Friday, August 06, 2010

Work Week 1

Whew!  My first week is essentially over - at least being in the office this week.  It is one of the "luxuries" of church work, having a day off during the week because of Sunday and evening responsibilities.  On the one hand I've hardly scratched the surface of what needs doing in these first days and am excited to keep digging into the details of this wonderfully amazing church.  On the other hand, I am SO ready for a rest.

It has been a week of meetings, meetings, reading files and more meetings.  And I am so excited and thrilled to be there but I feel the strain of meeting lots and lots of new people.  It has been hard to find quiet spaces and moments to recoup and recover.  That combined with the racing to-do lists when I try to sleep have made it a crazy week.

Thank goodness that baby goat is feeling mostly better from the ear infection that made him cranky and temperamental earlier this week.  Of course tonight he was teething so the cranky may just be par for the course this week!  It is funny working again after two short weeks off.  I come home and it seems like he's grown an inch, learned a new word, and mastered some new skill.  But it feels so good to work and contribute again too.  As much as I love love love baby goat and have real SAHM tendencies, it isn't feasible right now and I'm glad to be jumping into it!

Still I have a massage and pedicure scheduled tomorrow and it will be much needed!


Kellyn said...

Yeah for a great first week! The first is always the hardest, very overwhelming! I am glad you go through it and can move on to week 2!

Monkeymama said...

I'm glad your first week went well! Enjoy your spa time. :)