Thursday, September 30, 2010

September wrap up

It was a wild September over here in the Goat family.  It was my second month at New Church and the first one with all my programs up and running.  It has meant some long hours but slowly a routine is coming together.  I'm grateful for that because it is time to start taking my day's off back!  Mr. Goat has had more business this month too and has been busy too.

Baby goat is growing and talking and dancing his way through the month with the greatest of ease.  Or at least ease for him, his parents are feeling the independence of his toddlerhood acutely.  He's a linebacker of a kid and can take all the kids at daycare, but doesn't really understand that he SHOULDN'T.  When he's mad lately, he is mad.  I hope that some language growth will slowly help but it can be frustrating to know how to teach him some boundaries when he doesn't want to listen to you.  (Any tips are helpful...its time to start reading some Toddler books I think).

In other news from the month, I went to a blog conference which was wonderful and so meaningful.  I've made amazing connections though this corner of the internet of mine and it truly is a blessing to me.   I still haven't fully be able to articulate what blogging means to me but one thing that it does is keep me open to possibilities in life.  Even in my worst moods I often end a complaining post with much more optimism that I began, and if it were only that it would be valuable, but it is so much more.  It is my scrapbook, my inner monologue, a social network, a place for advice and support; it is a friend to me.  I will keep thinking.

Also this month,I ran my 1st 5k and have been challenged to another.  I'm not sure how much training I could do in a month but I'm tempted.  That I am even tempted tells me how my attitude has shifted towards running, even though I will never be a runner.  So I'm waffling...but I should decide soon.  On the one hand my schedule is still busy and crazy and I have to find some time to train.  On the other I need to jump start some exercise and healthy eating again to stop the tailspin I've been in.  Hmmmm.  Input is good if you guys want to share.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is October.  In a way my life has changed so dramatically in the last three months.  I love my new job and even when I get overwhelmed in the newness of it all there is such a sense of call to my being there that I can move with confidence and faith.  That is a great gift.

I really enjoyed my Sept Blog-A-Thon and I hope you did too.  I hope to keep up some serious blogging because it is a great way of helping me process things.  So as Sept ends I'll see you all tomorrow on Oct 1st with an announcement for a monthly focus of great importance to me!  Thanks for everything blogland!


The Marketing Mama said...

Busy month, Liz! You have accomplished many things, my friend :)

You might want to check out: Hands are not for Hitting and Teeth are not for Biting - if either of those issues are a problem for you...

Kim said...

I know how you feel, both of my boys were big, tough toddlers who had a hard time not playing rough. Eventually consequences kick in and work, so just be consistent. And it may seem early, but timeouts, or "think time" is appropriate, 1 minute per year. We use a circle placemat in the corner of the dining room as our spot. With my e I often had to sit and keep him there while he cried through it but he quickly realized he didn't want to be taken out of a play situation.

On the same note as Missy, if the roughness is translating to the cat as well, I have Tails are not for Pulling if you'd like to have it. We've outgrown it in our house.

LoveFeast Table said...

Sounds like things are going are on a roll...& kids they all go through stages..this too will pass!! He looks like a hug-able cutey...saw his little twitpic with the nebulizer thingy poor guy!! Wishing you well & sending you encouragement to do all the possibilities your thinking 'bout!! ~Chris Ann