Sunday, August 29, 2010

18 months

We went to the State Fair on my 31 birthday - the first day of the fair.  As life had turned out, my birthday is baby goat's half birthday (and vice versa).  And so as well as marking my 31st birthday, it also marked baby goat turning 18 months old.  Even saying that statement is amazing to me.  It seems to have been so quick and yet he seems like he's been part of our family forever.  And now here he is closer to being a 2 yr old and being 1.  (I also just realized he's know half way to 3!!!)

 Sharing some food at the fair - 
Don't be alarmed! This was a posed shot and we then fed baby goat hot dog pieces by hand.

He's getting so big - and not just bruiser big because he's been that for a while, but he's getting so grown up.  He seems taller every moment and learns something new everyday.  I hardly am shocked when new words come out of his mouth.  Afterall, he adds words at an alarming rate it seems.

I always wonder about the words.  He is quiet in front of most people and even most of the day with us.  He has bursts of chatter but much of the day is content in observation and activity instead.  That and words seem to come and go in his vocabulary as he enjoys them.  He knows many words but has buzz words for a week or two.  His favorite - Uh OH.  He loves to do things that call for this particular phrase!

What would the fair be without seeing goats!

Before I had baby goat I knew that kids were hard work.  I knew it was a 24/7 gig and that it would be challenging, but you never really know it until you live it.  What constantly surprises me is the trial and error of parenting.  It doesn't take too long to realize this child you created is a real person, with their own opinions, moods and desires.  Some days are wonderful.  I am in sync with baby goat.  I know his needs before he does and we can play easily and have a wonderful calm, exciting, awesome day.

Other days however can be horrible.  We are off kilter and can't agree on what should be done.  Those are the days where it is hard to stop, take a breath and start over.  Ultimately you know he's a toddler and given to tantrums.  I tend to be generous with baby goat until he's doing something unsafe or inappropriate (particularly in public).  He just doesn't understand why I stop him from doing things.

He LOVES cars (and trains and trucks).  Anything with wheels is a plus in his book.  He wanted to test every car at the fair and protested (loudly) when we took him out of the driver's seat.

Baby goat went down the giant slide with Uncle Hans.  He wasn't too sure about it but didn't cry!

I am in awe of his fearlessness most of the time.  He loves swimming and has taken to climbing on everything.  Suddenly our baby proof line in the house has gone up vertically.  He is so strong and doesn't realize his own strength.  He is literally stronger than all the kids at daycare - even the 3 yr olds.  He is not mean but when he wants something he can get it.  I hope that we'll be able to teach him about his strength.

At the same time he is loving and gentle.  He adores the cats and loved his cousin dog Cody when they visited last week!  He will hug and kiss spontaneously, even if he will frequently refuse when asked.  He is flexible and easy going most of the time.  He loves to be out and running around and figuring things out.  If he's outside he's in a good mood. period.  Well, until it is time to come inside.

He lasted 10 hours at the fair!  We were hoping for 3.  Here he is at the end of the evening, drunk on his two sweet martha's cookies and milk and up after bedtime!

Daycare was off this week and we managed to still go to work during the day with a set up of Aunt Emily (on summer break from college), Uncle Hans/Aunt Val and my parents.  They all adore him to pieces and he clearly loves them back.  His favorite person in the world (besides us I hope) is Aunt Emily but he loves the whole family.   It was a week of fun and excitment for him and once he got over his slight cold he had an awesome time. 
Mom can I have another cookie?  Also can I go to bed?

18 months blow my mind, but it is blown daily by this little baby/toddler/future man of mine.  He's so special to us.  I wish I could describe what he means to me but I don't really have the words.  Even when I am frustrated with him, or feeling the pressure of the 24/7 parenting gig, I am in love with this boy, and that love grows everyday!

Happy 18 months baby goat!


fritzfacts said...

I love the cookie coma picture! Made me giggle non-stop!

They do grow up so fast! I look at pictures of my kids from long ago and then have a look at them now and it blows my mind away.

Monkeymama said...

Baby Goat is at such an awesome age right now. It's so much fun to see their little personalities coming out and the change from a baby that is along for the ride to a child who is a part of things.

And I totally know what you mean about how some days things go so well and other days you can't seem to get on the same page.

Sharon said...

Oh Liz! Your stories about your little one make me want to rush over to daycare to get mine. And play with her all day, even if I know she's going to be cranky. Because you're right about it all being worth it - the good things/times more than make up for the challenges. (Remind me of this during the next challenge...)

Also, I love the last picture.

DaisyGal said...

cute, cute, cute :)

Slee said...

oh wow, i can't imagine the JabberWalky going down a slide. Maybe I'll feel different when he's about as old as Baby Goat.
So cute! Thanks for sharing.

MrGoat said...

He learned the face in the last picture from his momma.