Sunday, October 31, 2010

CSN Giveaway

You guys should know by now that I love doing giveaways.  1. Because it is a great way of getting to thank all the readers out there.  Even with stats it is hard to know just how many people are out there but I appreciate you taking a bit of time to read my ramblings.  But also I love giveaways because 2. I just love giving cool things away.

Now I had seen many friends do CSN giveaways before and I was really excited when the contacted me about doing a giveaway.  The wonderful thing about CSN is that they have SO many stores and products that the gift code I'm giving away could be used for almost anything - an end table, shoes, sheets, or a tricycle.  It is truely a versital thing which is so wonderful.  Seriously, they have like 200 seperate stores!

So, would you like a $55 gift code from CSN?  I know you would!  Here is how you enter: In honor of the Halloween please comment on your favorite part of Halloween.  Please also leave an email address if is not obviously apparent on your profile.
If you want extra entries you may also do the following things: (Please leave an extra comment for all that apply)

1. Follow my blog over on my sidebar (for one extra entry).

2. Friend The Lutheran Geek facebook page (for one extra entry).

3. Follow me on twitter (for one extra entry).

The Details: This giveaway will run from now through Monday, November 8, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. CST. The winner will be selected from the entries by Once selected, the winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received in that time frame, a new winner will be chosen.  I did not recieve anything from CSN myself.  I was given the option of a review or a giveaway and I chose a giveaway because you're all awesome!

And tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled blogs posts!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Tough week

Its been one of those weeks around here.  I'm in a funk.  And based on some of the blogs I've seen this weekend I'm not the only one.  I am feeling irratible and just stuck.   And it seems that all my postitive energy goes into trying to avoid taking my sour mood out on others.

Poor Mr. Goat, he can't win this week and I feel badly about it.  Most attempts to help cheer me up are as irritating as trying to stay out of my way.  And it isn't his fault; it is all in my head.

One of the many events of the week was my sleep study follow up.  It turns out that I do have sleep apnea, and have it pretty severely.  I apparently stop breathing and have to partially awake 66 times an hour.  That is MORE than once a minute.  Which basically means that I wake up every minute ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  It is no wonder that I struggle with energy during the day.

I'm hopeful that getting a CPAP machine will help immensely and maybe even help my mood, but I am annoyed that I get to go in for another overnight sleep study to get tested and fitted for a machine.

I'm sitting home now with the baby in bed.  I was supposed to go out and see Mr. Goat in concert, but my flakiness and the Halloween weekend meant that there were no sitters to be found.  So I'm home.  I should be cleaning or sorting things but instead I've succumb to emotional eating and bad tv, just like every night this week it seems.

I need to stop the freefall and that means changing my attitude and just doing some of the things that are frustrating and stressful and paralyzing.  In a way I'm making progress by just blogging it out.  That is one of the things I've felt like I "ought" to be doing lately and that has made it even harder to get my ideas down.

So I'm counting it as a paritial victory today.  Tomorrow, well, I'll keep on trying tomorrow.  Sorry for the bad attitude.  I hope I'll be back in the groove soon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

* I have so much that I want to blog about right now.  There is a whole list that I have, not to mention re-doing the layout and image and I'm just been struggling to take the time.  I sit down to do it each night and I just get stuck.  So it is 11pm but I'm going to get something down tonight, but you don't get the list, you get the random thoughts.

* I'm in the weeds at work after having 5 days off.  It was a great 5 days off that I'm sure I'll tell you all about in the coming weeks and I'm really glad we took the time to do it.  We headed to WI to see grandma and grandpa and a bunch of old friends. 

* Of course the moment we got in the car and left the house baby goat showed signs of a cold.  It seemed that it was just a mild cold for most of the weekend.  He had a runny nose and one morning of a *maybe* slight fever.  On the drive back home I began wondering about his ear so we headed to urgent care when we got back into town on Monday.  I thought it was his ears.  He was a bit wheezy but not dangerously so compared to this summer's asthma excitment.    So imagine my surprise when they called for a chest x-ray and we found out that he had pneumonia in his left lung.  It was caught early and his ears were infected so we got a good dose of antibiotics and steroids and now we are doing much better.  Still it felt a bit like a mommy fail.

* One of the reason I wasn't too worried was because he was so much better than his bad colds that lead to his asthma hospitalizations this summer.  Its a sign how much his controller meds have helped him since he had pneumonia and wasn't even sent to the ER.

* I'm still waffling on whether to go trick or treating with baby goat.  It goes against my rule of taking food from strangers, plus our apartment doesn't do anything.  Maybe go join some friends for trick or treating?  I just don't know.

* Baby goat turned 20 months on Tuesday which is remarkable.  He spent the day full of snot home from daycare sick so it wasn't a great photo shoot day.  I'll have to take some still this week.  Luckily there is Halloween this week so that is a lot of good photo potential.

* On the other side I am having a Christmas card quandary.  How do you pick?  So many options.  So many photos.  Ugh, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

* Tomorrow I go for a sleep study follow up.  I'll get to see what happened during my night of tests.  I'm a little anxious and a little excited.  I don't want a mask but if there is stuff wrong I'd just assume feel better and get better sleep.  I know it has helped Mr. Goat and my mom a ton.  We'll just see...

* You know all those "It gets better" videos that make you cry, the ones to GLBT and all of us really against bullying and . Here is the one that the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America put out. I am very proud to be an ELCA member today (well and most days).  You are a child of God.  It gets better.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obesity and our culture

Have you seen this?  This poor excuse for an article was published on the Marie Claire website yesterday and an outraged person clued me in on it this morning via twitter.  And I am so.mad. SO.MAD. at this article.  I have a hard time believing that this discrimination can be published in good faith.

The "highlights", if you don't want to read the drivel directly:
So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room...
Now, don't go getting the wrong impression: I have a few friends who could be called plump. I'm not some size-ist jerk.
The author, one Maura Kelly, goes on to suggest how simple losing weight is and offers her own helpful tips to get there. (Eat Less!  Exercise! Count Calories!)  Gee thanks!  Honestly this sort of thing gives me so much rage it is hard to know where to begin with all that is horrible with her point of view here.

First, if you have to say that you have "plump" friends to prove that your comments aren't from a prejudice of your own then you are exactly the size-ish jerk you are trying to say that you aren't.  It is like saying that having gay friends means that saying homophobic things aren't really homophobic at all.

Do you shame your "plump" friends regularly too Maura?  Is that your way of helpful motivation?  Because most obese people that I know, myself included, realize that weight loss involves eating less, counting calories, and exercise.  And yet, I haven't figured it out how to do master the weight loss for myself.  I struggle with it, I have set-backs.  But like all fat people I know, I am working on it.

But I'll let you know something too.  I "make out" with my fat husband.  We have sex.  (I would hope so since we have a kid).  We love each other.  Does that disgust you Maura Kelly?  It shouldn't.  It is love between two people and I am worthy of love.  Obese people are worthy of love.  The fact that there is a TV show that shows two characters working on their weight and loving one another is not revolting.  It is a sign that media is beginning to recognize that the world is full of diverse people all worthy of love.

I am disgusted by Marie Claire's willingness to publish this article.  Sensationalism is one thing but this is downright shame and prejudice.  Hollywood and the fashion world has been shaming people into thinking they are fat and less acceptable for years and perhaps this is one more addition to the "fat is bad" refrain.  Worst of all Hollywood doesn't argue about obesity from a health standpoint; they do so from an asthetic one.  Their refrain is that there is no beauty or worth in being overweight.  I want to be thin to be healthy but it doesn't change my worth!

I am worthy of love.  And so are my other "fat" friends, and the "plump" ones, and the thin ones too. 

Even, you Maura Kelly, are worthy of love.  I'm just sorry that you feel it is because you are thin and not because you are simply you, prejudiced, fearful, God-created, you.

And Marie Claire, I guess you can plan on not having me as a reader.  But I imagine you don't mind.  I'm sure my obesity would offend you if I were seen reading your magazine too.  I wouldn't want to hurt your image.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoo BOO!

Last weekend we all piled into the grandparents minivan (Side note: I want a minivan) and headed up to St. Paul for Zoo Boo at the Como Zoo.  This annual fundraiser is a fun time of costumed characters and trick or treating through the zoo. 

As you can see, baby goat didn't quite know what to make of this whole costume thing.  (Don't worry a geek costume will be debuted later this month, but thanks to Anti-Supermom for lending us this adorable frog costume!)

At the zoo they have a story book village and a pirate area as well as a wide variety of people in costume handing out treats.  The treat stations were sponsored and manned by various local businesses which was nice to see.  Plus, the treats weren't all candy which I appreciated, but I was surprised that several of the items had peanuts (including a station sponsored by Fisher's nuts) so if you do go beware that it isn't nut free.  Here is baby goat at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

Checking out the action from Dad's shoulders!

A Pirate looking shifty...

Grandma is never very good at following directions...

A kid in a homemade costume!  I wish people did these more often.  They are great.  So I had to run and get a picture (or rather send Mr. Goat to get a picture)

Baby goat really was crabby until his face got in the sign.

A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater...duh!
Baby goat doesn't quite know what to make of all the costumes!

The graveyard of extinct animals...sad :(

Overall it was a good time.  We showed up right away and it was very crowded at the beginning.  I think if we'd showed up at 5:30 or even later it would have been a bit better.  Still it was very well done and was just long enough.  I think as baby goat gets older he'll get more out of it but I imagine the best fit is for the preschool and early elementary kids.  I do wish there had been more real animals out though, but I imagine for crowd control it was necessary to keep most of them inside.

Still as a big believer that the Zoo is a great asset to the community it is nice to know that this fundraiser can help support them, plus it is just a fun safe way to get in costume and have some Halloween fun.  The Zoo Boo runs this weekend, Oct 22, 23, and 24th from 4:30-7:30 and tickets are $7.  It was fun to go and I think it is worth the money, plus you support a great zoo.

(We received complimentary tickets to go to Zoo Boo and review it on the blog.  Thanks Como Zoo!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Annabelle's Art Giveaway Winners!

Ok, so my computer is busted so I'm sneaking in on my lunch hour to post the winners of my latest Annabelle's Art Giveaway! Each winner will recieve at $10 giftcard to the etsy shop!

And the winners are....

bmom76 and myfirstbaby

Look for an email from me this evening with the details of your prize!  Congratulations and thanks for entering!

Friday, October 15, 2010

20 Questions

Welcome to another installment of 20 questions. Below are some of the questions I am considering these days. If you'd like you may answer any or all of the questions or simply marvel at my randomness.

1. What is the first step in looking for a house? Bank? Realtor?

2. How much money down do you really need anyway?

3. When is the Jetson's cleaning and cooking technology going to become real?

4. Will I have the proper bra size already at Missy's bra fitting event today?

5. Should I have a costume for our church Halloween event?

6. If so what? Everything is either super expensive or super slutty or both. I can't do that at a church event.

7. What should I keep in my office as lunch backups when I "forget" to bring a lunch?

8. Why is the monopoly game at McDonald's so compelling to me for McD's breakfast?

9. Why do I feel guilty about my plans for a girls night tonight?

10. Should I run the 5k in November?

11. Can I afford the gym again?

12. If not, what can I do for exercise this winter?

13. When will I have time to purge my closets.

14. Just how much should I hold on to anyway?

15. What are good age appropriate art supplies for baby goat?

16. Why is diet coke so hard to quit?

17. (from twitter yesterday) Why is it so hard to find cute boots that fit my "robust" calves?

18. From SIL - Would you rent out a room in your house? (Visit her blog to comment and help her out please)

19.  What will baby goat weight and height be at his "18 month" appointment on Monday?  (at almost 20 months)

20.  Will baby goat fit back into his summer clothes next summer now?  How should I be organizing his clothes now that his super quick growth has slowed?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Caption this Photo!

Please suggest a caption in the comments for this very special baby goat photo! I'll pick my favorites later this week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Write Pink

Hey folks, there is no scheduled blog post here today, instead hop on over to Undercover Mother and read my WritePink post about prevention that went up today.  I think prevention is important so please go and read it and then tweet it and spread it so that we all get the message.  My particular message?  We'll you'll just have to stop on over and see.  I do promise that it contains a childhood picture of me, and if that laugh isn't enough to get you over there well then we are clearly very different people.

If you want to know more about my own breasts and their story this year visit this post here.

Also there is a wonderful conversation going on in the comments of my Welcoming the Child post.  Please join us with your opinion.  Do you think kids belong in worship?  I'm thinking there I'll be writing more on this issue soon.

Plus, have you entered my latest giveaway?  Because you should!

AND tune in tomorrow to help me caption my latest Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friends supporting Friends - A giveaway

One of the things that I love about blogging is the community that forms.  I have made wonderful friends through my blog.   These women start as online acquaintances and morph into real life friends somehow along the way. And this community is incredible supportive of one another and they encourage others to be supportive too.  And lets face it, women need a few more communities of support and fewer places of competition.

So when I was searching for a few giveaways recently of people that I wanted to support my sister mentioned that she wanted to support a friend with her etsy shop.  So my sister went out and bought a $10 gift card to AnnabelleArt for me to giveaway here.   I've spent some time searching her site and her cards and pendants are super cute.  See for yourself:

More importantly I happened to read her profile and felt even better about telling you all about her.  This is what she writes about her shop AnnabelleArt:
I'm Ninon, and I'm running this Etsy shop with my 11 years old daughter Annabelle.

Anna is a beautiful special needs little girl. I had the privilege to welcome her into my home at birth, as a foster family before being able to become her permanent mom recently. Anna has many health issues; ADHD, severe learning disabilities, dysphasia, ARND (Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder), tactile defensiveness and attachment disorder. She faces many challenges every day, and requires special care because of her condition.

Annabelle LOVES arts and crafts, and shares my passion for paper art, knitting and stitch markers making. I already had my other shop opened for a while (, and Anna used to love making stitch markers for my personal knitting usage, and for my knitting community friends. Those friends loved Anna's markers so much that they suggested we open a shop featuring Anna's work. So we did! Annabelle's Art was born.

Some time after the opening of Annabelle's Art we added the handmade greeting cards to our inventory. And now most of the time you'll find Anna and I happily paper crafting in my corner of the basement, which we call our studio.

Anna and I hope that you will enjoy your visit to our little shop, and that we'll have the pleasure of counting you as a new customer!

All profits from the sales will go directly towards Anna's therapeutic care.
I love that she and her daughter have this to do together.  And I hope you like it too.  And so the giveaway.  My sister has purchased a $10 gift card for her etsy shop, and I've decided that I'm going to offer a $10 gift card too! So we are going to draw TWO winners for this giveaway!

How do you enter you ask?  Simple:  Leave a comment mentioning what your favorite piece is on Annabelle's Art.  Is it one of the adorable cards?  A pendant?  The knitting markers?  Be sure to leave an email too so I can get a hold of you if you win!

That's it. We'll keep this giveaway simple.  No extra entries, just the joy of participating in a community that cares a lot about each other!

This giveaway was my sister's idea and she bought one $10 giftcard.  I bought the other card myself.  Just because I wanted too. Oh, and the giveaway runs until 9pm CST on Monday October 18th.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcoming the child

Baby goat and I went to worship alone today.  Mr. Goat was singing in the choir and was sitting in the balcony above so we were on our own for the service.  Seeing as I came in from chatting with my Sunday School teachers we slipped into the end of a pew near the back, next to an elderly couple.

What proceeded was a very normal worship service with an active toddler.  He was happy but occasionally a little loud.  He liked to pull things from the pew racks.  He tried to engage with the people around him.  He occasionally fussed to be held, or to be put down.  He wasn't great I suppose, but being that it was just him and I for a full service he did fine.

I made sure to follow my own advice and as we were exiting I thanked the elderly couple for their patience with us as I'd seen a few of the "looks" from their direction.  Still I was unprepared for the woman to say to me, "He really ought to be in the nursery at this age."

I swallowed and replied that he'd spent the Sunday School hour in the nursery and that in order for him to learn it is important for him to be in worship.

She just gave me the look again and said, "We'll just be sure to sit elsewhere then."

Now I was fuming after this short exchange.  I am confident enough as both a parent and as a Children's Ministry Director to know that baby goat belongs in worship - despite the occasional distraction he may cause.  We are committed to regularly bring him to worship. Will we use the nursery sometimes?  Probably.  Will we take him out if he gets disruptive? Yes.

But I'm fuming not because of what was said to me about my child but that it could ahve been said to any parent trying to make worship work with a small child.  What if it was said to a single mother who was frazzled and trying to enjoy the service?  What if it was said to a visiting family checking out to see if the church was family friendly?

It is hard enough to parent without judgement and a church should welcome children.  Let parents feel good about their decision to bring their children to worship.  Children are the future of the church and if we fail to welcome and educate them the church and its traditions will fade.  Bringing baby goat to church now helps him learn that this is an important thing.  He learns the habits and the traditions.

I'm not easily swayed by the crabbiness of another but who knows who might turn away from what a church can offer because of a cruel word and a judging glare.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: But Mom, girl's shoes are sparkly!

(Please note the empty display table that baby goat emptied.  He much preferred the girls shoe displays.  At one point he had three patent mary janes clutched in his hands!  He really enjoyed shoe shopping!)

Sunday, October 03, 2010

In search of the perfect Toddler Halloween Costume

I'm having the hardest time deciding on a Halloween costume this year. Last year was so easy - he loved ducks and we got a free duck costume, and then there was the goat costume which was a must. This year however I am torn. He has essentially no character recognition since he doesn't watch tv (or at least kids tv - there is Twins baseball but he doesn't really pay attention).

He likes cats so we could go that route with one of the various cat/tiger/lion costumes. He doesn't really know his animal noises yet (should he?) so there is no animal he could replicate well yet so there isn't any great ideas there.

And then there are some of the geeky costumes. Admittedly these are mostly to satisfy mom's geek tendencies and yet they could be fun. But I can't decide. So what do you think blogland? Do you like any of these for baby goat's Halloween costume?

The crayon: gender neutral and also available in blue, red or yellow
An Ewok - cuteness factor high, but would he keep the headpiece on?
Ah the Muppets - Kermit would be great - and could e find him a little banjo too?
Captain Kirk - easy costume and wonderfully geeky.  There is a Mr. Spock too but baby goat's personality may be more of a Kirk (aka Ladies man)
Mario - I love the mustache!
Obi Wan Kenobi - this is a great costume too but we'd need a light saber I think

On the flip side you could go with the evil Jedi master!

Or Yoda!

Finally, moving away from Star Wars, Charlie Brown is geeky and there is a MN heritage thing here too.  But couldn't I just make this?  Maybe?
So do you have any opinions?  I should decide soon, especially if I am going to try to make anything.  In our Halloween events for the month we don't really need to dress up so it isn't a question of matching him to us.  So what do you think?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Write Pink!

Surely you've seen the pink ribbon things EVERYWHERE right now. I doubt anyone who does any shopping whatsoever knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And frankly, even though the marketing seems extreme at times, you SHOULD know it.  But when something is emphasized so forcefully it can make people complacent.  Have you ever rolled your eyes at all the pink ribbon marketing?  Today at Target I saw pink ribbon pens, candy, chips, and all sorts of other things and I admit that my eyes rolled back into my head a bit.

So why am I here today talking about Breast Cancer Awareness month?  Because breast cancer has not been beaten.  My grandmother lost her life to breast cancer and while our prevention and care has improved it isn't obliterated.

So today I joined an Army of Women.  They are trying to get 1 million women to sign up and support research.  You can do that by participating in studies they are running, you can blog and spread the word, you can simply be one more person who says that I will stand up with women everywhere against breast cancer.

As a part of Write Pink I'll be sharing a blog post later this month at Bigger Picture Blogs. I hope you'll come visit then, but more importantly I hope that you will take the time educate yourself and others about Breast Cancer Awareness this month. It is about more than pink ribbon M&Ms, so much more.  It is about our moms,and sisters, and grandmas, and men (yes men), and its about you.

So will you Write Pink this month?  Grab the button on my sidebar and join bloggers in standing up against Breast Cancer one blog and one women at a time!