Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

* We still survived but it turns out that the stomach bug wasn't done with the Goat family this weekend.  It struck me and Mr. Goat in turn.  But it truly was a 24 hr bug it seems and we are mostly recouped.  It also struck at least 3 kids in daycare so I don't think baby goat was the source and I don't feel like an awful mother for not finding a way to avoid it.  And in the end, we still survived.  Also, clean sheets are da bomb!  Word.  (Even my sleeping toddler probably just rolled his eyes at that one).

* Giveaway tomorrow!  :)  It is going to be awesome!

* We had our first snow this weekend.  It was lovely and wet and heavy.  Thankfully we never lost power like so many others I know.  It also made me realize how ill equipped I currently am for the needs of a mobile toddler in the winter.  Thanks to awesome friends, I have some coats and snowpants and such.  Many of them are a just a bit too big so I'm waffling about whether to buy something smaller than will just last part of the year or just bundle him in too large stuff.  Also, boots, we need boots.  Target will be my after work destination today.

* Thanks to the family illness this week/weekend I feel like I dropped the ball on a few of my volunteers at work today.  I feel badly about it but I'm going to give myself some grace, make the necessary apologies and let it go.  I truly did all I could manage to make this weekend work and for 99% of the stuff it worked out fine.

* This Sunday was also Consecration Sunday at church (aka Stewardship Sunday).  Our lead pastor gave a lovely sermon and reminded me that nothing is truly ours.  We own nothing.  Even our children aren't ours.  Everything we have been given is because we are stewards of it for God.  It was a lovely message and really gave me the urge to stop more often and see abundance in my life where I often see want.  I truly have everything I need and so so so much more.  And I'm so blessed to be allowed to steward baby goat as he grows as a child of God.

* Have I mentioned that Mr. Goat LOVES trains?  I have all sorts of cute (blurry) pictures from our trip to the Train museum in WI from a month ago to share here.  He has been many times but it was baby goat's first trip.  Anyway, there is a Social Media push for Union Pacific to help design their next steam locomotive tour.  You can vote for your preferred city.  Plus if you vote using this link you can get Mr. Goat a point to help win a chance to be in the cab of a steam engine, which is sort of like sending me into space, or getting to go to the Oscars, or taking a 4 yr old to Disney world.  So I'd really really love it if you would use this link and vote for the tour.  And if you want to vote for Minneapolis that'd be great too.  (You do have to enter an email and then verify it, but that is all the necessary info you need.  I just put a first name and it went through).

*  Have you seen this?  It's has been making the rounds on the interwebs and it is quite hilarious.  There is also a Seminary one that someone made that is quite amusing as well.

* Harry Potter Movie Seven Part 1 comes out this weekend?  SQUEE!  (You know that train thing?  Yeah, its that's like that).  Anyone interested in a Sat. Matinee?  (As much as I'd like to do the midnight opening it seems unlikely I'll cave).

* I'm mentally prepping this year's geek kid gift list for next week.  If you have a favorite geek toy, product or experience that I should know about let me know!   I'm writing for geeks of all ages!

* I realized that we are less than 2 weeks from Thanksgiving and I am very excited all of a sudden.  I'm thrilled that baby goat will get to spend some quality time with his Great Grandma (one of them at least) and am really looking forward to hanging with the ILs.  Which is a great sentence to be able to write for anyone.

* Dry skin season is kicking in and I'm looking for a new good hand lotion.  Not pricy just your favorite that works and isn't greasy.  Any suggestions?

* After Thanksgiving is ChristmasFest concerts and then Christmas!  Where has this fall gone?  However, I loved that it seemed to go from 60 and sunny to winter overnight.  None of that annoying in between, windy, rainy, 40s stuff for me!

* That's it.  Mount laundry beckons.  Night blogland!  I hope you have an awesome week!


Suzi said...

Lots to say!

on my Geek Gift List this year: A ZUNE. After our Microsoft store tour I knew I wanted one!!!!

Hand Lotion: Gold Bond Hand Lotion. I swear by it.

Boots: Go soon. They sell out ASAP. :) Try Once Upon a Child, too. They have (usually) tons of snow pants, etc.

Have fun at Harry Potter. :)

xoxo suzi

JennyF said...

Hand lotion: Lubriderm is our hands down winner (pun intended).

I hit Target today, found an aisle of emptiness with only 3 lonely pair of boots in it. You may need to mail order -- good luck.

Checking my schedule on Harry Potter! It would be great to see with you. :-)

trishatfox said...

Baby Goat has a great grandma? That is awesome. My college daughter already has her Harry Potter tickets. She's counting down the days. I think that's cute.

Kate said...

Do you still have all those books? There's a few that look good. My problem is that I am not the best these days at sitting down and reading.

I'm firmly sticking with my plan to re-watch all 6 HP movies before seeing #7. We've done 3, and #4 is tonight. Then you and I will need to do lunch again. And when I'm done, I'd be happy to hit up a matinee with you. I'm certain you won't stop at one viewing of #7, will you?

My go-to lotion in the winter is one I buy at Sams Club. It's a swiss formula Vitamin E lotion that smells like old ladies but is phenomenal. A little goes a long way and it doesn't wash off. It's like $8 for a jar, which lasts forever.

Otherwise, I am a huge fan of anything Aveeno

Sharon said...

I desperately need the link to the seminary video. That one was hysterical.

I gave up on hand lotion, because I do hate the greasiness. But my favorite regular lotion (and I have super dry skin) is Gold Bond Ultimate Softening with Shea Butter. Not the cheapest out there, but not too bad. And works really well.