Friday, October 01, 2010

Write Pink!

Surely you've seen the pink ribbon things EVERYWHERE right now. I doubt anyone who does any shopping whatsoever knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And frankly, even though the marketing seems extreme at times, you SHOULD know it.  But when something is emphasized so forcefully it can make people complacent.  Have you ever rolled your eyes at all the pink ribbon marketing?  Today at Target I saw pink ribbon pens, candy, chips, and all sorts of other things and I admit that my eyes rolled back into my head a bit.

So why am I here today talking about Breast Cancer Awareness month?  Because breast cancer has not been beaten.  My grandmother lost her life to breast cancer and while our prevention and care has improved it isn't obliterated.

So today I joined an Army of Women.  They are trying to get 1 million women to sign up and support research.  You can do that by participating in studies they are running, you can blog and spread the word, you can simply be one more person who says that I will stand up with women everywhere against breast cancer.

As a part of Write Pink I'll be sharing a blog post later this month at Bigger Picture Blogs. I hope you'll come visit then, but more importantly I hope that you will take the time educate yourself and others about Breast Cancer Awareness this month. It is about more than pink ribbon M&Ms, so much more.  It is about our moms,and sisters, and grandmas, and men (yes men), and its about you.

So will you Write Pink this month?  Grab the button on my sidebar and join bloggers in standing up against Breast Cancer one blog and one women at a time!


Hyacynth said...

Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. I'm so glad you're writing pink for her this month and for all of the other women who have stories but never had the chance to share them.
AOW is amazing, isn't it? So glad to be in this with you!

ScotK said...

I desire to take nothing away from the very necessary research being done to eradicate breast cancer. But would that we had heard even half as much about the number one cancer killer among men, prostate cancer, during September.