Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bad "Car"-ma or Why I'm never driving again.


My car woes this week are both maddening and so extreme that they have become down-right comical.  Comical enough to share with you all.  I hope you get a groan and a giggle out of it and can appreciate that you have not had the week that I have. 

Incident #1

After a busy weekend and having a bad cold I planned to take a slow morning on Monday to recover a bit before a very busy week at work (It's Christmas Program week!).  I headed out at about 10am on the way to work with plans to stop at Target for some cold meds and diet coke.  I never made it to Target.

On the way there I was stopped at a light and bang!  I was rear ended.  I pulled into a nearby lot as did the other driver.  When she got out I found she was young and really scared of what happened.  I got a whole story, she was on her way to work, didn't know what happened, so sorry, etc.  Along the way I found out she didn't have insurance (bad).  I said I really ought to call the police she said that she also didn't have a driver's license (double bad).  She was freaking out and worried about being late for work.  In a moment of sympathy I let her go getting what info I could from her (name, number, license plate number, etc).  And I let her go.

Then I got back in my car and said "wait a minute...."  I realized that being sympathetic or not this girl shouldn't be driving.  So I did call the police then and got to follow the cop to her work and ID the other driver.  The driver got two tickets (one for driving without a license and one for driving an uninsured car).  I felt guilty for turning her in but really, she shouldn't be driving without those things.

After getting an estimate on my car it seemed that the damage really was minimal to my car, thankfully.  I could replace the bumper or just have a little dent in my bumper.  Frankly I'm ok with a dent.  My bumper did exactly what bumpers are supposed to do and nothing else was damaged.  Yay!  So it really did turn out fine all things considering but it made for a crazy morning.

Incident #2
This one is all my fault, though still accidental, but it really makes me grouchy.

Our apartment put up notices that Wed morning they were clearing the snow from our parking lot and that cars needed to be out by 9am.  Cars not moved would be towed. I saw it and it registered.  Yet you can see where this is going.

Wed morning came.  I got the boys out the door to daycare and went about getting ready.  I sat down on the bed and still having a cold made the mistake of laying down.  An expensive mistake as I woke up at 9:15.  I got ready but had forgotten about the plowing until I got outside to the parking lot...

No car.

Now I should have known better.  Yes.  But in a sliver of defense, never, in the 6 years we've lived here have they ever made good on a threat to tow a car.  They have always plowed around it. 

But they started this week, with me.  Ugh.

$213.75 and several hours later I had my car back.

Incident #3
Wednesday evening I was driving home from our church advent service with baby goat in the back seat.  I was almost to my exit when my car started making a strange noise.  Suddenly I feel a tire blowout and quickly head to the side of the road.  My left rear tire blew out completely.

I couldn't reach Mr. Goat (who was in choir practice) and tried a few friends too.  Luckily one friend, K, who lived close to us came to gather baby goat.  I was on hold with roadside assistance and waiting for her when a good samaritan stopped and offered to change my tire.  I only know his name was Trevor.

In my defense, I can change a tire, but in the 10 degree weather, on the side of a busy highway, in the dark, in my work clothes, well I was going to go with roadside assistance.  Luckily Trevor was a pro.  My friend got there and took baby goat in her warm car and gave him some crackers to keep him happy and we changed the tire.  Part way through a cop came to help keep us safe and give us more light.  Once we got started it took about 20 minutes and all said and done we were on the side of the road for 45 minutes or so.

My car has sat today as Mr. Goat and I have shared cars today.  Tomorrow morning it goes in and we'll see how much this is going to cost us.  We'll probably get all new tires and they were getting due to be replaced anyway.  I don't know if the towing of the car that morning helped add to the blowout, or if it was a nail or the cold weather or what.  I just know that I'm not sure I should be trusted to drive (or park) anywhere right now.  Clearly my car is mad at me for something!

And that is my car trouble hat trick for the week.  It is only Thursday so I hope I'm not due for anything worse.  Please send working car thoughts to me tomorrow.  I'd really rather that the car place NOT find something else wrong with it.    I hope all of you are having a better week than me blogland.  Remember to stay safe out there.


Colleen said...

You know what I say, if you're going to laugh about it later, you may as well laugh about it now. Okay, to be fair, I probably stole that from Sally Fields or something, but it's the darn truth. So glad that you're feeling sort of light hearted about it. Honestly, it's #3 that sealed the bad "car"ma deal for you. :-)

Emma @ emmasota said...

I wouldn't say that I'm having a great week, either, but yours has truly sucked!! Wow, I hope you catch a break, Liz! I thought one of my tires looked really low on Tuesday and when I pulled up to the air station and got out my pressure guage, it measured 0! Thank God I stopped when I did.

trishatfox said...

Ohhh, sometimes I hate cars. Sorry about all you've been through. I'm glad nobody got hurt.

PikaPikaChick said...

Oh my goodness, it was like a snowball of car fail! I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that. You'll make it through this and be stronger for it. :)

Marie said...

Oh, Liz, I certainly did groan and then giggle. The odds of your troubles happening all in a few days must be slim to none. Sending happy car thoughts your way!

EDH said...

Oh, that sounds so frustrating. I'm glad you're all ok, though. Hope next week is better!

james, a priorfatguy said...

What a crazy week. Hurray for good samaritians. The world needs more Trevors.

krisgetshealthy said...

I am so sorry you have had such a bad bout of car-ma this week. I am glad that through all of it noone was seriously hurt.
Thank goodness there are still some wonderful people left in this world. Props to Trevor where-ever he is!

darcie said...

Thank heavens there are still a few folks left like Trevor!

Also - Can I just say that you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing by turning in that driver?
Someone could have been seriously injured...
Uninsured, unliscensed drivers have NO BUSINESS being on our roads, especially in December - I'm glad you made that call.
Shame on her.
Here's hoping this week is better!

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm hoping that the 17" of snow didn't cause any more problems for you, ugh!

But you're right, laugh about it... it's all we can do sometimes.

fritzfacts said...

Car-drama is awful. I have had my share.

Anytime you need, you know I am there!! Once he calmed down he was entranced with Boo's video game, it was hilarious!

I am with Darcie, good for you turning that person in. Should not be on the roads at all. Cause more problems, and raise the cost of our insurance if they get in an accident.