Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

Wow, 2010 has been an amazing year for the Goat family - full of ups and downs certainly but ending on a big up.  Here are a few of the year's blog posts looking back on a great year!

January found us with an 11 month old.  I participated in Missy's Bloggers Give back event at Feed My Starving Children and met so many new blogger friends with whom I've become very close this year.  I also honored our dear friend Emilie's birthday with a group of our friends toasting to her memory.

Just look how young baby goat was a year ago...crazy
February found me reflecting on baby goat's first year of life and Ash Wednesday.  We celebrated his 1st birthday in style with all the family!

March found me wanting to get back on board with my weight loss now that I was done pumping.  You were all so supportive as I talked about my fears that I decided to take the plunge and train for a 5k!

April kept me on my Couch to 5k training as we celebrated the 1st anniversary of baby goat's actual due date and the anniversary of leaving the NICU!

May went fast with another blog gathering in support of ending childhood hunger, more 5k training, and a trip to the Zoo to introduce baby goat to real goats!

June had a personal favorite post of baby goat's top 10 preschool entrance essay titles.  It also had my last VBS at old church, complete with baby goat's first asthma hospitalization.

July was the craziest month we've had since baby goat was born.  It began with a 3 day stay for baby goat in the Children's Hospital full of tests and treatments as we figured out what was up with his breathing (asthma).  Less than a week later I lost my job.  And then a week after that I was offered a new job at New Church.  In the space of 3 weeks our lives went through some huge changes!  Oh and baby goat even when on his first train ride!

August found me starting a new job and managing the changes that go with it, our first trip to Target field,  baby goat turning 18 months and me turning 31 at the state fair (and setting 31 goals for the next year).

September I participated in a September blog-a-thon and posted everyday.  I talked about worshiping with your toddler, discovered a rogue lymph node, went to my first Blogger conference and even ran my 1st 5k with my sister by my side!

October I wrote Pink for breast cancer, talked about a worship experience with baby goat, and of course baby Halloween cuteness!  Oh and I got a little defensive about society's treatment of fat people, particularly from Marie Claire magazine!

November I put myself out there and risked being nominated for a Future PriorFatGirl.  We survived our first stomach flu and our first apartment fire.  I also told baby goat's story for prematurity awareness!

December brought illness, car trouble and SNOW which nearly threatened to derail my first Christmas program, but it happened anyway!  It had parenting lows and recommitment to caring for myself as well as others.

Wow!  Looking back I'm in awe of all that happened this year.  Thank you if you have been here reading at any point this year.  I am grateful for your presence, support and community!  All in all I think 2010 was an amazing year for us and I am excited about what 2011 holds for our little family.

Happy New Year!  May the new year bring you wonders and joys unimaginable!


Heather of the EO said...

What a year, lady.
Isn't it amazing how much one year can hold?
Here's to a beautiful 2011 for you and yours!

The Marketing Mama said...

Liz - you have had an outstanding year! Some sadness and craziness, but mostly a lot of amazing growth and awesome experiences.

Happy to have been a small part of your year, friend. :)

fritzfacts said...

What an amazing year you have had! The good and bad have made you an even better woman, and mom! So proud of all you have accomplished!

Can't wait to see what 2011 brings for you!