Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Como Zoo

This weekend brought the Goat family to the Como Zoo in St. Paul.  I always love it because it is free and has lots of great animals.  I love seeing the big cats up close, the polar bears and the monkeys.  It was the monkeys that most caught baby goat's eye on this trip.  They would come right up to the glass and look right at baby goat.   Including this little guy below.  I think he was a Tamarin.  I named him Dumbledore and I want to take him and his tiny paw prints home.

No visit to the Como Zoo is complete without a picture on the giant Tortoise.  Baby goat was more interested in the statue and walking around than poising for the camera however.  This is becoming an increasing problem*...we are always moving these days!  *Its not really a problem of course for anything except taking pictures in focus with him facing the camera.

We also took baby goat on his first Carousel Ride.  Dad was nice enough to stand with us and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly...until the ride actually started and then we FREAKED!  Still Dad held us for the ride and we calmed down enough to almost enjoy it in the end.  Its a good thing that I took pictures before we got going!


Silent said...

This summer we took my 2 year old on a carousel ride for the first time. She was so excited to get on too. Then it was a death grip on my shirt and a petrified look the whole time. I asked though, "do you like it? is it fun?" "Yes," she said in barely a whisper. When we got off she wanted to go back on!

DaisyGal said...

ahhh, I love the pictures, he's getting so big and handsome.

just for the record my 2 and half yr olds, HATE getting thier pics taken, it's like I'm trying to steal their souls, I don't have one good pic of them since they were 1!!! LOL

but oh the zoo and the baby goat and a horsey ride...PERFECT. :)

Anonymous said...

we were at como this wknd too. fun! love the pics liz, hope youre doing well sorry we didnt get to connect more last week at the noodles lunch.

Monkeymama said...

Como is so fun - I love taking the kids there!

Rebecca has a love/hate relationship with carousels. She always wants to go on and always says she'll ride a horse. Then she freaks out and wants to ride in one of the carriages.