Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Blessings

I'm feeling very surface today.  Could it be a the cold or the mess of the apartment?  The busy schedules or baby goat's troublesome cough, but I can't seem to dig deep for the blog tonight, but maybe that is ok.  So here are some blessings that I've experienced today. 

1.  The new season of the Big Bang Theory began tonight!  I love that show! 

2.  My supervisor is awesome and all but forced me to take a few hours to myself to recoop and relax this afternoon.  I read my book in Panera and bought new underwear (I'm living on the wild side).

3.  My daycare provider graciously watched baby goat an extra 20 minutes today while I was in a meeting and Mr. Goat is prepping for court. 

4.  So far baby goat's neb treatments seem to be keeping the doctor at bay.

5.  It is almost the weekend!  And I don't really have any PLANs other than a few small things (and work of course).

6. I know the rain has been crazy and it is messing things up down south but I've been loving it for some reason today.  It is so fresh.

7.  Silly I know but I love the traffic the {So}Sartina giveaway is getting.  I'm glad for my friend, her stuff is so cute.  Have you entered?

What blessings did you receive today?

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