Thursday, July 29, 2010

17 months

Dear Baby Goat,

It has been a few months since I wrote you a letter.  It hasn't been for lack of desire but as you know the last few months have been filled with drama and more drama - much of it surrounding your health.  It seems clear that the asthma that your pediatrician suspected at your very first cold is a reality.  Every cold seems to have slammed your poor little lungs hard.  It is hard to count the steroid doses, the neb treatments, the ER trips and the hospitalizations of the last few months.  I am still impressed with your ability to go with the flow and be a trooper during Dr's appointments and illness.

The last few weeks however have seemed like night and day.  After your hospitalization at Children's it seems like we have the answers and controller meds to keep you more healthy and regularly well.  Of course, this has led you to a renewed sense of energy and purpose and I still foresee many injury related Dr. trips.  Already you've lost a big toenail thanks to a well dropped diet coke you were coveting.  You are fearless and in the last few weeks have decided that climbing is your new favorite activity.  You love the pool and have no problem sticking your face in the water and going underneath too.  It can be hard to keep a hold of you because you are so determined.

You continue to be a good eater and are loving having utensils to "help" your eating.  Except you haven't quite mastered the skill and still dump most of your food over before it reaches your mouth.  Still you seem to like almost all foods.  You seem to be less concerned with eating as much as possible lately and I'm hoping that, coupled with the abandonment of your bedtime bottle, will help even out your weight gain.  You have had a growth spurt too and I look forward to seeing a bit more balance at your 18 month apt next month.  As it is we are on the cusp of making you forward-facing just because of weight restrictions on your car seat.

You are talking more each day, unfortunately most of it still sounds like gibberish to us.  Still you say mama, dada, cat, all done, your name, your daycare provider's name, and some others.  But your favorite word is Shoe.  You love shoes because shoes mean that you get to go outside.  When we get up in the morning and get dressed you go get your shoes whether it is time to leave or not.  You can be very upset if it is not time to leave.  If your own shoes are on you routinely go get OUR shoes to help encourage us to get moving faster.

And when you don't get your way you like to make your desires known....loudly.  And your desires change on a dime.  Lift me up on the couch, put me down, lift me up, give me water, get that toy, play with that toy for me, find the cat, lift me up again!  As a result we often find you looking like this:

It is hard to say no to you, even if it is just because we are worn down by the sheer force of your will.  It comforts me to know that you continue this behavior at daycare as well and it isn't a special tantrum type reserved for parents only.  In fact daycare's notes often contain hidden messages in their exclamation points:

Baby goat continues to hate coming in from outside! He climbs the chairs so easily now!!  Short nap today!!!!!!

Still you remain a delight despite your quick ability to dissolve into tantrum-ness.

Monday was your 17 month birthday and it was also your baptismal anniversary.  We lit your candle and shared a slice of cake in your honor.  It is amazing to see how far you've come in a year.  I look forward to many many more.  It has been a hard couple months but our love for you has been a constant for us all.

Last year at baby goat's baptism:

This year with your baptismal candle:

I wish I could fully express in words how much joy you bring us. I strive to be and do everything better because of you. We love you baby goat!

Mama Goat

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