Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoo BOO!

Last weekend we all piled into the grandparents minivan (Side note: I want a minivan) and headed up to St. Paul for Zoo Boo at the Como Zoo.  This annual fundraiser is a fun time of costumed characters and trick or treating through the zoo. 

As you can see, baby goat didn't quite know what to make of this whole costume thing.  (Don't worry a geek costume will be debuted later this month, but thanks to Anti-Supermom for lending us this adorable frog costume!)

At the zoo they have a story book village and a pirate area as well as a wide variety of people in costume handing out treats.  The treat stations were sponsored and manned by various local businesses which was nice to see.  Plus, the treats weren't all candy which I appreciated, but I was surprised that several of the items had peanuts (including a station sponsored by Fisher's nuts) so if you do go beware that it isn't nut free.  Here is baby goat at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

Checking out the action from Dad's shoulders!

A Pirate looking shifty...

Grandma is never very good at following directions...

A kid in a homemade costume!  I wish people did these more often.  They are great.  So I had to run and get a picture (or rather send Mr. Goat to get a picture)

Baby goat really was crabby until his face got in the sign.

A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater...duh!
Baby goat doesn't quite know what to make of all the costumes!

The graveyard of extinct animals...sad :(

Overall it was a good time.  We showed up right away and it was very crowded at the beginning.  I think if we'd showed up at 5:30 or even later it would have been a bit better.  Still it was very well done and was just long enough.  I think as baby goat gets older he'll get more out of it but I imagine the best fit is for the preschool and early elementary kids.  I do wish there had been more real animals out though, but I imagine for crowd control it was necessary to keep most of them inside.

Still as a big believer that the Zoo is a great asset to the community it is nice to know that this fundraiser can help support them, plus it is just a fun safe way to get in costume and have some Halloween fun.  The Zoo Boo runs this weekend, Oct 22, 23, and 24th from 4:30-7:30 and tickets are $7.  It was fun to go and I think it is worth the money, plus you support a great zoo.

(We received complimentary tickets to go to Zoo Boo and review it on the blog.  Thanks Como Zoo!)


The Marketing Mama said...

Okay, baby goat is adorable. Love the lion pic, and the one with him wearing sunglasses. :)

Marie said...

Baby goat is so darn cute - he always makes me smile. Great post!

Rebecca said...

Baby Goat becomes Baby Frog!