Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

* I have so much that I want to blog about right now.  There is a whole list that I have, not to mention re-doing the layout and image and I'm just been struggling to take the time.  I sit down to do it each night and I just get stuck.  So it is 11pm but I'm going to get something down tonight, but you don't get the list, you get the random thoughts.

* I'm in the weeds at work after having 5 days off.  It was a great 5 days off that I'm sure I'll tell you all about in the coming weeks and I'm really glad we took the time to do it.  We headed to WI to see grandma and grandpa and a bunch of old friends. 

* Of course the moment we got in the car and left the house baby goat showed signs of a cold.  It seemed that it was just a mild cold for most of the weekend.  He had a runny nose and one morning of a *maybe* slight fever.  On the drive back home I began wondering about his ear so we headed to urgent care when we got back into town on Monday.  I thought it was his ears.  He was a bit wheezy but not dangerously so compared to this summer's asthma excitment.    So imagine my surprise when they called for a chest x-ray and we found out that he had pneumonia in his left lung.  It was caught early and his ears were infected so we got a good dose of antibiotics and steroids and now we are doing much better.  Still it felt a bit like a mommy fail.

* One of the reason I wasn't too worried was because he was so much better than his bad colds that lead to his asthma hospitalizations this summer.  Its a sign how much his controller meds have helped him since he had pneumonia and wasn't even sent to the ER.

* I'm still waffling on whether to go trick or treating with baby goat.  It goes against my rule of taking food from strangers, plus our apartment doesn't do anything.  Maybe go join some friends for trick or treating?  I just don't know.

* Baby goat turned 20 months on Tuesday which is remarkable.  He spent the day full of snot home from daycare sick so it wasn't a great photo shoot day.  I'll have to take some still this week.  Luckily there is Halloween this week so that is a lot of good photo potential.

* On the other side I am having a Christmas card quandary.  How do you pick?  So many options.  So many photos.  Ugh, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

* Tomorrow I go for a sleep study follow up.  I'll get to see what happened during my night of tests.  I'm a little anxious and a little excited.  I don't want a mask but if there is stuff wrong I'd just assume feel better and get better sleep.  I know it has helped Mr. Goat and my mom a ton.  We'll just see...

* You know all those "It gets better" videos that make you cry, the ones to GLBT and all of us really against bullying and . Here is the one that the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America put out. I am very proud to be an ELCA member today (well and most days).  You are a child of God.  It gets better.


Anti-Supermom said...

And I'm far, far behind on blogging...

1- you are welcome for the costume, he looks adorable in it!
2- Marie Claire can suck it, what a horrible article to write
3- I'm jealous of your five days off, sorry that it ended in sickness, but *completely* not a fail - you listened to your instincts and caught it early. Good job, mama

Emma said...

Glad Baby Goat is doing better.

Awesome video! You might be interested to watch the video of my dad's chapel talk at Olaf from earlier this week!

Monkeymama said...

That video is great.

When Rebecca was Baby Goat's age we didn't go door to door because we were in college student type apartments. We went trick or treating during the day on Main Street at the local businesses and to a church party in the evening. When she was nearly 3 we went trick or treating at a local mall.

Amber said...

Just a question...why do you have a rule against taking food from strangers?