Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I LOVE Content.

I've had bloggers block today.  I think the busy-ness of the impending Vacation Bible School and a lovely relaxing weekend combined to drain me of all my motivation.  That, or I am channeling all my motivation into my Couch to 5k training right now (Week 2, Day 1 last night).  So here are some of my favorite geek related things that made me laugh this week, starting of course with the always hilarious xkcd comic above.  I love it!

In other geek related blog hilarity, the college across the river from my own beloved St. Olaf, aka Carlton College pulled an awesome geek prank.  So good in fact that I am forced to mention them in a positive light on this blog.  So you KNOW it must be good!  And it is...observe:

Why yes, they did turn their astronomy building into a giant R2D2.  What?  Doesn't everyone?

Want more R2D2?  Who doesn't!  This comes from xkcd again!

More from the Star Wars Awesome files is this:
I would love to turn baby goat's stroller into a AT-AT, and really what respecting geek wouldn't.

On a more serious note, what further tragedies are necessary to get the world to really be outraged over the BP oil spill...This?

Or This?


Finally a true geek needs to know the alphabet.  So the good to translate it into good geek terms.  Here are a few of my favorites but you can see the whole alphabet here.
And that ends the geek content for the evening.  I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the things I find amusing out there in the geek-friendly interwebs, because I love content!


JM said...

All of that was awesome (love the baby stroller of destruction) but I especially love the alphabet letters at the end. My husband would LOVE those :)

Emma said...

I love content, too. I heard about the Carleton R2D2 on MPR this morning. I am a very proud Carl.

Rebecca said...