Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shh...the baby is sleeping: Tidbits during Naptime

* We are down at the ILs for the day.  We came down last night since BIL and SIL are in town from Virginia.  And with them is their adorable dog Cody.  Cody is a LabraDoodle and is large and curly.  I was hoping that baby goat and Cody would agree with each other as there would be potential for mayhem.  Thankfully they seem to be friends already.  Cody is patient with the baby, the baby is patient with his licking and they both discovered the mutual joys of mealtime.  Baby goat quickly mastered sharing his dinner with the dog.  The dog has a lifelong friend in Edward.

* The job is going well.  I am not three weeks into it and things are coming together for the school year.  I am trying to take it all with some calmness and flexibility and am doing well so far with it.  Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and that makes it much much easier.

* On the other hand, the effort in keeping calm and relatively stress free at the new job has taken all my energy.  My Couch to 5k training has derailed and I cannot fathom fitting it in at this point right now.  I am trying to take my lunch in order to eat healthfully and have managed about twice a week so far.  This is an improvement but I am still eating just badly.  I know I have gained weight and am feeling sluggish with it all.  But the thought of handling a new job and a major diet/exercise addition right now completely paralyzes me.  I hope as the fall gets going and I get comfortable I will be able to start adding things back into it.

* The other issue I am having because of the new job is a strong surge of introvertedness.  Since I am meeting so many people and putting so much energy into being engaged with the new families and staff members when my job is done for the day my mind likes to withdraw in order to process everything.  I find myself feeling quiet and wanting to sit quietly and rest in the night.  I know that this will balance out again too as our new normal works itself out.

* I got an early birthday present from Mr. Goat this weekend - my new smartphone!  I have a HTC Hero now and am loving it so far.  If you have a favorite android app please let me know.  I am in the search for the good ones, particularly free ones.  Good exercise, diet, games, weather, etc.

* I have several good posts in the works for next week and am hoping to step up the blog content again.  Between the drama of last month and getting into the new job I feel like I've been neglecting things.  I hope to maybe even work on getting a real domain name and upgrading the layout.  It is time for an overhaul!

* I read a few weeks ago that when kids are 18-24 months old they can gain a new word every 10 hrs.  I thought it was crazy.  But here we are a week before baby goat turns 18 months and he's adding words left and right.  I should start keeping a real list but here are a few of the ones I remember off the top of my head:
mama, dada, cat, dog, fish, shoe, diaper, here, more, all done, doppler (cat), tsu (cat), banana, elaine (daycare), up, uh-oh, I wanna, yes, no, hi, etc...  And I am sure there are more.  He can be quiet for a long time and then other times he talks so easily.  Just when I worry we are behind the game he comes up with a new word and I calm down.

* I'm sure there is much going on in my life right now but for the moment the baby has awoken.  Happy Saturday everyone, the toddler circus begins again.


fritzfacts said...

Oh hun, it will get easier and the desire to be quiet will drift away before you know it.

The motivation will come back too, it takes time. You have gone through so much in the past two months, and something has to give!

Many hugs my friend, and remember I am here!

Valerie said...

It's been great seeing you this weekend. And you definitely need a dog!

Anonymous said...

Top Android Apps:

- Joseph