Friday, August 27, 2010

31 goals for my 31st year

Each year I make a point on or near my birthday to sit down and write out some goals for my next year.  They can be grand or minor but the meaning is just simply to take some time to think and dream about the upcoming year.  You can read last years 30 for 30 here and the others are all found along my sidebar as well.

This last year was full of big changes at baby goat continued to go.  We dealt with his asthma illness and made a big job change so it is exciting and a little scary to consider what the next year might hold.  Still things look up and I want to make this next year a chance to improve myself and the Goat family circumstances.  I have high hopes that 31 will be an outstanding one.

31 for 31

1.  Take baby goat to visit each of his great-grandparents this year. (We made it through 4 of the great-grandparents, but sadly Papa Fran passed away before we could get little goat ot see him).

2.  Redesign the blog layout/header (it has only been 3 years since my last redesign). (DONE!)

3.  Buy and move my blog to my own domain name. (DONE!)

4.  Get over 100 followers on my blog. (I made this one this fall, yay! 129 and counting)

5.  Get my trumpet repaired and find a regular place to keep playing. (not yet, but soon)

6.  Take a bidding/convention Bridge course with Mr. Goat. (not yet, but soon)

7.  Research pre-eclampsia and current its current theories and start working to make any changes I can to less my change to have it again in subsequent pregnancies. (I've done some preliminary research this year, I'll keep this up as research keeps changing)

8.  Buy a house with Mr. Goat. (SUCCESS!  WOOHOO!!!)

9.  Take baby goat to the beach. (Yup, we got back last week, what a great trip)

10. Pay off our Credit Cards. (

11. Start Baby Goat's college fund.  (This was on last years too).  (Ummmm...still no)

12. Make and give away a quilt. (Oh well, someday)

13. Write handwritten birthday notes for friends, even if they are occasionally late.  (Hahaha - hardly)

14. Be less indecisive in both major and minor decisions. (Sometimes I did much better, not always though)

15. Find and regularly meet with a spiritual/professional mentor. (I have one now and have met twice this fall so far)

16. Pray daily (why is this so hard to do?)

17. Have a sleep study done. (Done! Turns out I have sleep apnea, no big surprise there)

18. Take my lunch to work a miniumum of 3 days per week. (Still working on it)

19. Cook from scratch once per week. (I probably was close, but it depends on the definition of "cooking" and "scratch")

20. Roast a whole chicken (and eat it too).  (Yes, this one is still here) (

21. Leave leftovers from meals and eat them before they go bad. (Much better this year)

22. Go through my closet and purge clothes with a realistic understanding of my space, size and style. (I did a huge purge before the move, it might be time again though)

23. Give Mr. Goat an amazing Father's Day to make up for the last two(I think I finally managed to give Mr. Goat a Father's day he deserved)

24. Finish (well, start and finish) baby goat's baby book.  (Thanks Missy for this one). (This might be the blog...)

25.  Follow through on an awesome super secret gift idea I have (I won't say for whom or when so I don't give anything away). (In the works for Christmas)

26. Take swimming lesssons with baby goat. (Nope, but we did do a music class this summer)

27. Budget for and then rejoin a gym! (With help from the ILs but so glad to be back at the gym)

28. Write something that I love, other than a blog post. (I have been writing outside the blog and loving it)

29. Give up sugar for Lent (I'm declaring it now!) (Didn't do that, but I did give up soda this year)

30. Go see the first installment of Harry Potter, movie seven on opening weekend. (Done, midnight show even, though I still need to see part two)

31. Live life to the fullest while acknowledging my faults, seeking to improve them, and recognizing the many blessings in my life.  (Always working on this)


fritzfacts said...

That is a fantastic list! So many good goals!! I know you can do them all!

Melinda said...

Great list...and pretty doable!

Challenge:1yearnorestaurants said...

Liz, these are all great and very do-able goals. I know you can do them all!

Rebecca said...

You play the trumpet? Cool!