Friday, May 28, 2010

This and That

My First Guest post
I am super excited to announce that I am doing my very first guest post today.  I have a blog post up over at Accustomed Chaos where I talk about my journey exclusively pumping.  Please consider going over there and sharing the love and reading my story.  I've told parts of it before but you might enjoy it all in one place.  Pretty please?

Brushing challenge
So I blogged last week about our two minutes, twice a day brushing challenge and encouraged you all to join in.  I hope you are doing better than I am.  As it turns out, when your son has two molars cutting through it is not the best time to introduce a brushing plan.  So our attempts haven't gone too smoothly.

I am trying to brush for two minutes myself though and I realized that I really need to get to a dentist, it has been a year!  I've always been really good about it but somewhere as mom to a toddler it has gotten delayed.  Imagine that, so I'm going to add making an appointment to my own challenge.

But you can still sign up to participate!  Make a comment there or here, or tweet about it and enter to win Twins tickets.  All the details are on my previous post!

Couch to 5k update
I normally leave these updates for Monday but I am so thrilled.  Wednesday night I did a week 1 workout and decided to keep going.  I added a few more minute runs (I did 10 total) and then did a nice paced walk and did a WHOLE 5k distance.  I actually thought a 5k translated into 3.2 miles (rather than 3.1) so I did that in 57:27 min.

It was slow and I walked the vast majority of it, but I was still proud.  I did a 5k.  Suddenly the 5k seems less like a running task and more like a challenge to beat my best time, so if I walk just a *little* less each time I'll get there.  I realize it is the same thing but somehow it makes it seem more attainable.

Creativity Boot Camp
Starting on June 6th the blog and I are going to be participating in a FREE Creativity Boot Camp designed to get my writing flowing.  Each day there is an assignment and you can work in your preferred medium (art, photography, writing, etc).  I'm excited about it because I've been really thinking about my writing again lately and it will be good to try.

I hope I'll manage to find time do write something every day and still do my workouts and regular blog updates but I'm going to try.  The fact that it is a few weeks before VBS at church and I have some other deadlines won't help but I couldn't pass up a chance.  So I hope you'll like those posts as well.

Feel free to join in if you want.  It is free for anyone and there is an awesome group of bloggers already in the list.  Find out more about it here!

Blog Roll Call
I'll be updating me blog roll call hopefully this weekend and I'd like to know if anyone wants on the list?  I have some people who haven't made it one yet but I don't want to forget anyone awesome, particularly if you are a regular here.  So drop me a note.

Finally, please go comment on my guest post?  I want to say I was a good blog visitor!


Amy said...

Liz, I'm behind on your couch to 5k info, How are you liking it?

I'm thinking about it but need to get some other things done before I start.

I'm heading over now to check out your guest post :)

P.S. I'd love to be on your blog roll but please only add me if you read my stuff. If you don't, I'm cool with that too :)

PikaPikaChick said...

I'm trying to get better at actually commenting at blogs that I read... if you want to link up, I'll be over at

Great job on the C25K! I'm doing it myself so I know what you're going through. :)

Valerie said...

Wow! Sounds like you're busy. Fantastic job on the C25k. You'd better keep it up because there's a certain labradoodle who really wants to go jogging with you in August. Well, and maybe his mom wants to go to.

That creativity boot camp sounds awesome. I'll have to check it out.

And I'll head over to your guest post right now!

scrubmama said...

Liz, that was a GREAT post about exclusively pumping. You will always be my hero for that (and other things).

Mary said...

The creativity bootcamp is a wonderful Idea! I am going to dive in, thanks Liz!!