Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Makeup 101

Confession:  I hate makeup.

Or rather I appreciate what it does but hate the time, effort, skills, cost, and skin troubles that makeup causes me.

In full confession I should probably mention that my mother also hated makeup and wore it maybe once a year so I didn't grow up sneaking into her bathroom to experiment.

I have made various attempts to wear makeup throughout my life.  I've worn it for events and weddings.  I had it professionally done for my wedding and it was lovely.  Every couple years I went through a big push to learn how to do it and dumped $$ into a new set of makeup.  I would keep it up somewhat but ultimately it would die away as I reclaimed an extra snooze button push into my morning routine.

But when I got a job at new church it seemed time to start again.  I had interviewed wearing makeup.  It might be that I've aged but suddenly makeup does seem to enhance my look.  Darn It.  And so for the last month I've been wearing makeup everyday I go into the office.  I didn't go back to Clinque that I had in the past but got Neutrogena from Target to try to keep costs down.

And it isn't awful.  I've gotten ok at the plan simple professional look (I think).  I found out about mineral powder foundation and that has helped a ton to keep my skin clear but I still have some issues.  So blogland, help a girl out.  I think it is time to buck up and be a professional and wear the makeup, so if I'm going to do it I should do it right.  So here are my questions:

1.  What kind of makeup do you use?  Is it worth the cost?
2.  Brushes - do you use your own or the ones that come with it?  How often do they need cleaning (how do you clean them?) or replacing?
3.  Any tips on keeping the makeup from irritating my eyes - that is the worst part of it, I keep wanting to rub them!
4.  What do you use to take your makeup off and keep your skin clear?  I have extremely sensitive skin.
5.  Any other tips I should know?


Kate said...

I have no answers to your questions because I don't wear makeup. And quite honestly Liz, you don't need it, especially if it bothers your skin. Let your natural face shine!!

Melinda said...

1 - I use the stuff you get at Target or the like--maybelline, cover girl, etc. I've splurged in the past for Clinique, Origins, etc but never felt like it was that much better.

2- With the exception of blush, I use whatever comes with the makeup. I did buy a brush just for applying brush, and probably should clean it at some point, but haven't. I also got it either at Target or Fred Meyer and didn't pay that much for it.

3 - Is the makeup making you want to rub your eyes or do you want to rub your eyes and then the make up irritates your eyes after you've rubbed them? If it's the former, I would suggest trying a hypoallergenic brand of eye makeup (Almay may work). If it's the latter, try to get waterproof eye liner and mascara.

4 - If you have sensitive skin, be sure to use a good cleanser (I use either Neutrogena or Aveeno for sensitive skin) and be sure to apply moisturizer before you put on make up. The moisturizer will also make it a little easier to get all the make up off. **Always wash off your makeup before you go to bed.** I am sometimes so tired with this that I forget and I always end up regretting it. Also, I would suggest a sensitive skin-formulated foundation.

5 - Make up is kind of a pain and I only wear it if I know I'm going out of the house (since I'm a SAHM, I do tend to spend more days at home than out and about). Really, you don't need to get the expensive stuff unless you have an allergy to something commonly found in makeup. And, a little mascara and some lip gloss does go a long way!

Amber said...

Well, I stopped wearing makeup except for weddings, funerals, and other important occasions several years ago. A good part of that is because I also have very sensitive skin. Therefore I'm helping with the 'what do you use to remove makeup' question. Cetaphil cleanser - not the specified 'facewash', just the cleanser.) Rub it on, cleanse, and rinse with water. Cetaphil moisturizer (not the face lotion) totally keeps my face from freaking out afterward. It's worked really well for me for the last six years.

Anonymous said...

cetaphil face cleanser and regular lotion.

simplicity said...

I never, ever, ever wear make up either. If I'm in a wedding, maybe a little something, otherwise all natural! :) I did, like you have make up done professionally for my wedding!

I agree wth Kate, let your face shine!!!! :)

Valerie said...

Yeah, I hardly ever use make up, and your face is pretty enough to not need make up.

When I do use make up, I find that I really like MAC products. They seem to irritate my skin less. Plus, I find that less is more, and less irritates my skin less. Because of that, I use my own brushes, especially for foundation. It goes on smoother and lighter with brushes.

When I have to wear make up, I clean it off using something that doesn't require water. Cetaphil is a good choice, but I have recently fallen in love with generic facial cleansing cloths. Some (like the ones from Olay) require water, but others don't, and those are the ones that make my face feel soft and fresh. Plus, it's super fast to use.

Otherwise, just work on keeping your skin healthy. Drink lots of water, eat your fruits and veggies, and clean your face on a regular basis. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!! After you clean your face, you must moisturize, it will help with all your facial problems. Even if you have oily skin, you need to moisturize. It is what will keep your face looking fresh and you will age less, and it helps with your make up too because it puts a layer between your face and the make up.

1) I use Mary Kay for several reasons, one I sell it so it is essentially free for me. But even if I didn't sell it, I would use it, I like their products and coverage and they have since switched to all mineral based products which I love, love, love. That being said, it isn't for everyone and I have had great luck with Almay too. If I were to go back to anything, it would be almay but Maybelline has the best mascara.

2) I do use my own brushes, they provide better coverage and frankly are better for your skin. A good brush won't tug or pull your skin as you apply and that is always a good thing. Yes, I wash my brushes, I try to wash them once a month and I probably should wash them more. Washing them is incredibly easy, you just use some shampoo, wash them and here is the important part, when you dry them, you lay them on the counter, on a towel or whatever but you want to lay them flat or they won't dry nicely and then your brush will never be the same. Also make sure you wait until they are dry to use them again.

3) For your eyes, you can try an Eye Primer, it has two effects, it essentially, primes your eyes (like paint) and makes it so you have to use less to get a better effect and two it again puts that layer between your skin and the makeup. The other option would be to find mineral eye makeup. It is lighter and less irritating.

4) I use an oil free eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup and cleanser and then moisturizer! Again, I use Mary Kay but any facial cleanser and facial moisturizer will work. Do not use anything but a facial moisturizer on your face. That is very important because it is lighter and better for your skin.

5) I'm sure I have other tips and if you need any, just let me know. And sorry for the incredibly long post. I probably should have just called you! :)

Miss you and love you!

Susan said...

I've been a lurker for awhile but thought that I would chime in on the makeup question.

1. I typically use Cover Girl or Maybelline or anything that you can get at the drugstore or Target. I have used Mary Kay before and really liked the product, so you might want to try a few things from them. I thought that they had particularly good mascara and face cleanser.

2. I use a mix of brushes (both those that come with the makeup and ones that I bought separately) and recommend buying your own brush for loose powder. It seems to cover better than those little pads, plus it's easy to wash. I just let mine soak in a sink with warm water and Ivory liquid soap for a few minutes, rinse out the bristles, and leave it to dry in my toothbrush holder (just don't confuse it with your toothbrush!).

3. No tips on the eye question. Maybe go light on the eyeliner and mascara until you get used to it?

4. I use an oil free makeup remover. I think that using the oil free kind is key since it seems to leave my skin more clear.

5. I've heard that skipping foundation and using a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen is the way to go. I haven't tried that but might next summer. Also, I'm from the South where shiny skin is a big no-no, and so I love loose powder over pressed powder. It seems to cover better and is lighter. I do carry around a compact of pressed powder though since it's not practical to carry around loose powder & a brush.

Makeup can be tricky but fun to experiment with. Good luck!

edh said...

Liz, you have perfect skin and don’t need a lot of makeup. Having said that, I do wear make-up—it makes me feel polished and professional.

1. A rule I heard a long time ago that seems to be true for me is that if something has color pigment, don’t go cheap. Otherwise you can use the drugstore stuff. So, I use drugstore mascara and pressed powder (L’Oreal Voluminous and Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, respectively) but buy higher-end for anything that has color in it. You do get what you pay for—the higher-end stuff has denser pigment so you use less and it goes on/stays on better. My favorites are Dior eye shadow, Nars blush, and Chanel or Bobbi Brown lipstick. I do use Bobbi Brown foundation too, which I prefer to drugstore brands because you can try on the color before buying. Most drugstore foundation colors aren’t that natural-looking, in my opinion. You could skip foundation—I have seen your skin and it is flawless. Mine isn’t so I have to pay for the look. ;)

2. I have used the same MAC brushes since college, when I got them as a gift. They're expensive but I haven't had to replace them in 14 years! I have heard that Sonia Kashuk (at Target) makes a good set. Just don't use the little sponge applicators in the eye shadow kit - they suck. If you use a brush you use less eye shadow so it lasts longer and you save money.

3. See L'Oreal rec above. I’ve used it for years and it’s great for contact wearers. Mascara has to be switched out when it gets old (another reason to buy cheap!). It does need replacing every few months or so. I can tell that my mascara is old when my eyes get itchy. If you’re using make-up you bought a while ago, that would be why your eyes hurt!

4. I have had the opposite experience as a previous poster - while Cetaphil is great for sensitive skin I don't feel that it removes makeup very well. I like Purpose liquid soap (also a drugstore brand and good for sensitive skin).

5. I have always loved playing with make-up for whatever reason - I guess I'm pretty girly, but it's also a good way to feel more put-together. In my profession there are very few women who don’t wear at least a little make-up (I know every field is different, of course). The key is to enhance your features and look like you're not wearing much - you want people to notice you, not your make-up! I would recommend seeking out a good make-up artist and learning some tricks to perfect an easy 5-minute routine. Go to Macy’s at Southdale—they have a huge make-up department. It can be overwhelming for sure. I’d skip Clinique—I had my make-up done there a lot in high school and I always felt like they made me look kind of clownish. Each counter is different and has a different demographic/personality. The Bobbi Brown counter would be a good place to start—tthey have lots of neutral colors so they can teach you how to look professional and adult, as opposed to glam or theatrical.

Also, I love the TLC show "What Not to Wear." They show you basic make-up tips, especially for people who aren't used to wearing it and don't want to go overboard! (Plus it's a hilarious show!)

Anti-Supermom said...

I wear whatever is at Target too, I'm a big cheapo. I wear makeup every day though, because it makes me feel like I'm going to the office, instead of just going upstairs to take care of a bunch of kids. I do it for myself - don't force yourself to wear makeup for other people.

At thirty three, I started breaking out with ache - which I've never done before - I've been using Acne Free from Target with great results. That's my face cleaner routine.

Good luck finding what's right for you, Liz.

fritzfacts said...

I get the cheaper stuff at Target too. I don't wear makeup, well very rarely. I will probably throw some one on Saturday but that will be time #4 all year I think.

I have good brushes for when I actually do use it. I wash them in hot soapy water, does the trick. Every few months or so is best.

I don't use mascara, don't need too, but I get hypo-allergenic eye liner and eye shadow. I am sensitive like that.

I also use Cetaphil facewash and lotion twice a day and it has been wonderful for my skin!

Monkeymama said...

I also don't wear make-up every day. But I do tend to go through cycles where I'll put it on for church or playgroups or not. I always tend to wear it when starting fresh at a new job or in a new town.

Like Liz, I go cheap for mascara and powder, but spend more on eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. I like MAC and it is fun to go in and have them do a make-over and pick out colors and stuff.

I'm reading the comments closely for answers to your questions as I have the same questions!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the job!

Sharon said...

To quote a folk song: "The hair-replacement industry for men is like the cosmetics industry for women: a giant black hole that will suck away your money for the rest of your life!"

That said, I remember some girly magazine when I was a kid that had an article called "The One Make-Up Item I Can't Live Without." I think for a lot of people this is some kind of lipstick. I hate lipstick. Rather, I hate anything that has to be reapplied in less than 12 hours.

So for me, it's eye liner, just on the top lid. Takes almost 60 seconds, and I remove it with a wet tissue. If my eyelids get dry or itchy, I'm with Tiff. Moisturize! Just some plain old regular lotion on your lids overnight will do the job.

I generally figure that if men don't have to waste time/money/effort on make-up, then I'm not going to either.

Tina said...

I love the mineral powder foundations. I think they are fantastic. I have used Mary Kay but find my Maybelline is just as good. And I love Neutrogena's eye make up remover. Probably the best out there in my opinion!