Friday, June 04, 2010

Top Ten Possible Preschool Entrance Essay Titles

Top Ten Possible Preschool Entrance Essay Titles
By Baby Goat, with help from the extended Goat family

1.  The Aerodynamic properties of food: F=ma (Fruit=Mess*Acceleration)

2.  The effect of Gravity on breakable items

3.  Buttons: To push or not to push?

4.  Glass coffee table fingerprinting and other baby CSI techniques.

5.  Why Daddy's computer is more fun than mine.

6.  Plastic Keys open no doors!

7.  "Don't pull their tails": A treatise on feline response to external stimuli

8. The terrible Twos: Terrible for whom?

9. "I can do it myself!": Biological imperative or psycho-social construct?

10. The Parent Whisperer: training your parents through non-verbal communication


Valerie said...

I would definitely read 8 and 9. Let's see them! :P

Brook said...

Number 3 if my favorite. My boys are all about any button on anything.

Soupy said...

LMAO - I love it
Kyla has now entered Baby Goat's zone of "on the move and nobody's gonna stop me" - Watch out, Baby Goat! LOL LOL

DaisyGal said...

LOL....these are hilarious and soooooo true. TOO TRUE. ;)