Thursday, September 09, 2010

This too shall pass

It is late. The internet has finally started working on the computer again.  I've been at work until 8 or 8:30 every day this week (nearly 12 hr days), but I don't want to whine about it.  Work is going well and this busyness is going to pass.  Plus I truly feel that the hours put in now are going to go a long way to getting on top of the job and the lots of people I need to meet.

Still this week has been hard.  I haven't seen much of baby goat and that always makes me feel sad.  It is also hard not to see too much of Mr. Goat too.  He's taking on a lot this week, particularly in the evenings.  I know it is temporary but it brings out that working mom guilt.

I watch baby goat's bedtime tick closer while in meetings at work and wonder if he missed my kiss goodnight or not.  I can't decide which would be worse - him wanting a hug and kiss and I'm not there or him being fine without me there to say goodnight.

This busy schedule is only temporary but as I'm tired it all seems harder to be away!  But this craziness simply makes all that I work for more precious to me.

We are busy integrating into the new church but this feels like a place where we will have a home for a long term.  It seems like a place where people will know baby goat and care for him and us.  It feels like a place we will grow and thrive.

And so, the extra work is worth it right now, even if it is still work.


Tina said...

It is good to remember that it is temporary but it doesn't make it any easier! Hang in there momma!

fritzfacts said...

One day at a night, one meeting at a time and one class at a time. It is temporary, and the benefits of doing all this work now are outstanding!

So proud of you, how hard you are working and how much you give to your so important job.

Sharon said...

I am SO glad to hear that things sound like they are going to work out at this new church long term. You all deserve a loving church family home (and work)!