Thursday, August 12, 2010

Power of Prayer

I feel like I owe so much to God lately for the way a truly horrible month of hospitalizations, job loss and drama gave way to a job, a chance to decompress and a healthier child.  And I am so grateful for you all who prayed for me along the way.  I truly believe in the power of prayer.  Sometimes we pray for miracles and the answers come in strange and unexpected ways but God does answer prayer. (And often with a sense of humor and joy).  My life in the last few weeks is testament to that.

But as my life is improving I am extremely aware of the wide variety of friends and family who are in need of prayer right now.  And it meant so much to me all the prayers you gave me that I would like to return the favor.  I would love to hear from each of you about what prayer requests you have and I will take time each day to pray for you all. 

I hope to give back a little of the support, encouragement and prayer.  Please share what you feel comfortable with and be as general or specific that you'd like.  If you need consider dropping me an email privately if that is better, but I am serious, I would like to pray for anyone out there who needs it.

Thank you blogland.  Grace and Peace to you all.


Kristina Joy said...

I would love for you to join us as we pray for business opportunities. We just sold our company and feel it was God's leading and timing. But we don't know exactly what is next. The future is uncertain but our God is not. :) Still, I struggle to maintain that confidence under pressure.My faith is not perfect over here- but growing!! Thanks Liz!

Valerie said...

Liz, you're so sweet!

Please pray that we have a safe trip out to MN. Oh yeah, and that the dogs don't eat our house while we're gone!