Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Should it stay or should it go.

Well, I am contemplating some sort of reply/rebuttal/thoughts from yesterday's post but haven't gotten past feeling defensive, having excuses and just general whining "Yoooou don't get ittttt."   (Which admittedly isn't true but it seems easier).  Give me a few days of processing.  I'm slow that way.

In the meantime, have you heard about the MASSIVE blogger rummage sale event this Saturday?  No?  Ok, go here and read this!  I'll wait...  Caught up?  Great!  So there is this huge rummage sale with all proceeds going to charity.  So I'm cleaning up and clearing out.  Or at least a little bit.  So far the lists are in my head and my Friday day off will involve packing them up and loading them in the car.

I have to confess my natural instinct is to hold on to things.  I have yet to go all Hoarders on anyone but I like stuff.  It's true.  So any purge is both desired and feared in my brain.  So I thought we'd play a little game.  Below are three items and I'd like you to decide if they should stay or go. (Mr. Goat does has veto power as I didn't get a chance to ask him about these this morning).

Item 1:  Glass pitcher from my Grandma's house. (excuse the dust)

This was one of the items gathered when my grandma moved out of her house and into a senior living apartment facility two years ago.  Mr. Goat and I loved the shape and while it has a small crack in the handle it is still watertight.  We had visions of a future house with a future deck being all adult-like and sipping fresh lemonade or sangria out in the sun while the kids played on the swing set.  Two years later it still sits on top of our refrigerator collecting dust as it doesn't really fit in our cabinets.  Should it stay or go?

Item 2:  Hand painted fan

This isn't sentimental necessarily, just something I bought that I thought was pretty.  It came from a vendor at the mall in fact.  But I do think it is lovely.  However it hasn't been up since we moved.  It really ended up being a piece that didn't work with most of our other stuff and as wall space is a premium in our apartment it has lived in the closet since then. Should it stay or go?

Item 3: The 2003 Santa Bears from Marshall Fields

It was our first year married and Mr. Goat and I were both working for (different) Marshall Fields at the time (now Macy's).  Each year Marshall Fields put out a Santa bear.  They are pretty collectible and well loved.  That year, for the first time there were children Santa bears too.  The Mr Bear came with a little girl, the Mrs. Bear came with a little boy.  Given my discount and my newly married status I naturally got both thinking it was a wonderful symbol of our life together.

Why? Well...meet Mistletoe. (Mistletoe stays)

Mistletoe was a Santa bear I received when I was 3 from my aunt.  I slept with him almost nightly until I was pregnant with baby goat (yes, this includes married life *blush*).  Now he guards over baby goat.  So you can see why the Santa bears are a nice sentiment of our life together.  Unfortunately they have mostly lived on shelves, getting dusty and taking up space so I am uncertain about whether to keep them or not.  Particularly with space at a premium. Should they stay or go?

So those are my three items.  Help me decide what to keep and get rid of.  Oh and come to the rummage sale on Saturday.  Besides all my stuff there are over 30 people bringing things so you are sure to find something you'll like.

MN Bloggers Rummage Sale
Saturday, May 22, 2010
8:00am - 1:00pm
Highland Park Shelter House
1227 Montreal Ave
West Saint Paul, MN 

I hope we see you there!


Tiffany said...

Keep the vase. It is from your grandmother and while it may not fit into your apartment now, you will not always live there and every time you use it, you will remember her.

Lose the fan. It is beautiful but as you admitted, it doesn't really go with any of your decor nor does it hold any sentimental value.

As for the bears, this one is up to you. Personally, I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals that are not being "loved." Maybe this is because after 3 children I could have amassed an entire room filled with them if I had not gotten rid of any that weren't being "loved."

Now keep in mind with this response, that I have just moved and have unpacked multitudes of boxes full of stuff and am in a constant state of "Do we really need this" questioning. But definitely keep the vase!

Sharon said...

Go, go, go (into storage)! Of course, I'm kind of an anti-hoarder...

The pitcher is beautiful and sentimental. But you don't use it. And with a little one, you know how likely you aren't to use something so delicate and breakable. You must have other things from your grandmother. You don't need to keep everything from her. Keep the things that you will use and love.

The fan is pretty. But again, if it's not up, and you won't probably put it up, and it has no sentimental value, let someone else enjoy it. If you have more wall space later in your life, I'll authorize buying a new painting.

The Santa Bears. Definitely keep Mistletoe. I'd consider making the Marshall Fields bears a Christmas decoration that is in storage much of the year. Makes for a great story to tell as you decorate each year. And frees up space for now.

And from someone whose husband works for Feeding America, thanks for contributing!

MollyinMinn said...

Ha ha ha, you know you're asking the wrong girl on this one. I'll let the others weigh in. But cute idea...I have been mulling a similar one actually! Stay tuned...

Kristin said...

My votes? Keep the vase... for now. Definitely lose the fan, and I'd say probably lose the bears, but I could go either way on that.

liz said...

Oops, I responded to your earlier post before I saw that you are feeling defensive… but I will still stand by my response ;)

As for the stuff: I say keep the pitcher, lose the fan and stuffed animals. But I’m on a huge purging kick lately, so there you go!

Emily said...

Keep the vase! I agree with what Tiffany said about that.

Lose that fan and christmas bears!!

KEEP MISTLETOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I agree with the majority: Keep the vase, sell the fan. Not sure on the bears though I'm leaning toward selling them. Do you have pictures of you and Mr. Goat with the bears the year you got them?

Valerie said...

Keep the vase...for at least another year. Make an effort to really use it, and if you haven't used it in the next year you can try to sell it then.

Send the fan to me, as I'm looking for a birthday present for Jess and she has a matching fan...from the same vendor.

Take some pictures with the bears and sell them. The only concession I might make would be to keep the baby boy bear and give it to Baby Goat. That said, he probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed yours, so I would just sell it with the rest.

Good luck!

Also, know that we don't mean to make you feel defensive. It's just that we love you so much and want to see you happy!

Amber said...

I also have a bear that my grandmother gave me when I was three...that now sleeps with Chris and I (so I'll blush with you). I suppose that would probably change should we ever have kids. :)

darcie said...

I do get it Liz - I do.
It's HARD ~ that's why I'm not fit and trim like Missy!!
But...I WANT to be...and I will be come hell or high water dangit!
And you can get healthy too!
We can do this!
As for your stuff...
you're asking the wrong person here - I keep far too much stuff. I'm working on it...but I grew up with nothing and just *getting rid* of stuff is very very hard for me. Again, I'm working on it -
Like Jennifer said - "you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others"
it's soo true!
let's work on it - together.

Becky B said...

I think I'm in agreement with the rest of the comments above. Keep the vase - it is pretty, and someday you'll be able to use it and you'll be glad you kept it.

The fan can go. Since it has no real meaning to you, there's no reason to keep it.

As for the bears... they're cute, yes. They have meaning to you. But in the end, they're stuffed animals. You can't really use them, not like a pitcher. Unless you want to make one of them Baby Goat's teddy bear (if he doesn't have one already), I say get rid of them. But be sure to give them a good hug first.

Kate1024 said...

i have to weigh in on the bears, bring a true Chicagoan and marshall field's addict. (i DO NOT like macy's! so not the same!)
given that they are fields bears, those suckers are going to be worth a lot. i'd say storage for christmas decorations for now, but you could consider ebay in the future- you'd probably get a lot from collectors. (and they're cute.) just saying.
others- lose the fan- keep the vase/pitcher if you don't have anything else of sentimental value from your grandma.