Monday, June 14, 2010

Couch to 5k - Week 10

I'm jumping in quick to post a short update.  As you can see my blog and the Creativity Boot Camp have suffered in the last few days and unfortunately so has my Couch to 5k training.  I knew I would get busy as Vacation Bible School approached but the addition of several evening responsibilities, some hard molar teething and a cold on baby goat's part, and a concious effort to spend my very limited down time with my family right now meant I didn't get out at all last week.  And realisticially I may not get out at all this week either.

I am bummed about it, but more because I do feel more sluggish and sore for NOT working out that I do when I am.  However something has to give and I'm already operating on far less sleep than my body prefers, there is just no place to squeeze it in right now if I'm being honest.  So the goals for this week is to try to get out at least once and try to go on family walks if the rain ever lets up.  That and try not to eat my way through the stressful next weeks.

Interestingly this break doesn't have me as guilty as most.  I think it is because I got to the point, even just completing the two weeks I have that I WANT to go back to the program.  So I know that I will when life calms down.  I know there is no perfect stress free time to workout but this week I choose playing with my son and talking with my hubby as more important for my mental state than working out is.  But as the Arnold Schwarzenegger would say:  "I'll be bach."  (This goes for the Creativity Boot Camp too)

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Valerie said...

While I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to complete this week, I am happy to hear you're not as bummed about it. It sounds like you're really in a good mental place regarding the training. Sometimes life just forces us to take a break!