Thursday, September 02, 2010

Geeking it at the State Fair

Mr. Goat and I headed back to the State Fair last night to attend the Weird Al Concert at the Grandstand.  I had surprised Mr. Goat with the tickets for Father's day and was thrilled that it was time.  It was great, we arrived with time to wander for a few hours and eat plenty of yummy food (porkchop on a stick, roasted corn, polish sausage, ice cream, etc).

We went up on the Space Needle thing for the first time and it was fun to see the whole fair and all of the people walking below.  We wandered through some of the buildings we missed on our first trip to the fair and sampled some new stuff.  We sat at various benches and talked, just the two of us.  I tried to convince Mr. Goat to try to win some stuffed thing from the midway games but a sheet of 30 tickets was $20 and that is like a milkshake AND a bucket of Sweet Martha's Cookies, so we passed.

At quarter to 8pm we wandered into the Grandstand and found our seats.  We wondered if there would be an opening act, but no, at 8pm Weird Al came on the stage and opened with a polka medley of modern songs, leading off with "Polka Face" :)  From that point on it was all Weird Al for the next 2.5 hrs.  He played until 10:30pm.

He had tons of costume changes, bringing out a costume for nearly every song, particularly the famous ones.  He wore the fat suit for "Fat", and channeled full M.J. for "Eat it."  He was an Amish person for "Amish Paradise" and a Gangsta Nerd for "White and Nerdy."  Whenever he had a costume change he had it all timed out with clips of himself doing clipped together interviews with other musicians or clips from his TV and movie appearances and so that we were never without entertainment.

The finale was the best in my book as he did "The Saga Begins" back to back with "Yoda" complete in Star Wars gear with a dance line of Storm Troopers.  At the end of the concert then there were fireworks too.  It was an awesome night.

It definitely brought out the geek in Mr. Goat too.  I would look over and he would be singing along channeling his teenage self.  He knew obscure lyrics that I didn't even know (and I knew my fair share).  It was a perfect date night for us - a beautiful night to sit under the stars and laugh and sing.

There is a bittersweetness to the last time we are at the fair in the summer.  Next week we are going full blast again.  I don't quite know what my new schedule will look like or what stresses I will have coming at me, but it was nice to take a time to breath and rest with my Geek Soul Mate.  Happy Father's Day Mr. Goat. 

Just in case you aren't as geeky as are 4 of my favorite Weird Al songs for your listening pleasure...

White & Nerdy (This could be my theme song)

The Saga Begins (It is missing the dancing storm troopers from the concert)

Amish Paradise



Tina said...

I love that you had this time with your husband. Our friends and us do the Fair with the kids in the morning and then go back in the afternoon just the adults. We love spending that time there without the kids. Have never seen a Grandstand show but sounds like so much fun!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Hey, Liz, I wonder if you sat in the same seats we did a week ago. :)

Gotta love Weird Al! So glad you got to see/hear him live!

fritzfacts said...

I love me some Weird Al!! Amish Paradise is one of my favorites, and we sing Yoda all the time changing it to Koda for the dog! lol

So glad you guys had a good time! You both deserve nights out like this!