Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Minutes, Twice a Day for Two Weeks Challenge

Baby goat is my first child and I admit there are times when I find myself at a lose with parenting.  Like for example teeth.  It became obvious when baby goat started teething - the drool, the crabbiness, the trouble sleeping.  But then the teething past and we were left with teeth.  What do you do with teeth?!  (I mean besides photograph them and marvel at your baby's cute teeth...see?)

I mean it is obvious that at a certain point you have to start healthy teeth habits with your kids but when, and for how long, and should I start now?  Thankfully the good folks at Metro Dentalcare were there to answer my questions and even gave me a tour of the pediatric dentist in Burnsville.  The answer: start NOW!

But they didn't stop there.  They must have known that I'm having a hard time remembering to brush baby goat's teeth because Metro Dental has come out with there Two Minutes, Twice a Day for Two Weeks Challenge.  Now I am not certain that I can wrangle my 14 month old for two full minutes but we are sure going to try.   I've even got a handy time from Metro Dental to help me.  But even if I don't manage two whole minutes it will jump start the habit of brushing twice a day for baby goat.  (As for me I'm committing to two minutes of brushing myself as I already do brush twice a day already.)

But I don't want to be baby wrangling alone.  Will you try the challenge with me?  I'm sure all our kids could stand to have better brushing habits.  But Metro Dental knows that a little more motivation might be necessary than simply healthy teeth, so in order to increase your motivation they are dangling a proverbial carrot in front of you in the form of MN Twins Tickets!  (I am not eligible so I'll just look on jealously!)

But you are totally eligible.  You must be local of course (or willing to travel) but sign up for the challenge and you could win 4 tickets to the MN Twins for a June game at the new Target Field.  Pretty nice huh?  They are even giving away two sets so that more folks will win.  So how do you enter? It is simple - 2 easy steps.

1.  Sign up here and say that you are participating in the challenge.

2.  Using Facebook, twitter or your own blog share how it's going online.  EVERY time you update your facebook status update (tagging Metro Dentalcare), tweet about it on twitter (using hashtag #twiceaday) or  share a blog post (linking to Metro Dentalcare) you are entered.  So the more updates you do the more often you are entered to win.

And that's it.  Brush your teeth and/or your kids teeth for two minutes, twice a day for two weeks and tell them how it is going.  So simple and so good for you.

Disclosure Statement: I am not being paid to participate in this challenge and am not even a patient at Metro Dental.  The Twins tickets giveaway is hosted by MetroDentalCare and the winner will be selected by and notified by them. I have no involvement in choosing the winner.  A handful of bloggers are participating in this challenge and all of our readers are welcome to participate in this challenge/enter to win the Twins tickets. I am not eligible to win the Twins Tickets, but, Metro Dental Care has invited me to attend a St. Paul Saints game with the other bloggers as their guests.


Becky B said...

Bonus to people who use a Sonicare toothbrush - the thing uses a 2-minute cycle. The first time I started using mine, 2 minutes felt like a long time. Now it's not so bad.

However, I'm not going to participate in the contest. If I had kids, then I probably would. I'd rather leave the chance of winning to people who would really benefit from this challenge. (Plus, I don't really want to update my Facebook status or my blog with teeth-brushing updates. It's not my style. And I'm going to plenty of Twins games already.)

This is a cool contest, though! I love the idea.

Remember: be true to your teeth or they will be false to you!

Anonymous said...

i generally enjoy reading your blog, but this shameless advertising for metro dental is absurd! um...unsubscribe me!

Valerie said...

So, whoever doesn't like this post is just a sourpuss. Unless that person is actually someone you know and is just teasing. Then, I'm sorry!

I would probably participate in the contest if I had kids, but I'm pretty sure Cody won't let me brush his teeth for two minutes. Besides, his dental care comes from chewing bones, and I'm pretty sure he can do that for hours at a time.

Cheryl S. said...

I think it's very cool that you're making us aware of a challenge that involves making our pearly whites healthier and giving us a chance to win tickets to that awesome new Twins field! I'm in! I don't have kiddos at home, but I have a husband, does he count?

Laura said...

Sign me up! I know 2 minutes 2 times a day will be great for me, probably not so much for Mallory. She loves to "brush" which means, she loves to play with it, eat the kid toothpaste and chew on the toothbrush. I already started this morning!

DaisyGal said...

I have been wrangling (and god love him my hubby too) the twins to brush every's NOT easy, but we are getting it done. :)

great idea, good luck!!!