Saturday, November 06, 2010

Some Geek loves

There is no doubt that I am a geek in many senses.  If you've met me you know that I can hold up in many a geek conversation and topic.  So tonight I thought I'd share some of my favorite geek sites, shows and games currently!

1. Twitter - yes, I really mean this.  There are so many awesome geek contextions on twitter - writers, actors, producers and stars of some of the best geek shows.  They are often the "celebrities" that get twitter most.  Plus there are even many of the geek characters that tweet - including Sheldon Cooper and Lord Voldemort.

2. Epbot - This blog is written by Jen the author of Cake Wrecks.  Here however she shares all her other geek loves including steampunk, Doctor Who and Comic Con!  Plus when she makes something awesome and geeky she shows you just how she did it.  So much love for Jen!

3. ThinkGeek - This is my go-to shop online.  I love everything here.   So much geek love.  You could get me anything here I think and I'd be happy! :)

4. - I've featured comics from this before but I continue to be impressed by their cleverness and geekiness.  The best line is often the one hidden in the mouse selection.  It is another little easter egg in the comic.

5. Wil Wheaton - yes he was Wesley Crusher in Star Trek:TNG but he's been able to parlay his geekiness past his childhood fame.  Now he is an excellent author, blogger and geek-tacular social media fellow.  He also stars as "Evil Wil Wheaton" on my next geek love!

6. The Big Bang Theory - you have found this show already right?  I trust that you have and that I am preaching to the choir.  If not, start watching it (Thursdays on CBS at least in the Twin Cities).  This show has mainstreamed being a geek more than most other things right now.  It is hilarious and superbly scripted and acted.  Plus, evil Wil Wheaton!

7. Dr. Who - I wasn't sure if my love would continue as much this year as there is a new Doctor - Matt Smith.  But thanks to BBC America I've seen most of the new season and it was awesome.   If you don't have BBC America watch for it on SyFy soon I hope!

8. The Guild - This is a web series of videos about a band of fantasy gamers.  It is so funny and stars Felicia Day who also was awesome in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  Watch them. Start with season 1.

9. The Mythbusters - they have been around for ages now it seems but I still heart them.  They do just what I wish I could do - build stuff to prove people wrong (or right, but mostly wrong).  They do so with a good mix of real science, character hyjinks and of course, plenty of explosions!

10. Neil Gaiman - If you haven't read his books, stop reading this little blog and go to your library and get them now.  American Gods, or Anasi Boys, or The Graveyard book, or any of them really.  It takes a cool guy to take the concept of fairy tales and folk tales and transform them into modern novels.  Read them.

There you have it.  Some geek loves that are on my mind tonight.  If you have other geek-tacular things I should know about please let me know.  I'm always looking for new awesomeness!

Geek out,

Liz, the Lutheran Geek


Challenge:1yearnorestaurants said...

Big Bang theory is not only the best show on TV it has also inspired me to purchase and use a periodic Table shower curtain. I <3 it!!!

Amy said...

This is cool Liz. I hope to check out some of the links and the big bang theory too. :)

emma said...

I'm a pretty weak geek, but my honey and I do enjoy the Big Bang Theory together!