Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A weekend full of do-gooders doing good.

What did you do last weekend? Me? I helped end childhood hunger.  Er, I met with a bunch of other blogger/friends a few times in the last several days which is always fun, but we had a purpose too.  Remember when I told you about Molly and her campaign?  Well this was the big weekend.  It started on Thursday when we all meet up at Nye's.  We collected canned food and we had fun chatting together.  See...

Here I am looking odd between the awesome Trish and the mastermind Molly herself

And here I am with Darcie whose awesome pictures I totally pilfered for this post!

We had a great time chatting, eating and collected over 70 lbs of food too.  I am constantly amazed by the open, caring, awesome women (and a few men) that I have met through blogging.  Really, people may scoff when they find out that you blog but the community is something very special.

Saturday was the main event: The Rummage Sale.  Stuff from nearly 30 households was brought to Highland Park in St. Paul for a HUGE rummage sale with 100% of the profits going to Feeding America and their "End Child Hunger" Campaign.  I packed up our car full of stuff and was thrilled to take it over in the early morning on Saturday.

Baby Goat and I hung out and helped work from the beginning until right up to the end (when baby goat's desire for lunch could not be soothed with cheerios).  We made it through several nasty thunderstorms and baby goat even managed a nap while I helped out.  It was so great to be able to volunteer at the sale as well as donate stuff to the sale.  It was even better to watch my stuff swiftly swept away by the early morning sale die-hards.

Cindy, Suzi and Missy posing with the necessary early morning diet cokes.

Volunteers during a necessary Twitter update!

Best of all we raised over $900 to End Childhood Hunger, and thanks to a friend of Darcie's none of the stuff came back to our houses.  We decluttered and helped save the world in one single morning of awesomeness (despite the weather's best attempts to rain us out)

And it was good.

(I stole my photos from Darcie because she is awesome.)

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MollyinMinn said...

It was so great to have both of you there. What a weekend. Thanks again!