Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fantasy World

I've always paid attention to sports.  My dad taught me what he knew and with the help of my uncles, cousins and kuncles (dad's cousins - cousin + uncle, but I spell it with a k because otherwise it looks worse) I grew to love many sports even if my own slow clumsiness precluded any high level of play personally.  But I have found an answer to that.

Fantasy Football.

I have played for 5 years now and I do pretty well.  Having it online makes it pretty easy to keep up with and I really enjoy watching my Sunday afternoon football with an eye to stats and statistics (geek math love).  And it turns out that I am pretty good at it (plus I've been lucky).  Last year I played in three leagues and won two of the championships.  Of course in the third league I think I was last.

This year I am playing in two leagues and am starting to get excited.  My teams are "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood" and "Toddler Tantrums" and I hope they will both be winners.  We drafted one online tonight and I feel pretty good about my team.  The other one is an auto draft tomorrow and I hope I'll get a good team then too.

Fantasy Football has become a marker of the fall.  Mr. Goat has started to play too and it brings out a healthy competition in us.  Of course when our teams inevitably play each other we have minor wagers on the outcome but generally both of us benefit from the results! *wink*

(Oh my, I just winked on my blog)

I like fantasy football for a few reasons.  One, because I like football.  Two, I like winning.  But also, I like being able to hold my own in men's sports conversations.  I keep up on injuries and trades and always enjoy the quickly hidden look of surprise that comes from men when I pop in with an update they hadn't heard or an analysis of a game.

I've thought about playing fantasy baseball but that is a much larger time commitment, so I'll stick with football for now.

And as for the inevitable conflict that occurs when my fantasy players play against the Packers.  Well, the Packers always trump my own team, but if they can still win and get me the stats I need then that works out well!

Happy Football season everyone. (Go Pack Go!)


Casey said...

I like fantasy football, too. The first year I played, I won the league championship. The second year, I think I got third or something. So, last year, I got a little over-confident and joined a much more competitive league. Somehow, Drew Brees let me down and I ended up coming in close to last in both leagues. Hoping this year goes better than last!

Tina said...

Ohhh a Packer fan. I may have to stop reading your blog now. Just kidding. We have a split Packer/Viking deal at our house so I like to just give a hard time.

We did fantasy football last year and it was super fun! Didn't get in it this year though. Kind of just missed the boat this time. Next year will have to make sure we do it.

fritzfacts said...

I love football and sometimes help Hubby pick his team, but I don't know if I like it enough to do my own team. I don't know how good I would be at it. lol