Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday Night Adventures

Why is this dark blurry picture of the Goat family being featured on the blog tonight?  Because last nights adventures simply needed at least one photo.  This photo was taken in the front seat of our car at 10:30 last night.

About 10pm last night Mr. Goat and I were relaxing after having gotten home from the ILs.  Baby goat was in bed fast asleep.  And then the fire alarm in our apartment hallway when off.

My first instinct was "What's that?"

My second was "Dumb College Kids"

Then I realized that I was no longer in college and it was unlikely that we'd been victim to a drunken prank.  So Mr. Goat and I grabbed our coats and the baby and high tailed it out of the apartment.  (We left the cats for speed but I felt guilty about it).

Once outside we realized a few things:

1.  There was no obvious billowing smoke so if there was a real fire it wasn't too spread yet.
2.  Even at 40 degrees and with a hat and coat baby goat was scared, cold and shivery.  Being jarred awake as you are grabbed will do that somewhat.
3.  We needed to find some place to wait out this emergency.

We hiked around to the front of the building where my car was parked outside accross the lot from the building.  As we walked 4 emergency vehicles pulled up to the apartment building.

We piled into the front seat of my car, turned it on and cranked the heat.  Soon baby goat lost the dazed scared look from the photo and he relished pushing all sorts of buttons in the car that he rarely has access too.  His favorites:  The wipers, the radio buttons and the front ceiling lights.

We camped out in the car for nearly an hour as the fire trucks dealt with whatever was going on.  People milled about - many in their cars many just around the apartment.  We weren't asked to back up so it seemed clear that while a real fire it wasn't an apartment wide inferno.

Finally about 11pm we were given the all clear.  The front hall smelled like a electrical fire which is what rumors say happened, somewhere on the 2nd floor.  I have no idea how much damage was done but on our end of the building the air was clear and everything looked normal.

Still I went to bed just a little more thankful of the things I have even while being aware that so long as I have baby goat and Mr. Goat that I will be ok.  (I still would have liked the cats to be safe for sure too but the rest really was of no major issue)  Sure there is irreplaceable stuff in our apartment but when push comes to shove all I need is my family.

The front hall still smelled smoky this morning - a reminder that it wasn't just a dream.  I hope whomever's apartment it was didn't lose too much and everyone was safe (none of the ambulances there left with anyone which is a good sign). 

Just one more thing to be thankful for this week.

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trishatfox said...

That's pretty scary, actually. Are there sprinklers in your building? I love sprinklers. Sprinklers save lives. Sprinklers save cats. I'm glad everyone is okay. You should make sure the city fire inspector comes out and checks the building. Also, does your smoke alarm work? Sorry, I've just covered a lot of apartment fires.