dora Hanson. She left a gi-normous bequest at my home church to help people who wanted to become pastors. It is because of her that I was able to minimize my loan amounts. Also wish I could've met Mr. Rogers or my grandmother.

I feel kind of on the spot with this question, so I don't know if it's MOST, but I would like to meet Shane Claiburn. (Go add at least one of his books to your reading pile)

9)Fruit First! When I'm hungry, I don't want to spend the next several hours feeling hungry. So I have a snacking rule that I have something healthy first. Could be fruit, or veggies, or solid whole grains (but Fruit First has better alliteration). If after I eat the fruit I'm still hungry, then I can consider a smaller helping of something like chips.

10) I used to try to clean a little bit each day. Like: Monday is bathroom, Tuesday is family room, etc. But with evening meetings all the time, that didn't work. I do like to 'clean as I go' and make sure before I go to bed that I can see the floor. Serious cleaning just has to wait for longer available times.

11) June is looking good!

12) I'm not sure remembering Tucson is the same thing as remembering MLK. Tucson was a tragic event; MLK was an inspiring leader (obscenely understated). Remembering every bad thing that has happened in our lives is probably not a good thing. I'm not saying we should forget everything either, but I admit I have forgotten the Alamo and am always surprised by Pearl Harbor day. Those days just don't have impact for me. And remembering Tucson on 9/11 on a daily basis serves only to focus our energies on negative things that we really can't change. Which is why it IS important to remember MLK and the like. Because he inspired hope, change, and actually getting off your butt and doing something. Do I think about him or others like him on a daily basis? No. But if I did, I wonder if I'd start to take him for granted.

13) Photos are great. Video is tougher to access on my RSS feed or the smartphone.

14) This I leave to you. If it's there, I will cheer and mourn along with you as the numbers change. But it seems like it could be a lot of work.

15) Ooh, my favorite is leftovers. Otherwise, I keep it simple. Sandwich or can of soup. I do enjoy a nice tuna sandwich.

16) Anything with less than 5 ingredients. Preferably that goes in the crock pot. I actually put a ton of time into making sure our 2-week menu (yes, I plan 2 weeks worth of meals at a time) is varied, healthy, and possible to fit into our schedules.

17) Ooh! Pick me as your Meal Mentor! I'll teach you how to do 2-week meal planning and the coordinated grocery shopping that goes with it.

18) Lately? Having just re-read "I Dare You" by William Danforth. Somewhere toward the end he dares you to wake up ready to take on the day. So far, that's working. (It always helps if I've gotten enough sleep)

19) Once a week, on Fridays. I love clean sheet day! (other blankets usually get washed once a year, in the spring)

20) Stuff Christians Like.

Kate said...

1. Kitchen. Duh
2. Not panic. Just insistence that I'll never be anything but a Pisces, no matter what.
3. Anything outdoors- walking, hiking, biking, rollerblading, cross country skiing. I just love being outside with the fresh air and open spaces.
4. Anything from Pilates and yoga. Best and most simplest is just to stretch every single day.
5. I think I did timeouts starting around 3. Sometimes they worked, mostly they didn't because G could never sit still.
6. Almonds, dried apricots, apples, bananas, pears, Triscuits, greek yogurt, popcorn
7. Not my area of knowledge.
8. Julia Child. But I'm too late for that.
9. We are imperfect, and we have off days. Forgive yourself; start fresh with each morning with mindfulness of what you do, what you eat and how you act.
10. Everything feels better when the house is clean. I don't like cleaning, but I hate a messy house more.
11. Probably by April.
12. I'm not the best at remembering. I should be better at that.
13. That's up to you to decide. LOVE the photos of E.
14. No tracker. Just post as it occurs.
15. Salads. I am a super salad freak. You can make a huge nutritionally dense meal from a salad with minimal calories.
16. Anything that gets them bouncing in joy.
17. I'd love to help you learn healthier cooking! Say the word.
18. I don't rise to an alarm, but long ago I disciplined myself to get out of bed with the first alarm, or I allowed ONE snooze and that was it. It was a discipline that stuck.
19. We're in flannel sheet season, and we have one set. I wash them weekly.
20. Habit

EDH said...

1. Just one? Hmm. In Minnesota: central air. I won’t go back to window units.

2. Panic, no. Amusement, yes.

3. Swimming, because I can’t tell that I’m sweating!

4. I love Pilates.

5. We tried time-outs a while ago and they had no effect (Anna alternately laughed or cried but there was no change in behavior). Will probably keep trying!

6. Apple slices and peanut butter, sweet potato chips (I make them by roasting sweet potato slices with olive oil and cayenne pepper), almonds

7. No idea.

8. Michelle Obama

9. It’s ok to let yourself have “cheat” meals/days, but they have to be planned. That way you look forward to them and don’t let yourself slide unexpectedly.

10. Wash the dishes/clean the kitchen every night.

11. It’s 40 and sunny where I live, so...

12. A worthy question—I will have to devote some thought to that.

13. I like photos!

14. Whatever works the best for you.

15. A big salad with bell peppers, goat cheese, turkey slices, nuts, and dressing (my current favorite is Trader Joe’s Cranberry Walnut Gorgonzola)

16. Chicken and green chile enchiladas

17. Sure!

18. Not much. I usually hit snooze about 3 times at least.

19. Weekly.

20. Young House Love

Amber said...

1. Well, just as a general piece of advice, as part of the sale have a deep cleaning done before you close. We were given this advice, didn’t take it, and ended up cleaning for over a week just to get the house to a point we could move in.
As for a feature I wanted, well, I just wanted a house with personality. Something with something special about it. The first house we picked out had a huge back-yard and a triangle-shaped tub. The second house (thank goodness the one we got!) has original built-in bookshelves and hutch.

2. I laughed. I’m a Taurus; there’s never been a question about it, and…oh wait…it’s a horoscope. So no, I wasn’t sent into a tizzy.

3. I’m a runner. And it’s my favorite for that reason. It releases stress and clears my lungs. Although for cross-training, I really love the rowing machine.

4. I like the ones in this article: But recently I’ve been lifting weights while standing on a the hard side of a BOSU ball to help with balance and stability. Seems to be working.

5. Not applicable. But I would.

6. Popcorn sans butter, popped in air popper, not microwavable. And frozen peas, but I understand there aren’t a lot of people who love them like I do.

9. If you think you’re hungry, always drink water before eating something. A lot of the time (other than meal times) that ‘hungry’ feeling is just thirst.

10. Keep on top of housework? Hahahaha….

11. Send the snow back to Utah! We want more!

13. Sure, but it’s not like I’m going to stop reading if there aren’t more photos or video. I think you have a pretty good balance.

14. Do you think it would help you?

15. Turkey sandwich with an apple.

16. We have absolutely fallen in love with homemade hamburger helper (can’t use the mix). So we brown 1lb turkey, then add a can of tomato soup, a can of Nacho Cheese soup (yes, it exists), about ¾ cup of noodles, 2 cans of water, random spices, and usually about ½ cup of asparagus (just our preference for vegetable) and simmer until the liquid is almost gone. Super easy, super tasty, and there are worse things for you. There are better things….

17. Sure! But not during tax season :)

18. The knowledge that I just won’t get to the gym as much in the evening, and knowing I’ll feel better during the day if I workout first. If I’m not going to the gym, nothing keeps me from hitting snooze.

19. About once a week.


PikaPikaChick said...

Since I'm too sick to eat right now I'll answer your questions over my lunch break!

1. An office with plenty of outlets. Actually, lots of grounded outlets in general. This is not easy to find in south Minneapolis. Our next house must have a front porch.

2. This is me rolling my eyes.

3. Skating on my quads at the Rollerdome at the Metrodome! All the aerobic exercise of roller derby without the bad attitudes! (Oh snap!)

4. The gym in my work building offers an abs and back class that is absolutely killer. But what I've learned that it doesn't take much to work your abs and you can do it all with standing exercises.

5. She's too young.

6. I'm a sweet-tooth kind of girl: clementines, frozen grapes, yogurt.

7. There are low cost options?

8. I'm not good with face to face meetings.

9. Eat half the food on your plate. Stop, drink a full glass of water, wait 10 minutes. If you're still hungry, then continue.

10. Don't have children.


12. It's not that I don't try to remember, it's more that I focus on my life and take things one day at a time.

13. Sure.

14. If you're comfortable with that sort of thing.

15. Bento boxes with rice and tons of fresh fruit and veggies.

16. Bulgogi (or any Korean entree) and banchan (all the fun side dishes).

17. Of course.

18. Turning on the TV so I can't go back to sleep.

19. I plead the 5th.

20. I have a ton of blogs in my RSS reader that I check every day.

Rebecca said...

1. Land. I could live in a travel trailer and adjust or I could live in a 5,000sqft home. As long as I have room outside, I don't care.

2. I don't really care. I am who I am. Change an astrology calendar doesn't change who I am.

3. Horse back riding. Sun. Fun. Horses. Need I say more?

4. I like Pilates.

5. 1 min per year old. I tend to follow SuperNanny's directions.

6. I love Popcorn! I make kettle corn on the stove-top on occasion if it's sweet we want.

7. Not in MN. Sorry.

8. Uhhhh, Lynn Palm would be cool. George W. Bush would be cool as well.

9. Eat less, move more.


11. Likely but then it will be hot.

12. I try to remember that life is a blessing every day and we aren't meant to survive it but rather to live it. I think the best way to honor people is to really LIVE your life.

13. Sure! Photos are fun!

14. If it helps you, then yes.

15. Wild Flower Bread Company? But I don't work and I rarely eat out so I'm going out!

16. The one my husband makes?? I actually am a bit of an adventurous cook. I'll make anything that sounds fun.

17. If I thought I would be of any help, sure.

18. Still working on that.

19. 1x per week. Usually Sat.

20. Pioneer Woman!

EDH said...

P.S. I think a good way to discover what fruits/veggies you like is to go to the Whole Foods salad bar and pile on some of everything. That was how I discovered that I love kale and jicama - and so does Anna!

Marie said...

1. Lots of storage space
2. Nope
3. Swimming; it's so liberating and makes me feel smaller than I am.
4. The dreaded crunches
5. We do timeouts; I don't honestly remember when we started
6. Weight Watchers products; they're awesome!
8. Reba McEntire
9. Lots of water
10. Wiping down the bathroom with Clorox wipes after the last shower.
11. I hope so.
12. I remember by reading accounts of the stories.
13. Yes!
14. I think that's up to you.
15. Fresh salad with oil and vinegar, black beans, lots of veggies and chicken.
16. Hamburger Gravy.
17. Absolutely, but then you would need to mentor me back! :)
18. Vitamin D and a light box.
19. 1/week (ok,sometimes once every 2 weeks).
20. My own! :)

Jen said...

Dude, I live for these. :D

1. An entry way or someplace to put your stuff rather than just entering straight into a living room or kitchen.

2. No

3. Pilates. It doesn't make you sweat and it builds strength as well as keeping the waistline down.

4. Pilates ;)

5. Not really. We tried but it doesn't work well. If they are acting out because they are tired, they have a "rest time." actually, we started doing that every day to prevent the tired bad behavior.

6. Salt: Wheat Thins multi-grain chips with Laughing Cow cheese.
Sweet: Cocoa Pebbles. Super healthy, eh?

7. Not sure any are low-cost but we like the one in Woodbury's Central Park.

8. dunno

9. pffft ... you don't want health tips from me

10. haha ... even worse than health.

11. Good Lord in Heaven, I hope so. yes, that was a prayer.

12. hmmm... I don't really remember them in my daily life. I don't see how it would benefit me or anyone else.

13. Sure, though I usually watch videos without sound so there's only good if they're of a kid doing something cute that doesn't involve talking. LOL

14. Doesn't really matter to me but if that helps you stay accountable, then FOR SURE.

15. Salad

16. What is your favorite meal to make for your family?

17. ummmm ... I'm not sure you would want me to.

18. Nothing. Even putting it across the room doesn't work. I literally get up, turn the alarm off and go back to bed.

19. not enough. maybe once a month.

20. Snyder 5