Friday, October 15, 2010

20 Questions

Welcome to another installment of 20 questions. Below are some of the questions I am considering these days. If you'd like you may answer any or all of the questions or simply marvel at my randomness.

1. What is the first step in looking for a house? Bank? Realtor?

2. How much money down do you really need anyway?

3. When is the Jetson's cleaning and cooking technology going to become real?

4. Will I have the proper bra size already at Missy's bra fitting event today?

5. Should I have a costume for our church Halloween event?

6. If so what? Everything is either super expensive or super slutty or both. I can't do that at a church event.

7. What should I keep in my office as lunch backups when I "forget" to bring a lunch?

8. Why is the monopoly game at McDonald's so compelling to me for McD's breakfast?

9. Why do I feel guilty about my plans for a girls night tonight?

10. Should I run the 5k in November?

11. Can I afford the gym again?

12. If not, what can I do for exercise this winter?

13. When will I have time to purge my closets.

14. Just how much should I hold on to anyway?

15. What are good age appropriate art supplies for baby goat?

16. Why is diet coke so hard to quit?

17. (from twitter yesterday) Why is it so hard to find cute boots that fit my "robust" calves?

18. From SIL - Would you rent out a room in your house? (Visit her blog to comment and help her out please)

19.  What will baby goat weight and height be at his "18 month" appointment on Monday?  (at almost 20 months)

20.  Will baby goat fit back into his summer clothes next summer now?  How should I be organizing his clothes now that his super quick growth has slowed?


Kate said...

I can answer a few of these:

#1-I think the first step is figuring out where you want to live. Then visit the bank and talk about qualifying for a mortgage. Browse real estate sites on the web and look at homes in your desired area. Do a drive by. Start going to open houses. Decide what you can live without in a house, and what you won't compromise on.

Mike and I - and I kid you not- probably looked at 60-70 houses in our quest. We drove by a lot and drove away without even considering a look inside. We saw lots that looked awesome from the outside, not so great inside. Over time, you narrow down your wants and desires until that day you walk in a house and you know, without a doubt that you've found your 'home'. Give it a good amount of time to process.

#2- You don't need any money down, in some cases. Your bank will help you learn all about it. There are lots of programs for first-time home buyers. Get educated. Ask tons of questions, but also know that your mortgage will be higher due to the need to carry mortgage insurance if you can't make a certain % of a down payment.

#3- I'm still waiting on this one

#4- Yes. That's what it's for.

#5 Only if you think you should

#6 Make your own

#7 Healthy crackers, mixed nuts, dried fruits, oatmeal to microwave, good cereals

#8 It's an addiction. Cut loose. Same w/ #16

#9 Societal pressure that when you take time for yourself, it's a bad thing when actually it makes YOU a better YOU. So don't skip out on us!!

#10 YES!

#11 It would only be worth it if you utilized the membership on a regular basis. If you don't commit, it's a waste of money

#12 Find a long set of stairs and get moving

#13 When you decide it's important enough to take the time

#14 Honestly, none of it.

#15 Crayons, paper, felt shapes, finger paints

#16 I ask myself the same thing about coffee

#17 Because supermodels don't have robust calves and clothes aren't designed for real women

#18 Only to a relative

#19 & #20 I have a 16 yr old. I can't even remember much about him being 1-1/2, much less what his clothing situation was like.c

EDH said...

1. Bank. And even before that, order your credit reports and make sure they’re accurate. It’s best to get pre-approved before you even start looking so you have realistic expectations. Then you can start making a list of must-haves, would-be-nice-to-haves, etc. Fun!!

2. We bought our house before the market tanked, so I have no idea these days, but PMI can jack up your payment considerably, so there’s that...

3. I remember thinking that in 2010 we’d all live in self-cleaning houses and wear mylar spacesuits. Ha ha!

4. This seems personal, so I have no idea :)

5. Sure!

6. What is Baby Goat going to be? Could you be something similar?

7. Oatmeal, almonds, apple rings, or hit up Trader Joe’s for some good microwave meals

8. No no no no! No more McDonald’s breakfast! :)

9. Don’t feel guilty – we all need to recharge! Have fun!

10. Yes!

11. If you use it, make room, if not, then don’t!

12. Walk, cross-country ski, or take the stairs

13. I have no idea, but it’s such a great thing to make the time for!

14. Less is more :)

15. We love Color Wonder markers and paper – they only write on the special paper, so there will be no stray marks on your furniture and clothing!

16. Ditto the previous poster – I wonder the same about coffee!

17. It is hard!! It’s amazing how tiny those darn boots are.

18. I probably wouldn’t. It sounds like the cons outweigh the pros, to me.

19. No clue :)

20. Oh, organizing those baby clothes is tricky, isn’t it? I feel like Anna’s dresser and closet are just exploding... :\

Laura P said...

I can help a little bit on the real estate stuff since I have my license (not actively using it though).

1) Know what areas you want to look for houses in and your criteria (the must haves vs the wants). Then visit the bank to get a preapproval. Lastly, contact a Realtor.

2) Money down depends on the type of loan that you are going to use. When I was taking my classes earlier this spring I believe that 3.5% down was the minimum for an FHA mortgage. (There are many different programs though and some may have a zero down option). Talk with your loan officer and they will let you know for sure what you would need.

3) Oh I wish it would happen. LOL

4) It's a good possibility.

5) Why not?

6) Fox 9 had a segment on their morning news last week about going to places like Savers or the Goodwill and making your own costume.

7) Healthy choice has some pasta dishes that do not need to be refrigerated. Otherwise soup is always good, just keep some bowls and spoons in your desk with the soup cans.

8) Ahhh Mickey D's....Try to say no. The Monopoly game just makes you go back more often to obtain more pieces.

9) Don't feel guilty. Everyone needs a night out away from Hubbys and/or Kiddos.

10) Go for it!

Laura P said...

Darn, I'm too wordy according to Google. HAHA.. Okay part 2 of my answers. :)

11) Possibly. Check with your health insurance provider to see if they have a reimbursement program. Some will give you $20 per month back if you go at least 8-12 times in that month.

12) Videos on Exercise TV, go walk the malls, crunches, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, pushups. Take Baby Goat sledding and climb up and down the hill a lot.

13) Make it a priority if it is something you really want to do.

14) Hold on to what fits, what you like, is in good condition, and stuff that you actually wear.

15) Finger paints, crayons, markers. (I don't know as my son who is 3 despises art time at school)

16) It get's easier! It really does. This coming from someone who used to drink 3 or 4 cans a day. I'm now at 33 days without pop.

17) Tell me about it! I bought a cute (well to me) pair at Payless but I have to wear them beneath my calves for right now. :(

18) My stepdad used to do that when he was a single father. It worked out for him & he is still friends with those people now.

19) 18 months...hmmm that's hard to say. What was he at 12 months?

20) Possibly. It depends on what size he was in this past summer.

Monkeymama said...

1. We had a rough idea of what we were eligible to borrow, so we started by going on a parade of homes type thing with a local real estate company. It was a great way to see what money could buy in our area and a good way to see which neighborhoods we wanted to aim for. Also, the agent we used for the rest of the process was showing one of the houses on the tour, answered some questions, and we felt she was a good match for us.

2. We used the NOLO Buying your first home book and it was really useful.

3. I still feel like I'm on the Jetsons when I have my washer, drying, and dishwasher going at the same time!

4. I hope it is fun tonight!

5. Probably. Or at least dress in Halloween colors.

6. Since you are new it would be a good way to show more of your personality. A character from a favorite book or TV show? Favorite Bible person? Something to match Baby Goat. I bet if you came up with an idea the blogosphere would help you brainstorm a cheap way to put it together.

7. Trail mix? I'm horrible at lunch ideas.

8. Nothing I get at McD's these days has game pieces. :(

9. Because Baby Goat is your first and it's hard to draw the line between me-time and family-time. But, go and have a really good time!

10. Yes

11. Do you have time in your day where you'll be sure to go?

12. We're thinking about a treadmill because I'd love to go to the gym, but not at 5:30 AM or 8:30 PM.

13. Can you just do a few items a day?

14. I always wonder the same thing.

15. It's a tough age, especially if you don't want to get super messy. We like the dot paints.

16. I feel that way about coffee.

17. Have you looked at DSW? They seem to have large amounts of boots.

18. It would depend on the layout. Probably not here because we only have 1 shower right now. But if we had a full bathroom downstairs I'd think about it.

19. I'm horrible at guessing my own kids, let alone other kids!

20. I think summer clothes last longer because shorts can get a little shorter and baggy t-shirts can also be close fitting. My kids stayed in the 18 - 24 month sizes for a long time.

Laura said...

1. Funny, we're in the same boat. We're going to sell our house and buy one in the same neighborhood. Our first step was to figure out how much to spend. Then I contacted an agent to find out how much we should list ours at. Then I called the bank to ensure that we will be approved. Then got our credit score to make sure things were cool. Then made a list of everything we want to make sure it's all in the new house.

2. You can put down any amount that you want (as low as 5%) but if you get 20% the loan people make your world much nicer. First time home buyer? I have no idea.

3. Never. Unless Mr. Goat becomes a robot and offers to do all the work.
4. Yes.
5. No. Too much work. Everyone will be staring at baby goat anyway.
6. see above. He's cute, you're just the mom :)
7. I like those meals that you add water to pasta, cook, heat the sauce and mix it all together. I just know it's a green label and you get them in the soup isle.
8. huh?
9. See answer 6. Mommy guilt much? I wish I was going. I'd help you feel less guilty.
10. yes.
11. yes.
12. free weights
13. when you move
14. very little
15. crayons. markers that only go on the paper, fingerpaint
16. I'll let you know when I figure it out.
17. See above.
18. ug.
19. dunno
20. Shirts, no, shorts, maybe. I got 2 summer out of 24 month 2t shorts. Don't even bother with the shirts. Although, I kept some that could work as jammie tops. A little short in the tummy, but fine. I still put her in new jammies every night so I need a lot in between washing. I've had her wear a cotton dress to bed in a pinch, too.

Valerie said...

Alright, so I can only answer a few, but here it goes:

1) We found the realtor first and she helped us find the banker. That said, you need to meet with a banker before you seriously start looking at houses, and most certainly before you want to make an offer.

2) You have to have at least 20% for the lower interest rates. Hans and I had more for lower payments.

3) Can that happen tomorrow?


6) Make your own. Cut arm holes out of a big box, paint it silver and go as a robot, go to Lowe's / Home Depot and find things to make you look like an alien, or wrap yourself in aluminum foil and go as a baked potato.

7) I always have wheat thins on hand and preferably some cheese. You should also keep some fruit like apples or bananas. Oh, and you could go with some canned tuna (or something similar).

8) Because YOU could be the LUCKY WINNER!

9) Because you know there's a lot to be done, and you don't want to put all the burden on Mr. Goat. That said, you work your tush off, and should enjoy a girls night.

10)Go for it!

11)Who can afford the gym? Oh, and will you have time to use it?

12) DVDs.

13)This weekend?

14)If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it.

15) Doesn't Crayola make paints that only paint on special paper? That might be nice.

16) Your body is craving all the fake sugar. P.S. Were you the one who asked the question on priorfatgirl?

17) Designers suck, and don't make them.

18) Thanks for the plug, and we're still deciding.

Sorry, that's all I can answer. That was fun!

Marie said...

1) Bank
2) I have no idea
3) Soon, I hope. . .
4) Yep!
5) I don't know - how much time do you have:
6) Good point.
7) Microwave Popcorn
8) Because McD's breakfast is so delicious
9) Only if you want to
10) It's the Catholic guilt coming out of the Lutheran part of you.
11) I can only afford it if I go, which is harder than paying the membership.
12) Snow shoe, Cross Country Ski (rentals are cheap)
13) If you figure this one out, let me know.
14) Only what you've worn in the last year.
15) Finger paint, foam letters and glue sticks, water colors, paint markers, crayons, lots of paper 16) Again, if you find out, let me know
17) Repeat answer to 16.
18) Only if the renter would clean the rest of my house as payment
19) Hmmm. . .
20) Probably not - he'll most likely hit another growth spurt before then. Organizing his clothes? Hire a professional. In fact, when in doubt, hire a professional :)

Casey said...

6 - Static Cling. Wear all black and use safety pins to attach socks or other small pieces of fabric to your clothes.

Colleen said...

'kay, I'm late to the game on this... but here are a couple things: Should you run the 5K? YES!!! You are my inspiration (really, do it for me :-) ).

Can you afford to join the gym? I don't know, but if you join the Southdale Y - we can be workout buddies, and maybe I will try to do the couch to 5K with you???? (They have a great deal with lots of insurance companies, and I get a discount on our membership just for showing up 8 times a month. Sometimes I do it just for a shower. I cannot tell a lie).

Jen said...

I just love these posts. Because I like to tell people what to do without feeling like a bossy bessy. :)

1. Bank or at least a mortgage calculator to figure out what price range to start searching.

2. We put no money down both times but I'm not sure that will fly anymore.

3. I SO need this to happen.

4. I'm going to guess you did not.

5. yes

6. Martin Luther? LOL

7. oatmeal, yogurt and granola.

8. dunno

9. I hope you got over this. :)

10. Sure

11. mmm ... probably not if you want to buy a house.

12. Pilates DVD!

13. You won't have time till you make time. Actually, I keep a box in my room for Goodwill. Every time I put on something and decide I don't like it enough to wear, it goes in the box.

14. It doesn't matter how much. It matters that everything you keep makes you feel good.

15. Color Wonder!

16. I don't know. Personally I find it repulsive. :)

17. clothes manufacturers suck

18. I would be VERY leery of renting out a room

19. 28 pounds and 26 inches. (I can't remember at all what size a 20-month-old is)

20. I doubt he'll fit into them next summer. Unless he's potty trained by then. Then his shorts should fit.