Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You were all right.  Today was better, which I knew deep down it would be.  But thank you for your care and affirmations yesterday.  It meant a lot having you in my corner reminding me that my feelings were normal, that toddlers will be toddlers, and that sickness colors our abilities to manage stress.

I knew it, but in the midst I couldn't realize the truth in those words, so thank you.

It also serves to highlight one of my big needs for 2011 as it approaches.  I've decided, in lieu of making any hard and face resolutions, that this year will be about self-care.  It actually came about from my new intuitive pastor/supervisor at new church.  In my annual review conversation she mentioned that she wants to know that I keeping up on self-care given what she knows about the difficulties at my old job.  Plus as she correctly points out, people in ministry tend to give and give until they have little left for themselves.  She said that managing self-care is essential to remaining vibrant in ministry, which I do know from experience.

(Have I mentioned that she is awesome?!)

So in the interest of making this a year of dedication to my own self-care I'm brainstorming a list of things that I can do to improve my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self all year long - with special emphasis on my health, my mom role and my ministry.

Here's what I have so far....

1.  Get my butt to the gym on a minimum 3 times per week basis.  (Because have I mentioned, the Goat grandparents have got us a Y membership for Christmas.  Which is so awesome and I am unreasonably excited about having a gym and a pool and classes at my disposal again!  I hardly know where to start first - tomorrow is the first day of the membership!!)

2.  Blogging - I'm going to take the time to continue my blog.  I have done this for years so it should be second nature, but it is important to me.  I'm not going to worry so much about reviews or giveaways or stats.  I'll pay attention to them when and if I want.

3. Dates with hubby - these need to be a more regular occurance.  Now that we have a sitter it should be easier.

4.  Dates with friends - likewise, these are so helpful to me.  I need to be diligent in keeping them up even if it is a casual coffee once or twice a month.

5.  Mindful food choices - this is always tricky.  I need to figure out a healthy eating plan but in a way that doesn't add stress.  Possibly weight watchers?

6.  Music - aka turn off the TV more and play more music.  Also reclaim ipod from the baby's room.

7.  Pedicures - and other fru-fru girly luxuries that help your mood instantly.

8.  Dessert - lets face it, desserts often help my mood.  I need to establish an eating plan that will allow for them in moderation so that I can treat myself when needed.

9.  Computer free night - I want to designation one night a week to be completely computer, phone, facebook and twitter free.  Probably Friday or Saturday, probably Friday.

10.  Friday's off - I need to honor the fact that I'm supposed to have Friday's off more often.  Sometimes I plan to clean and get on top of laundry.  Other times I can pull baby goat from daycare and have a special mommy-son date to the Children's Museum, Zoo or some other place we where have a membership or is cheap.

That is my list so far.  As I said, this is less about resolutions and more about an effort to make this year about keeping me in top form, maybe even better than my recent top form.  Weight loss would be nice and is a goal but is really a different issue from the self-care thing, even though they overlap.

So that's my start.  What would you add for me?  What would be on your list?


Melinda said...

Good for you! I'm still working on my 2011, but I am hoping to have them posted in the next couple of days (er, before 2011?)

As for mindful eating, the new WW plan is really good! It's still points, but the points are now calculated differently--instead of calories, fat and fiber it is some super-secret formula of carbs, protein, fat and fiber, which actually encourages you to eat better foods.

Sharon said...


Have you read William Danforth's "I Dare You"? Either way, I suggest reading it again as fuel for the journey. It's so obviously white-male dominant, that you're already reading it through a lens to translate into modern living. So I find it inspiring when I'm trying to get up and going on a new resolution or new way of living/thinking/being. His enthusiasm really is catching -- even on paper.

That said, I also encourage you to not go adding a bunch of things to your list of self-care. Try not to turn self-care into a checklist, because then it's not self-care anymore!

This is going to be a good year for you. I can feel it. Go get 'em!

darcie said...

WOW! What a gift! Will they adopt me?
I want a membership - but can't justify the cost -
I think caring for everyone else starts with caring for ourselves - good luck Liz!