Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm still in thinking mode over here. Thank you for all the wonderful comments lately and for all the wonderful folks I met and/or connected with yesterday at the MN Blogger Conference.  While I was there Mr. Goat and baby goat were out looking at trains and playing with model trains.  This picture of baby goat just struck me as perfect for what I'm feeling right now.

It is like there is this huge massive thing right in front of you.  It is awe inspiring and a little intimidating and for some reason you can only take in a small portion at a time.  So you sit and analyze a little corner of this big thing in hopes that you come to grips with at least a part of the whole.

So I'm working on backing up and taking in the bigger picture of it all - of blogging and writing and sharing this little world of mine here on the internet, of why it means so much to me, of why I feel more focused when I make sure to write out these words, of what I edit and what I hide and what I reveal, of what I want out of it, of where I want it to go, and of what it says about who I am and how I relate to the world. 

Big questions while perched on the running board of a big blogger thing.


Tina said...

I so understand how you are feeling because I am right there with you. That is a good illustration with the train! Unpacking slowing but surely!

Elizabeth Harty said...

What a great photo and the analogy is so true of many of us. When you talk about what you share and what you reveal, I could completely relate. I'm not sure of my boundaries yet.

MamaBear said...

I hear ya Liz! Now if only I could clear out the clutter in my mind (and life) to make room for reflection! I'm pinging from one thing to the next, grabbing moments of clarity as I go along, but they are too few and far between to feel like ME.

Great to see you yesterday!


LoveFeast Table said...

Well said! It's a lot to take in!! Great to see you again!! ~Chris Ann

The Marketing Mama said...

Great post, Liz. I feel the same way, such a big experience -- need time to process before making any conclusions. Take care, friend. Loved seeing you smile every time I saw you at the event. :)