Thursday, November 11, 2010

I survived

I think every new parent has a milestone that makes them more anxious than is probably necessary.  It may be labor, or breastfeeding, or vaccines, or whatever.  For me, it was the stomach flu.

I've never been good with dealing with the stomach flu.  I'm a big baby.  I don't want to see it, hear about it, talk about it or know you've had it.  Thinking about it makes me queasy.  When I didn't end up with any morning sickness in my pregnancy with baby goat I rejoiced.  If I can avoid throwing up I will at all costs.

Plus, after the New Year's Eve/Day flu experience at Mr. Goat's home (when we were still dating) my fear was multiplied.  And that is all I'll say about that, except that getting sick with your some-day ILs is a bonding experience you never speak of again.

And so the sight that greeted me at 1am early Wednesday a major bummer.  Poor baby goat had his very first stomach flu.  To be fair he'd thrown up singly a few times but it ended up being attributed to other things.  This was a true, multiple event, flu.

Yet.  I survived.  The mother instinct does kick in and you make do.  You comfort your child.  You clean up the mess, and clean it up again.  You do laundry.  You rearrange your schedule.  You cuddle on the couch watching NickJr and Sprout and PBS in a rare toddler tv session.  And you do it out of love for your child.

And then it passes and it wasn't as bad as you had built it up to be.

And you survived and so did your baby.

Still, if it doesn't come back anytime soon that'd be great.


krisgetshealthy said...

Well let me just say you are a great mom! Since I don't have kids of my own I cannot imagine how insane you were with worry, but I could feel it in your words. I am glad everyone is feeling a little better. I hope you don't have to go through that again anytime soon.

Monkeymama said...

Glad little Goat is feeling better. It's tough to know they are feeling bad and it can't be easily fixed.

I live in fear of broken bones or dislocations. Even thinking about it makes me a little dizzy and makes me clutch tightly to something. I really, really hope Greg is around if anything like that happens because I'm afraid I'll check out.

fritzfacts said...

The level of worry that comes with the stomach flu is so high! The last two times Boo has had it she has gotten so dehydrated she ended up in the ER with an IV.

I am proud of you! The first time is the hardest, every time after this will be a little easier.