Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Write Pink

Hey folks, there is no scheduled blog post here today, instead hop on over to Undercover Mother and read my WritePink post about prevention that went up today.  I think prevention is important so please go and read it and then tweet it and spread it so that we all get the message.  My particular message?  We'll you'll just have to stop on over and see.  I do promise that it contains a childhood picture of me, and if that laugh isn't enough to get you over there well then we are clearly very different people.

If you want to know more about my own breasts and their story this year visit this post here.

Also there is a wonderful conversation going on in the comments of my Welcoming the Child post.  Please join us with your opinion.  Do you think kids belong in worship?  I'm thinking there I'll be writing more on this issue soon.

Plus, have you entered my latest giveaway?  Because you should!

AND tune in tomorrow to help me caption my latest Wordless Wednesday!

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