Monday, June 28, 2010

Couch to 5k Challenge - Week 12

Gosh this is so depressing.  It is week 12 and I'm an still way back at the beginning.  I haven't run for 3 very crazy weeks and even at my best I got as far as finishing week 2.  So many people who started the journey with me are able to run their 5ks now.  My awesome sister did a full 5k run just yesterday morning, before brunch, out of town.  (Clearly awesome).

I know some of the reality is that I have been busy and swamped and some of the reality is that I've chosen sleep or a moment with my son instead of running in the few spare moments I've had, but it is just sad to me.  Am I failing at this just like every diet and workout program ever?  I am still no closer to running a 5k really, or even to running a mile without stopping.  Comments and support have dropped off no doubt because it is apparent that I clearly haven't been making enough effort in it.  My vision of supporting each other has faded away as people didn't seem interested in comment or linking to support one another.  Do I just try too much?

But, I don't really want to give up with this.  I had been making progress, albeit at a slow crawling turtle type pace.  So what do I do about this?

Start over. 

This morning I registered for that 5k I promised myself I'd run.  It is the Liz Logelin Foundation 5k on September 18th.  It will be my first.

It is 12 weeks away.

I've been doing this for 12 weeks already and made it through week 2.

It is time to step it up.


Tonight and this week I will repeat week 2 to get back into the swing of things and then I will march forward on this program.

I don't know that I'll make or that I'll be able to run the whole thing, but I'm not giving up the dream yet.

In fact I'm doing that 5k even if I have to crawl across the finish line...but running would be even better.

It is real now, there is no turning back.

Sign up with me? 

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guest Blogger: The Lutheran Geek's Father

Because it is VBS week and also in honor of Father's Day last Sunday I am pleased to present my second guest blogger of the week, my dad!  In fact he wrote this blog on Father's Day just for m.  What a guy!  So without further ado...

Greetings, Blogosphere.  I’m pleased (and not a little intimidated) that LutherLiz agreed to have me as a guest Blogger.  I was going to introduce myself as “Grandpa Goat”, but that sobriquet belongs more appropriately to Mr. Goat’s dad.  Then I considered “Grandpa Geek”, but Liz’s mom is far more of a geek (and I mean that in the best possible way) than I am.  Baby Goat will come up with a name for me soon enough, I suppose.

Anyway, Liz suggested a number of possible blog topics, all of which were pretty good ideas.  And I may use them should I guest blog in the future.  For now, though, my thoughts are on blogging itself – particularly from the perspective of a lurker (a “bloggee” if you will).

On occasion, I’ve considered starting a blog, but I quickly come to my senses.  I’m singularly unsuited to the practice.  First, I’m not terribly introspective.  I’m not one to share “deep thoughts”, ponder the imponderable or convey the wisdom of the universe.  Second, I would take things too personally.  I know that I’d regularly express opinions with which some would disagree.  I’d lose sleep over it – I mean, how could people be so dense as to disagree with me?!  Third, my days are pretty mundane – computer, rehearsal, workout, grocery shopping, cooking.  Not the stuff of legend, certainly.  Finally, I’m too lazy.  My posts would come fewer and farther between until they petered out like last bit of shaving gel at the end of the can.

My shortcomings aside, however, I do enjoy reading “Random Thoughts . . .” and the blogs of some of Liz’s friends.  Liz (and her friends) can find meaning in day-to-day routines, and her prose soars when posing (and responding to) some of the big (and even small) questions we all face.  And I’m singularly impressed with the blogging community of which Liz is a part.  As a group, you try to make a difference beyond your readership – childhood hunger, give back for Haiti, buying locally and so on.  But equally important is that you care for each other (and I’m particularly glad for your support of Liz over the last 1 ½ years).  Your electronic connection has become personal and meaningful.

I’ve come to the conclusion that far from keeping us isolated in our own techno-bubbles, social media like blogging, Facebook and Twitter have the power to bring people together; to help us better get to know and understand each other.  I think of Liz’s friend Emilie.  I started reading her blog before she learned of her illness.  Like those of you who knew her, I followed her story closely thereafter.  I never had the privilege of meeting Emilie, but I feel as if I knew her.  I know what kind of mother she was; what kind of wife; what kind of woman.  It was an honor to get to know her, even if it was only through electronic media, and I felt her loss deeply.  I imagine the connection is even more meaningful when the electronic becomes a personal, face-to-face relationship, like the one Liz has developed with many of you.  I know Liz values those relationships.

So keep up the great work, blogosphere.  Thanks for sharing your talents, your insights, and your humor.  I look forward to getting to know each of you even better in the days and years to come!

One final note – I write this on Father’s Day, and I couldn’t be prouder of my two wonderful, beautiful, talented daughters -- @lutherliz and @beautyredefined (follow them on Twitter).  I'm proud to be your Dad!

Thank you Dad.  I am proud to be your daughter.  I love you.  (Baby Goat does too!)

My Dad and Baby Goat on baby goat's first birthday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A tale of two Fathers' Days

Here is a special treat for all of you in blogland: A guest post today from the one and only Mr. Goat.

This past weekend and the upcoming week are the resident blogger's busiest time of the year, but more about that later.  Accordingly, this week I believe that you will see some sporadic posting and some guest bloggers.  Today's post is brought to you by Mr. Goat, whose comments in no way reflect those of the resident blogger, except for when they do.

As I already mentioned, this time of year is the resident blogger's busiest at work.  Some years the week had coincided with our anniversary--that wasn't the case this year, but it has been in the past.  This year and last, the weekend reserved to prepare for the week included Fathers' day.  It has in other years too, but I wasn't a father in those years so I wasn't paying that much attention.  What you should know is that the weekend generally requires 12 to 18 hour days for the resident blogger on Saturday and Sunday.

I promised you a tale of two Fathers' days so here you are:

Last year it was my first fathers' day.  I figured the rewards were about to start accruing back to me--excepting the year that I forgot, and the other year that I forgot (but the first year that I forgot I got my dad a daughter in law the day before).  I had been a SAHD for the last month and knew that the weekend would be more of the same, plus some extra in the evening.  No big deal.

BUT, baby goat was outgrowing his Zantac dose and he was in great pain from acid reflux.  He spent the whole day screaming and there wasn't a lot I could do for him.  Sister Goat, who was here for the week to help spent part of the day helping the resident blogger at work, but came home in the afternoon to help me, and huge help she was.  It wasn't a bad day, but it was a trying one in the life and times of Baby Goat.

Fast forward to this this year:  the resident blogger had several evening events at the end of the week and daycare was closed on Friday.  That meant three days in which I would be responsible for essentially all parenting activities.  My mom suggested that Baby Goat and I spend the weekend at her house--an invitation that seemed like the way to go.
We went to Grandma and Grampa Goat's on Friday morning.  We hadn't been there very long when Baby Goat, who has become very adept at climbing seated himself in my rocking chair.

As an aside, you'll have to excuse the photo quality throughout this post.  All I had with me was my blackberry, so this is what you get.

We went out to lunch with Grampa and Sister Goat to escape the vaccuum cleaner and then went to visit Grandma at her office and to a park to burn some energy.

After a nap, there was a ride from Grampa in the wagon that was built by my Grandpa.  It's fun to see Baby Goat enjoy my toys, but it's even better to see him enjoy something like that.  I know that Grandpa would be thrilled to know his great grandson was enjoying that wagon.  (Sorry, no picture from me, but I think my dad's camera has some).

Saturday was equally eventful and then some.  There was a playdate with one of my high school friends and his kids, an outing with grandma and Grampa, and dinner out.  I spent the day trying to figure out a special brother-sister date to take Sister Goat on.

At bedtime, Baby Goat wasn't feeling well.  He was having a lot of trouble breathing and didn't want to be put into bed.  I decided it was was time to go see a Doctor--so Sister Goat, Baby Goat and I went to the Urgent Care/Emergency Room at the local hospital.  (The local hospital is called "River's Edge, but they built it on top of the hill and on the prairie.  What's up with that?)

At the same time we were there, there were two much more serious emergencies that came in by ambulance.  One had to be airlifted out, which took longer than I expected.  We heard the helicopter land and then heard it take off about 30 minutes later.

There was a chest x-ray, there were labs, and there were several nebulizer treatments.  There was also a lot of waiting.  Baby Goat though is very patient, no pun intended, and an excellent patient.  The contraption they use to take a toddler's chest x-ray is monstrous looking, but Baby Goat took it like a champ.

The ER doc told us early on that Baby Goat would have to spent the night in the hospital.  The local on call doc wasn't comfortable taking him as a patient because she deals primarily with adults, so we were going to have to move.   I entertained trying to get back to the cities and to Baby Goat's first "home" --the hospital where the NICU was, but that was a silly idea.  We decided to take him to a nearby hospital.  First, I was going to drive him, but after talking to the ER doc and watching Baby Goat need so many nebulizer treatments and struggle mightily to breathe, I decided we'd better go by ambulance.

I rode the ambulance with Baby Goat, and Sister Goat took my car home to get some things for me.  She also brought my mommy.  Getting into the ambulance, Baby Goat was more comfortable than he had been all night. He had another nebulizer treatment en route and slept the whole way.

I have to admit that the little boy in me kind of enjoyed the ride.  You know, trucks and machines and the like.  The paramedic was very friendly and professional and I think that I recognized the driver from presentations at cub scouts and school and such.

We got to the second hospital just after midnight.   My mom and sister arrived shortly thereafter. Sister Goat left about 2 AM but my mom stayed with me.  I had said that someone should stay home and sleep, so my dad dutifully complied.  The pediatrician on call ordered some meds by phone.  They weren't going to start the antibiotic though until the next morning.  I insisted otherwise and it was administered forthwith.  Baby Goat then administered it to his bed forthwith.

Although we weren't going to see a doctor until the next morning, we ended up seeing him at 3 AM.  Someone had the audacity to be born, so he had to come and see the newborn.  We just lucked out.  It was a huge help to have my mom there though--she was a bit more awake than me at several points, including this one.

By the next morning, Baby Goat was feeling much better.  He slept late, some in his spaceship-looking crib, and some in the hospital bed with me.  Having slept late, Baby Goat enjoyed a leisurely brunch with Grandma Goat and was getting back to his old self.


and a spaceship looking crib...

Baby Goat got to feeling better and started moving around the room.  Here he is trying to leave the room in his hospital gown, complete with the old-man-ass-out look.

Grandma and Baby Goat took a nap in the afternoon while I went out to get his prescriptions filled since we were going home. Once they both woke up we went back to Grandma and Grampa's.  We enjoyed a lovely father's day meal of leftover hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, brocolli and cauliflower salad, and grapes.  Probably some other stuff too.

Also, Grandma found these lemons:

We didn't eat those.

Baby Goat got to bed early last night and slept straight through for 11 1/2 hours.  He's still tired, but doing 1000% better.  This morning I found him in my parents kitchen where somone had tried to lock cabinets by putting table knives between the handles--he was wielding a knife in each hand, ninja style.  Sorry, but expedient knife removal precluded a photo.

I'm tired. Baby Goat and I were both thrilled to see the resident blogger this afternoon--but I think she was more excited to see us.  This was a very memorable Father's Day, but I'm hoping that the trend doesn't continue.

We went to my parents so that I'd have more help with Baby Goat.  I wasn't expecting to need this much help, but I'm so glad I had it.  Thanks Mom, Dad, and Sister Goat!  We love you all!

No one is more thankful that this resident blogger that she has such an amazing father for baby goat and an amazing family willing to take on a weekend that ended up being much different from expected.  Thank you Mr. Goat for the blog post and for all you do for baby goat.  We are so so lucky.  (P.S.  I tried to leave and drive down in the middle of the night but they told me emphatically to stay home and finish my work.  Luckily I knew they were in great hands with Mr. Goat and his family).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Couch to 5k Week 11

Oy.  If you follow me on twitter you know the realities of my life this week have been all vbs all the time, with the exception of worrying about baby goat (full story coming soon).  So I'm sure no one is surprised that I didn't run this week, unless you could the14 hr work days this weekend, which I don't.

VBS prep is over and VBS is in full swing now.  It will still be a really busy week but I'm hoping go out at least twice during the craziness.  I'm going to jump back on Week 2 and then hopefully begin Week 3 next week.  I've got to burn off the bad eating of the week somehow afterall.

So there's my update.  Not too helpful but there you go.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rule of Three

Earlier this week I was tagged by Amy at One Sassy Family for a Rule of Three Meme.  As I have just a few minutes before a VBS training session which is hardly enough time to start a new project I thought I'd fill it out too.  I am not going to tag anyone but if you want to play along in the comments or on your own blog let me know as I find it very interesting to learn things about people.  Or if you have any questions about the answers let me know and I'll be happy to answer them in another post.

Three names I go by:
Mrs. Goat

Three jobs I have had:
Children's Ministry Director
Forklift Operator
Math Tutor

Three places I have lived:
Kansas City, MO
Neenah, WI
Northfield, MN

Three favorite drinks:
Diet Coke
Chocolate shakes

Three tv shows I watch:
Dr. Who
Top Chef
Deadliest Catch

Three places I have been:

Three places I would like to visit:
New Zealand

Three favorite dishes:
BBQ Ribs
Homemade Mac and Cheese
My dad's omlets

Three things I am looking forward to:
The completion of VBS
Summer vacation to the beaches of NC
Buying a house (I do wish this one were closer to the horizon though)

Three people I’m tagging:
See above, I'm not tagging anyone but tell me your answers in the comments please! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Geeky interlude

Sorry not much for you today as VBS is my mistress at the moment. But I snuck away to share a little Geek love for you: The trailer to the next Narnia movie - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Watch and see if you don't quiver with excitement. And if you have never read the books get thee to a library post haste. I am SO not kidding!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am so lucky

I don't say this enough, but its true.  It is easy for me to focus on the negative sometimes.  I don't want to but it is glaring in front of me.  The weight I want to lose, the cleaning that needs doing, the stress of the job, the lack of the moo-lah.  But the fact of the matter is that I am so very very lucky and blessed.

Yesterday Mr. Goat and I celebrated 7 years since our wedding.  In a way I can hardly believe that it has been 7 years, but the math doesn't lie.  I still think it was one of the best things I've ever done.  The week of my anniversary often has me running around crazy with VBS at work so I was also lucky to get out to celebrate with Mr. Goat twice in two days.

On Sunday Grandma and Sister Goat came up to watch baby goat and Mr. Goat and I went out to Bridge league.  We hadn't been in nearly a year and it was so good to work together and play some cards. And for having such a long break we did very well!  We ended up getting 3rd of 8 E/W couples and 5th of 16 total.  Not too shabby!  We even had time to go out for dinner afterwards.

Yesterday we took baby goat with us and had a family dinner at Champs.  It was 1/2 price burger day so we were able to eat cheaply and it was just a fun family time.  We also had some cheesecake once baby goat went to bed!

It was a lovely two days and combined with a fun playdate and a free Saints game this weekend I am feeling very very lucky to be where I am in my life.  I have a husband and son I love and that means more to me than any of the negatives or stress I may be feeling!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Couch to 5k - Week 10

I'm jumping in quick to post a short update.  As you can see my blog and the Creativity Boot Camp have suffered in the last few days and unfortunately so has my Couch to 5k training.  I knew I would get busy as Vacation Bible School approached but the addition of several evening responsibilities, some hard molar teething and a cold on baby goat's part, and a concious effort to spend my very limited down time with my family right now meant I didn't get out at all last week.  And realisticially I may not get out at all this week either.

I am bummed about it, but more because I do feel more sluggish and sore for NOT working out that I do when I am.  However something has to give and I'm already operating on far less sleep than my body prefers, there is just no place to squeeze it in right now if I'm being honest.  So the goals for this week is to try to get out at least once and try to go on family walks if the rain ever lets up.  That and try not to eat my way through the stressful next weeks.

Interestingly this break doesn't have me as guilty as most.  I think it is because I got to the point, even just completing the two weeks I have that I WANT to go back to the program.  So I know that I will when life calms down.  I know there is no perfect stress free time to workout but this week I choose playing with my son and talking with my hubby as more important for my mental state than working out is.  But as the Arnold Schwarzenegger would say:  "I'll be bach."  (This goes for the Creativity Boot Camp too)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day 4 - Heavy Metal

It was just a rock, but it spoke.

Not in words so much as a quickening in the heart and a leaping of the soul.

It was a space rock.

A meteorite.

A dense magnetized heavy-metal-laden stone.

It spoke of new beginnings and cosmic dust.

It spoke of stars and songs blown on secret winds of time and space.

It spoke of WORD spoken in formless voids.

It spoke of hidden worlds tucked in safe pockets of oxygen and faith.

It spoke of the past and the future caught in the speed of light.

It spoke of infinite possibilities; of ever expanding horizons.

In its heft, the mysteries of the universe dwelt on our coffee table.

Whispering secrets in the dark.

It was just a rock, but it spoke.





In its silent speaking I caught lingering notes of heavenly song.

A magnetized rock that attracted more than metal.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day 3 - Multilayered

I am behind on my Creativity Boot Camp assignments due to the Goat family's little trip to WI.  So I'll be getting back to Days 1 and 2 but am jumping in on Day 3 today.


There are metaphors that stick with you in life and I confess when given the inspiration word of Multilayered I thought of one thing: the movie Shrek.  More specifically when Shrek describes how he has layers, like an onion has layers.  Donkey of course retorts that a parfait would be a better word as everyone loves parfaits, but true to Shrek's gruff exterior he sticks with onions.

The point of course is neither onions nor parfaits but the layers that embody everyone - the idea that we are all more than we appear.  In Shrek's case of course it becomes clear that beneath the ugly and coarse surface there is a sensitive, caring, and compassionate soul - hardly the normally job description of an ogre.

I think of layers a lot and how they seem to pile up on us, like too many layers of clothing and before you know it you are sweating and suffocating under the weight of them.  Have you experienced that?  There is the mom layer, the employee layer, the wife layer, the daughter layer, the geek layer, the believer layer, the skeptic layer, the afraid layer and the confident layer too.  And that is just naming a few.

If you are like me, those layers end up in conflict sometimes.  I may try to put on my employee layer only to be dragged back by a feverish child.  I may try to hide my fearful layer only to have it bubble to the surface, but the struggle for me is, where do the layers end?  What is the core that the layers protect?  What is my true self when all of these multitude of layers make up me as well?

I signed up for Creativity Boot Camp because my creativity layer was looking thin and scraggly.  It has been neglected, trapped under necessary layers of day to day life.  The motherhood layer has grown and is never far from the surface now and it can be hard to allow it to sink down at times guilt free.  I am writing because that is my medium, such as it is, but I have little idea where these posts might take me.  Will I do a little fiction writing?  Some poetry?  More random thoughts like this one?

I don't know, but my hope is that I'll become a little less multilayered and a little more like a tapestry, with beautiful glimmers of my different layers (or threads) showing through.  Maybe it deosn't have to layers piled atop one another with only one showing at at time.  What might we look like if all our mulitude of layers glimmered at once, would the eye then be able to capture and contain the trueness of that person?

If you let all your layers show at once what might you see within yourself?  Who might you appear to be?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Couch to 5k - Week 9

Another week, another Couch to 5k update.  I'm hitting a period of work that will make this Couch to 5k thing difficult with VBS coming up at church.  But that is still a few stressful weeks away and I did manage to be successful this week.  As you recall these were my goals from last week:

1.  Go for a run outside at least once with a week 1 workout.
2.  Go to week 2 and try to do it fully several times before without giving it up as too hard.
3.  Workout while I'm visiting my family next weekend.

I am happy to say that I was a success in all these goals.  I did week 2 workouts 3 times last week and did it completely and successfully each time.  The third time was yesterday (Sunday) and I went running outside and didn't even go down to a week 1 workout.  The other special thing about running outside on Sunday was that I went running with my father.  My father is awesome and went from his own couch potato status to a real runner year's ago.  He's run a marathon and still runs regularly.  So it was a BIG deal for me to go running with my dad.

I did oscillate between joy that I was running with dad successfully and embarrassment that I was so painfully slow and gasp-y, but the important part was that I did the workout and didn't quit once.  I may be slow but I did it and that is more than I could say a few weeks ago.  And I may be saying the same thing in Sept at the 5k...I'll likely be slow but I am going to do it.

My success last week gives me a dilemma.  I had fully anticipated having to repeat week 2 because I worried that I wouldn't be able to do the whole week successfully.  Instead I was successful and I wonder if it is time to try week 3, but week 3 is frightening to me to as it takes a real jump up from little intervals to larger ones and I just don't know that I can do it.

So I'll put it to you blogland.  Do you think I should spend another week on week 2 and boost my confidence and endurance at the 90 second run or do you think I should go on to week 3 and forge ahead since it may just be fear that has be dragging my heels?  I WILL run three days this week and my first run of the week will be tomorrow night so please comment and tell me what you think by 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday).  I'll commit to trying the majority opinion this week.

I'm including the McLinky again this week.  If you are doing the Couch to 5k please link to an update this week.  It has been 9 weeks since we originally started the anyone through the program yet?  Tell us how it is going and let us support you too!  I know that you support me!

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Top Ten Possible Preschool Entrance Essay Titles

Top Ten Possible Preschool Entrance Essay Titles
By Baby Goat, with help from the extended Goat family

1.  The Aerodynamic properties of food: F=ma (Fruit=Mess*Acceleration)

2.  The effect of Gravity on breakable items

3.  Buttons: To push or not to push?

4.  Glass coffee table fingerprinting and other baby CSI techniques.

5.  Why Daddy's computer is more fun than mine.

6.  Plastic Keys open no doors!

7.  "Don't pull their tails": A treatise on feline response to external stimuli

8. The terrible Twos: Terrible for whom?

9. "I can do it myself!": Biological imperative or psycho-social construct?

10. The Parent Whisperer: training your parents through non-verbal communication

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I LOVE Content.

I've had bloggers block today.  I think the busy-ness of the impending Vacation Bible School and a lovely relaxing weekend combined to drain me of all my motivation.  That, or I am channeling all my motivation into my Couch to 5k training right now (Week 2, Day 1 last night).  So here are some of my favorite geek related things that made me laugh this week, starting of course with the always hilarious xkcd comic above.  I love it!

In other geek related blog hilarity, the college across the river from my own beloved St. Olaf, aka Carlton College pulled an awesome geek prank.  So good in fact that I am forced to mention them in a positive light on this blog.  So you KNOW it must be good!  And it is...observe:

Why yes, they did turn their astronomy building into a giant R2D2.  What?  Doesn't everyone?

Want more R2D2?  Who doesn't!  This comes from xkcd again!

More from the Star Wars Awesome files is this:
I would love to turn baby goat's stroller into a AT-AT, and really what respecting geek wouldn't.

On a more serious note, what further tragedies are necessary to get the world to really be outraged over the BP oil spill...This?

Or This?


Finally a true geek needs to know the alphabet.  So the good to translate it into good geek terms.  Here are a few of my favorites but you can see the whole alphabet here.
And that ends the geek content for the evening.  I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the things I find amusing out there in the geek-friendly interwebs, because I love content!