Monday, September 06, 2010

Random Thoughts

It is late and the weekend has been both relaxing and tiring.  Tomorrow starts a two week stretch of events at the new job - working most nights and everyday and meeting tons of new people.  I need to channel my confident, out-going, professional, accessible, superwoman stance.  It is there but it is tiring to keep it up for so much in the next few weeks.  So, tonight you all get random thoughts.  Think of this as a mind purge so I can start focused and fabulous tomorrow morning!

* Whole Foods could be the perfect grocery store if they carried Diet Coke and Oreos. (I know the have Newman-Os but sometimes you just need an Oreo).

* My blog reader is going to be clear by the time I go to bed tonight (it is at 18 right now).  This is fabulous and while I had to speed read and comment less than I'd like I'm feeling thrilled to have a blank slate.

* I want to buy markers just because the school year is starting.  As hard as it will be years from now to send baby goat to school for the first time I sort of can't wait to get to school shop for him.

* I love my friends who are helping me outfit baby goat for the winter.  I owe them big time.  (And how can it be that I'm thinking winter coats already - I know it will be here soon but sheesh).

* Baby goat had a photo shoot this weekend.  I won it from a blog giveaway and it was so much fun.  Allison at Sweet-light studios was great and baby goat loved her from the beginning.  She posted a preview on her blog and it is so cute.  It will be hard not to buy everything in every size when they are done I think.  See the preview here!

* I've caught up on Project Runway this year and I can't believe how mean they are to Michael C. on the show.  They have choosen him to be the scapegoat and send all their negative thoughts and doubts into snark against him. 

* I am still scheduled to do the Liz Logelin 5k in 2 weeks.  I haven't gone out to exercise since I started at the new church.  There has been just too much and I've coveted my down time as truly down time.  I will probably end up walking the vast majority but that is ok.  I will still do it: running, walking or crawling.

* I love cheese.  Yum.

* I wonder what this school year has in store.  We are going to be busy but it all is very exciting.  We'll be pushing our schedule and we could have up to two nights a week where we are both busy.  I hope we haven't overscheduled ourselves away from baby goat.  I already have mom guilt from sending him to daycare (even though daycare is amazing) but they are all choices.  We'll just have to see how it goes.

* I wish there was an extra work day this week but I could still have the labor day off.

* I've been sleeping poorly lately and both my mother and Mr. Goat were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Now I'm wondering if I should get tested.  How do you tell if your constant tired feeling is from apnea or just motherhood.

* I love my new smartphone.  It was a great birthday present.

* Darn, I was going to do my thank you notes tonight.  Oops.

* I am loving the fallish weather but I want it to stop and freeze right here.  I don't want to lose any more light and I don't want it to get any significant degree colder.  Let's keep the Sept weather for the whole year, kay?

* My random thoughts are demanding a lot of the universe tonight.  Sorry about that.

* I am trying to get a video of baby goat doing "Ring Around the Rosy" but haven't had luck yet.

* My only random thought left is ....BED.  So I think it is time to call it for the night.  Happy Labor Day blogland.  You are awesome and I hope you had an awesome holiday.


Alexa said...

Before you get tested for sleep apnea, start exercising more, and I guarantee you will sleep better. My husband always sleeps lightly, and snores louder when he's not exercising. Try adding just a few walks into your schedule each week (maybe during your lunch break?) and trust me, it will help with your sleeping.

fritzfacts said...

I love cheese too...

And I just want to LOVE on Lil Goat! He is so stinking adorable!

Fall year round would be PERFECT for me too.

I will be volunteering at the 5K because my physical therapist is mean and says I can't run OR walk it.