Sunday, October 03, 2010

In search of the perfect Toddler Halloween Costume

I'm having the hardest time deciding on a Halloween costume this year. Last year was so easy - he loved ducks and we got a free duck costume, and then there was the goat costume which was a must. This year however I am torn. He has essentially no character recognition since he doesn't watch tv (or at least kids tv - there is Twins baseball but he doesn't really pay attention).

He likes cats so we could go that route with one of the various cat/tiger/lion costumes. He doesn't really know his animal noises yet (should he?) so there is no animal he could replicate well yet so there isn't any great ideas there.

And then there are some of the geeky costumes. Admittedly these are mostly to satisfy mom's geek tendencies and yet they could be fun. But I can't decide. So what do you think blogland? Do you like any of these for baby goat's Halloween costume?

The crayon: gender neutral and also available in blue, red or yellow
An Ewok - cuteness factor high, but would he keep the headpiece on?
Ah the Muppets - Kermit would be great - and could e find him a little banjo too?
Captain Kirk - easy costume and wonderfully geeky.  There is a Mr. Spock too but baby goat's personality may be more of a Kirk (aka Ladies man)
Mario - I love the mustache!
Obi Wan Kenobi - this is a great costume too but we'd need a light saber I think

On the flip side you could go with the evil Jedi master!

Or Yoda!

Finally, moving away from Star Wars, Charlie Brown is geeky and there is a MN heritage thing here too.  But couldn't I just make this?  Maybe?
So do you have any opinions?  I should decide soon, especially if I am going to try to make anything.  In our Halloween events for the month we don't really need to dress up so it isn't a question of matching him to us.  So what do you think?


Stacey said...

Yoda - all the way! :)

Stacey said...

That being said - I don't see how he could be anything but adorable no matter what costume you pick!

Valerie said...

If he went as a dinosaur we could photoshop a picture of him and Cody together. :P Otherwise, it's a tough call. You mentioned the head piece on the Ewok, but could he keep a head piece on for any of them? Personally, my two favorites are Obi Wan Kenobi and Captain Kirk. They're cute and easily recognizable, and there aren't any annoying head pieces.

Good luck!

The Marketing Mama said...

all adorable. I'm diggin Kermit. Yoda. and the star trek one.

:) Missy

Amy said...

I like Ewok or kermit, but if he's anything like my little one, the Captian Kirk might be the way to go so there's nothing on his head, buggin him. All are pretty adorable though.

Cindy said...

zomg! I love the Ewok. So cute.

FranticMommy said...

Go for easy and comfortable! Kermie all the way!

Heather of the EO said...

I heart the YODA!

Becky B said...

I love Captain Kirk. But maybe that's the Star Trek geek in me (I'm much more a Star Trek geek than a Star Wars geek).

kate hopper said...

The Kermit kills me. Zoe wants to be an "Orange Carrot!" but I'm not sure how I'm going to pull it off.

Soupy said...

they are all so damn cute, so I am no help :)
Kyla is going to be a cat, so I'm partial to another MALE TOM CAT! LOL K1 is gonna be a puppy- Elaine would have a litter of "animals" :)

He is going to be super adorable no matter what you decide! basically flip a coin? :)

Anonymous said...


DaisyGal said...

I love Yoda and The Captain Kirk....
and I'm not even very geeky. but they are soooo cute. I can't wait to see what you decide.

Anti-Supermom said...

he would be adorable in any of those, of course.

I have a Old Navy frog costume that I think is the cutest, if you are interested in borrowing it: (not my kid BTW - if it works)

LoveFeast Table said...

I haven't seen too many Charlie Browns! Put a Snoopy dog in his hand, and he'll be the hit of the evening! Thanks for joining us at the Table!
~Kristin and Chris Ann